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  • Posted on 20 March, 2014
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See our 10 Top Styles Today. Note the versatility and ease of styling. See how easy it is to change the style, length and color within seconds. Also, see Top Styles Today with Heather, another great "How To Video". Arizona Wig Boutique, Scottsdale, AZ 480-429-3778,

Hi, my name is Hayley and I'm here at the Arizona wig boutique today to show you our top 10 most popular styles, the one I have on now is called teryn. She comes in several different colors and I just loved the sassy styling. One thing that I would have done is a little bit of a bang trim. Customizing is always included here at the Arizona wig fatigue, one of the best parts about wigs is you can go from short to long without growing out your hair. This next style is called Miranda. She'S got long layers, nice body in the front, it's a very sexy style, but almost any woman can wear all right. This next work is one of my favorites she's got a natural scalp part and lays in the front for off the face. Styling called high-class, she's sleek, with not too much hair, which just adds to the natural appearance. Now a lot of ladies love Jolie because of her updated styling. She is an a-line Bob and the natural roots are great on the blonde, wigs she's full again. So during the customizing process I would probably have a little bit of hair thinned out to my liking, which is great about Arizona. Wig, batik, alright, and here is star. She'S got to be our number one seller. She looks good on almost everyone. I love star because I can just throw her on and it can take me anywhere where I need to go that day. I can go out to eat, I can do my shopping or even go to a meeting and stars versatility takes me throughout my day with ease this one's a newer addition to our Styles here at Arizona, wig boutique but she's been very popular. This is our Celeste she's curly, gorgeous great for going out on a date or going to a special event. This one is Catherine notice. The beautiful highlights in this wig. One reason why woods are so great is because you don't have to go get your highlights, and roots touched up all the time you can just throw on your wig, and you have professional color options at your fingertips. This asymmetrical bob is called because she's got a natural scalp which adds to the realistic Nisour. The style she's also got a light thing that can be trimmed to fit anyone's natural head shape. Some women opt to have the asymmetrical sidecut cut shorter to match up, but it's totally up to you if long flowing curls is what you like, then look. No further than fun fons got loose waves that are sure to grab anyone's at MP, and next is Georgia. Georgia does come without a bang, but if cursive bang is always optional and the licensed stylists at Arizona, wig petite would be happy to try moving into any wig for you. I love this beautiful platinum color and I also love that it comes with a low price tag. I don't have to go to the salon and get my hair bleached at which damages my hair. I can just throw on the georgette and enjoy that platinum here.

ABCD ABCD: Great review, and even though it is from 8 years ago, it has some very nice wigs presented. Too bad the brand is not mentioned along with the name of the wig, since now several brands carry the same names for their different wigs. It would be great to list the names of the wigs, the brand and a link where we can find them. Thank you

Judi Bechhoefer: Love this boutique. I have the Tarin and Angel C. Leah was wonderful and so helpful

Suzanne Dawson: It would be really nice to know the brand on these lovely wigs

Lennie Watson: All of your wigs are gorgrous!! I need to place an order!!!

cynthia byford: Oh my gosh.. I thought I was the only one to find it creepy that after watching wig videos I’m creeped out by everyone call the wig “ she”. Like it’s a human being.. that being said.. love love love that silver wig!!.

Geri Reski: With the exception of the last one,none have then”wig shine” that comes with a new wig or topper. What did you do to cut the shine?

Sharon Peters: I’d love to know more about “Star”, thanks.

Gerri Vasser: It would be nice to tell the price when you are describing the wig.

Sharon Smith: She has the face for any kind of wig Beautiful!!!!

kk doc: Lots and lots of permatease. And wiggy. Sky from Noriko definitely there. Wish others would chime in and ID the real names of these wigs from this company and Godiva wigs too.

Janice Walters: Love the shorter styles

cynthia byford: Could you please put a link in the drop down for purchase of wigs?..

chris rybar: All of them look good on you!!

Judy Anne: I like "Karen".....and the rooted ones are so natural looking

Pamela McCulley: I love your wigs. They are beautiful

Lana Ch.: Hello. Very interested in the first wig you are wearing. Could you share the name and brand of it. TIA

Jacquie Trundy: I would like to see the backs of these wigs.

kk doc: So did you change all the names of the wigs and so you can’t compare prices? You called the Noriko “sky” wig “star”. Why would you do that? What is the manufacturer of these wigs? Rene of Paris, or Amore? What are the colors? Are they all basic caps? What is the cap construction? Any lace fronts or monofilament parting options? Honesty would be appreciated really.

marlene kerrmarlene: you look great in every one -always looks wiggy on me

kk doc: Can you please tell us the manufacturers and colors? You should at least give the names or numbers of the colors, too. Jolie is a Rene of Paris wig I think. Is the real name of “Star” actually “Sky” by Noriko? I wish you would be honest about the real names of these wigs.

Melissa Lynn: All so pretty

M D: Is Fawn still available?

Khii Yesters: I've tried calling n I was watching you on iTube but the lady said she didn't know what I was talking about. . It was white with roots showing n she called the wig soltta n the other was Georgia

WampumGirl: Seems strange to refer to a wig as "she".

BG Ueberdenteich: I would like to know the name of the 5 th wig featured .

Pamela Corley: I liked the wig you called Celeste. I can’t find it on your website or anywhere else for that matter. Is that one you have given a different name? Or is that the real name of the wig. I live close by and I would love to try it on, but I don’t know who makes it or the real name of this wig. I would really appreciate it if you could enlighten me. Thank you.

Donna Smith: What was the curly, shoulder length blonde?

Colorado Kid: Not much helpful info provided. Are all of these synthetic hair? It would be nice to see the cap too.

Smita kiran parulekar: please give a link in the Dropbox

Patrick Eny: Secondo me dovresti alzare un po' la parrucca sulla fronte. Basta un cm in più e sarebbe perfetto.

kk doc: Is Star really “Sky”. by Noriko??????

Mary Foulks: You are sooo FAB, but I need details.Wig brands and colors .PEACE

Llda Schelhase: Where's the fire. Would like to have seen the back of the wigs too.

Barnboxflorals: where is the information on these wigs? no names or brands, colors?

thebarbiewithmuscle: I can't find fawn, which brand is it?

genia basina-sol: Где можно приобрести парики?В какую они цену?

N Z: Since when is a wig of the feminine gender??

Donna Guy: I like Georgia with bangs.How much is she?

Joan Jones: thank you so much. wish yu were in torrance CA

grateful1929: I couldn't find the price of anything. How much is Reese?

Little Missy: What is up with a wig that has roots on it? I try to make sure that my roots are colored. I sure would not buy a wig with a bunch of ugly dark roots.

Mileivis Pelaez: Could you plz tell me the color name for Jolie

DRM: those wigs are huge and very fake looking...ugh!

Sandra Mcgehee: Do you have long platinum blonde wig

Barbara Kempf: Price please

Vandana Hasrajani: Awesome

Smita kiran parulekar: i would like to purchase how to contact you

Chasing a Murderer TrueCrime: She looks great in everything

Tina Collins: I like to order star

Vandana Hasrajani: Unique

Vandana Hasrajani: Wow

Izabella Marcel: What  is name of nr 4 wig ?? Please

Becky Lynn: Too, too fast!!

yowzee: It's bothersome and creepy the way wigs are personified as "she" as if it is its own animal.  It's just not proper English, anyway.  That is an "it".  I know you're not the only one to do this.

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