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  • Posted on 30 January, 2019
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Outre The Daily Wig Synthetic Hair Lace Part Wig - TIARA --WIGTYPES.COM



*Full wig

*Everyday wear

*Lace part wig

*Heat safe up to 400 degrees

*Light yaki texture

*Can be washed

*Big head friendly

*Breathable mesh cap


1, 1B, 2, 613, 99J, DR/CPNK

DR2/27613, DR27, DR425






Hey guys so I'm here to deal with some ultra wigs that have been dying to try since I've seen it come out. So I'm really excited. You know very excited this first week that Ike I'm going to be equal to person that I'm wearing right now. It'S called tiara in the color 99 J know the color doesn't even look like 99 J. It'S a very dark Mangan IG, so just be careful. If you're gon na buy it don't buy it and then say: oh, this is not 99 J. We gave you the wrong color. This is a color like you can see it on camera. This is exactly how the color is a very dark, 90. 90, but guys this is from the new collection, the daily wigs and basically they're saying so. You can wear this wig on the daily. You know what I mean. First of all, okay, so inside of the box, you get this little pamphlet right here and it has all the different styles. It says wear me under daily, and it has like all the different styles right here of the wigs that deep that came out in this collection. So you would get to see all the different ones. I'M not gon na go through all of them right now. But if you purchase it, you will definitely get to see all the different ones and you'll be able to like choose from it and stuff like that. It has some really really gorgeous styles on here, really really pretty, and I love them. I actually really do and I can't wait to try all of them, but yeah you just get all these little. This is so cute really cute, so it says, and we try to read this real quick ready-set-go. The daily weight makes being beautiful, quick and easy with a natural hand, side lace, part in a variety of styles. This collection is ready to wear anywhere and beautiful right out of the box. They are you know the daily wig is your everyday wake for life. It'S right here guys this is whole any purchased, awake or any one of those wigs. You will get this little pamphlet right here, which i think is super cute, and this is what a stock card looks like right here. So, basically, when you get a stock card, it tells to you well, it shows you the style, as is an initial siesta. It shows you it styled, so you could style it, and you would have this that right here but yeah. So I decided why not just wear one side down. That'S the way they showed you like straight out the box. You have one side down and if you style it like this, it's super cute, even though this morning not many people were there, but I asked you guys what you think I should give away and you guys chose a different one. So I'm sorry, I can't give this one away, but it's super gorgeous. I will leave a link to it in the description box, so in case you want to go purchase it, which I'm sure, a lot of you probably will want to go purchase it and the link it will be in the description box. So you can click on the link, choose your color and you know, go purchase so now the parking space guys. First of all, this is not a lease, probably okay. This is just a 4-week, it's not a lace-front, so it comes with a hand tightly starting right here. I just added some powder to the part did enough to ease it. It didn't come with any baby hairs and I was like you know what it doesn't even need it like. This is cute just the way it is, you don't need baby hair. It'S super cute and I know probably it looks like it's two different lengths. It looks like one side is longer. No, it looks like this. That is longer that this side, it's actually the same, lie to you guys, because for what you pull this back this front piece back then see it would actually look the same. So it is the same length like the same length on each side. I should say, but anyway, the texture of the hair has a light. Yahia texture, it's super soft and my fingers run through it really easily. It has a great loss to do it, and everything like that, I haven't had any time to learn or anything um. I have like a few strands but times that I can actually count because it wasn't excessive at all. The care instructions come on a stock card as well, so you would have that handy, hot soup here but stuff like that. But I'm excited about this collection. You guys and not many times you get a cousin to know where they show you where they give you a pamphlet with all the different styles from the collection. I think this was a great decision. It was nicely executed. I think so. In terms of the cap, you get to contact parts one at the back of the adjustable straps and it's a stretchable mesh net material cap, so that makes it even comfortable. It makes it big head friendly and all that. So I love that and it is heat safe up to 400°. So if you need to add any heat to it, if you need to straighten it out, maybe you can definitely do with that. I know they have the human here in the in this collection as well, so they have human here and they have synthetic blend. Well synthetic I should say, but anyway, I think this is it about this unit. I have some more of these daily weddings coming up. So stay tuned for that they're very pretty and I'm pretty sure you're gon na like them so stay tuned for that and I have to giveaway coming up as well. So thank you so much for watching like subscribe, follow us and all the social media comes. Everything. Is our excess and I'll see you guys really really soon?

Maria M: You can totally tell you were feeling yourself in this one and for good reason, it looks really nice on you. I love when there is texture in the shorter units I feel like it gives the wigs more umph , definitely lives up to it's description it has enough body and versatility to be cute for special occasions but still understated enough to be appropriate for everyday use, love it.

Brittany Schorzman: I love the styled side pulled back! Deff a everyday wig

#DreamCeline: I love the dark 99J it’s a subtle color

JaswithAn S: I love this wig so pretty

Iesha Allah: Love the lenght,color and style everyday work unit love it...

Nikki Laniece: There's some cute ones in this collection! I do wish they were lace fronts though lol.

Sy theeStallion: I love this one

Cierra Shannon: Pretty. I hope you will review model model 010 reeeaally soon. I’m so ready to buy that one but I need your **approval** first lol

april G: Love it

NJDevil07: I like the color, very nice

iam_Eva33 Gibson: Beautiful

dmca301: Very pretty

Ja-Nee Reviews: Cute!!

Joko Bah: I love love

ablckdiamd1: I like!

Shimere Baldwin: Cute

Miss LaShay: Nice

Thick2013: Cute

Queen Leo: Cute

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