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Hey Zelda fans! If you are looking to cosplay Link and need some help getting your wig lookin perf, this video is for you! This wig is based off of Link's hair in Breath of the Wild, but you could use the tips in this vid for any version of Link. Leave a comment letting me know what character you want to see a wig styling vid for next! Links and codes below!~


Rockstar Wigs Boy Cut Shag Long in Golden Blonde:



Zelda: Breath of the Wild Makeup Tutorial:

How to Cut Wig Bangs:

How to Brush a Wig:

Arekkz Gaming - All Armor Sets & Where to Get Them:

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All game clips are from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

*This video is not sponsored. I do earn commission from RockStar Wigs if you use the discount code ALEXA10 & from Uniqso with code ALEXA. Thanks for helping support what I do!

Music: "Final Battle of the Dark Wizards" Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Hello, everybody in today's video. I am going to show you how I styled my linked cosplay wig, that you saw in my breath of the wild makeup tutorial. The wig that I started out with was Rockstar. Wigs boy cut shag long in golden blonde. So while this wig is kind of weird-looking like just on its own, it is perfect for cosplays like this one. The color is the perfect shade of golden II yellowy blonde, and the cut of this wig is great for the style that we are going to put it into its long in the front and even longer for a ponytail in the back kind of a side. Note here when I said this, wig was weird looking and it's straight out of the bag brushed out flat. But if you give it a quick little fluff with your fingers, it shows off all of the different layers and it becomes this like 90s looking cut, which I really dig huge difference. Ok, so to start styling this little guy, I put them on my head. First, the key for me when styling wigs like this is to section off all of the pieces of the hairstyle first, so looking at a reference photo, I can see that I have two long straight pieces on either side of the face with shorter bangs. That swoop back over consider this part like a sketch before the final picture, you're just kind of eyeballing everything and mapping out where stuff will go. It makes styling so much more manageable for me to be able to see each area separated out, and then I could just work on one section at a time until I'm done use a hair tie to pull the rest of the hair back into a ponytail, and We can start with our things: I'm not really going to go too much into how I cut the bangs, because I already have a video on that. So I will link it in the description box for you, but for a quick summary links bangs a swoop to the right, so I cut them pulled to the left using the point cutting technique and then I kind of feather them out a little bit from there. As a non-pro, so much of this process for me is just cutting a little bit at a time checking to see how it looks and then either cutting more or moving on. Once I'm happy with the things I move on to the back of the wig, the back of links, hair is half up in a ponytail and half down on his neck. This is actually ideal for a wig because you can get the ponytail style, but you don't have to worry about the cap of the wig showing along the base since there's like a little curtain of hair covering it up. So that's awesome. I marked a link that I want the hair to be with a hair tie so that when I take this wig off and move it over to a Styrofoam head, I know exactly the links to cut it. That is perfect for my head size and neck length. I guess, then, I think that's all I need as far as referencing my actual head size, so I am going to move the wig to a Styrofoam head for the remaining styling. First up, I'm going to take care of these two long pieces that frame his face. They are a super straight. This wig is pretty straight already, but it has a slight swoop at the ends that just isn't doing it for me. Luckily, this wig is heat resistant, so I straighten these side pieces and then I use got to be freeze spray to lock those two pieces exactly how they are very, very straight: perfect: okay, next up the bangs to make these spiky anime style kind of things. I start with a horizontal part, because we are going to be building it by layers horizontal section by horizontal, a section so, starting with the bottom most layer. I split it into different chunks that I'm going to call spikes for the sake of this video, even though they aren't really spikes but whatever. So I grab a section that I want to be one spike backcomb and tease the crap out of it. Then I swoop it back out by combing over the top of the hair. Then I position it. How I want it and blast it with some of that free spray that we used earlier got to be freeze spray, no spawn just the best hairspray to hold dramatic wig styles: it's serious business! If you can tell that a piece is going to be too long. It is totally okay to go ahead and chop it a bit. This wig is pretty well doomed to being a designated cosplay wig at this point, with all the backcombing that we have put into it. So, even though chopping pieces at random seems unwise this week will probably never leave this exact style for me, so I want this style to look the best it can, if you're planning, to attempt to brush this all back out. I would say good luck with that. I will link my wig brushing tutorial for you to yeah have fun also, if that's your plan, probably don't chop off pieces of the bangs that ran them because it might be a funny-looking haircut. So to recap we will grab a section to tease. Then we smooth the top out position, it breathe spray and, oh, I forgot this earlier um to get the point on the end. I just coat it really well in freeze spray and then pinch it together. They are hard as rocks, but they should stay in. There points, if you do that now for styling, the back of the hair. The back is super easy and quick. I start by retying and smoothing out the ponytail and then really all there is to it back here is to just trim up that section. That covers the neck, so I make a mental note of where that a hair tie is marking our spot and start trimming again. I am using the point, cutting method and I'm just cruising along that area until it all looks pretty straight and is around the right. So I just happen to have a hair tie. That is already the perfect shade of blue either way doesn't matter, because I'm going to cover the tie up with a blue ribbon that matches it the champion tunic and just cut a short piece of ribbon and wrap. It around the hair tight, then I tie it cut off the excess and tuck the loose ends up underneath the hair tie, so that it's smooth on all sides and that's the back of the leg done easy. So now that the freeze spray is dry, I'm going to go in and remove all of these little hair clips. Can you see why I love that got to be free spray? Everything just stays exactly where I put it again. I trim up any pieces that I deem too long or awkward just eyeballing, this no real method to my madness here and that is it as far as actual hair styling goes. If you want an accurate link press up the wild wig, then you can stop here. I'M going to take some creative control up next, so, if you're not into that, then this here is your wig. One of the things that I loved about breath of the wild is the tons of different outfits and armor and hat, and some hairstyles that you can flip between. So just leaving links hair with no accessories have felt a little bit plain to me when trying to embody breath of the one so why I am kind of making this up based on what I think link would wear in his hair. It also pulls a little bit of inspo from the snow quill headdress from burrito to start dressing up this link wig. I am going to be using some beads and feathers on one side. Okay, let's talk b-being hair for just a sec. There are a bunch of different ways to do it, but I'm going to be talking about beaters. They make beaters for hair that you can get at a beauty supply store for like a dollar each. You may also see bead threader's for jewelry, which is around the same price but they're, very, very small, but for this video I am going to be using floss threader x' plus. There'S are something that I keep in my cosplay kit. They are inexpensive, AF, two to four dollars for like 25 of them, they come with a little plastic carrying case. So it's great for a cosplay repair kit at conventions. They are flexible and can be used for all kinds of different purposes like, for example, bathing hair. So you take your beans and stick them on the end of the threader. Then you thread the hair through the big loop, now push the beads up to the end of the loop and pull the other end to thread the hair through, and it just puts the beads on your hair just like that. They should go in pretty easily. If you have trouble getting them on, you may be trying to put them on too much hair. You could try just reducing the amount of hair. You want beaded and try again, these beets that I am using have tiny tiny, tiny, tiny holes. So I had to use a super small section of hair, and then I threw the world the skinny afraid on there and freeze frayed that as well, because the holes are so small online. The beads stay put where I wanted them for the most part. You can also use those tiny elastics to secure them on there too. I do use one of those tiny elastics on the very end to prevent them from slipping off the end of the hair. I don't really care if they move like up and down around on the bridge, but I don't want them falling off my head and being gone forever. All right be my B and then just to hide that little elastic band. I push the beads down over top of it and it covers it right. The final touch is to stick the end of a feather up into that elastic band as well and men. I think, link, would love this. Don'T you it's so his style. I mean Who am I to say what his style is, but I think he would like it for the other front piece that hangs down. On the other side, there is even more still Clell headdress influence. You'Ll see it so pick out a flat cotton cord in a beige, color and loop it through a blonde bobby pin to attach this to the hair. I lift up those bangs and here the bobby pin underneath them did I braid the cord into the hair. I'Ve tie it off at the end with a white elastic cut the beige cord at the bottom, and that's it really really simple and a great addition to a breath of the wild look, and that's it you guys. That is how I took my Rockstar wigs golden blonde shag wig from zero breath of the wild cosplay, goodness giving me life over here. If you like, this video, give it a thumbs up and go ahead and subscribe, leave a comment, letting me know if you want more character, specific wig, styling videos and, if so, which ones also check out the makeup tutorial that goes with this wig. If you like breath of the wild at all you're going to love the intro over on that video is awesome. Okay! That'S it thanks! So much for watching babes! I will see you in my next video. I love you all so much! Okay, I'll see you there

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