Divatress.Com Review: Freetress U Part Wig In "Spot Light"

  • Posted on 16 January, 2013
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

READ!!!! READ!!!!! READ!!!!

Guys this is like a three part vid. I wanted to cover all possible questions and show in detail what you get when purchasing this unit. So if you want to skip to certian parts heres the timeline...

6:04 Prepping my hair

9:55 Application

11:42 Cutting

15:40 Finished style

Pics at the end

Check out pics tomorrow on Instagram @stylesbytanza aftr I do a braids out on my hair for better blending.


Freetress Equal Invisible Part Wig-- Spot Light

Color: OM27/30/613

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Hey guys, it's Tanza and I am coming to you with a quick review. I was sent a wig by Deva. Trust me website, for them is Deva tress calm, and this way this is like I'm just literally walking into the house, and the box was there and I was so excited. First of all, customer service is really really awesome it. They said it would be three days for the shipping in literally three days three business days. It came today say it's Tuesday. It was ordered on Thursday, so Friday, Monday, Tuesday, it's here, and so it came in a box. The box came in and then it's got this pretty pink laughing so already, I'm depressed just because it got here when it was supposed to and what they sent me was a invisible part wig by preach what free tres equal. So this is the way this is and I have never tried in a visible part wig. So I'm super excited to try this and they also sent me this, which is really nice. It has that's with goat food candy, which is super cute, and then it has the motions hydrate my curls pudding, which is right here, a little sample pack of that now we're gon na get to. I want to show you the wig, and I see it with me, so we can see like construction of it. The color that I bought is om this hombre 27:36 13, because it was really really pretty online. You know when it's something with some light color in it, I'm having a hard time y'all waiting out, I'm trying to be protective styling in that color, my hair until at least the spring, and so getting my color fixed within the week. So the color again is - and this is gon na - be backwards, but it's ombre om 27:36 13. It is curling iron safe up to 400. These wigs come with a removable bang, so I'm gon na show you how its constructed first I'm going to take this tag off. It is really really soft. You guys, I really like the pre tres brand, their wigs and their hair pieces and everything really soft. It'S a good quality for synthetic wing, so I'm already thinking that okay, I'm gon na like the week fingers crossed because I really want to who wouldn't like this week. I am so excited about trying it on so it has a drawstring in the back, which is good because it is a new part wings, almost like a half way, so it couldn't be adjusted. Then it has four combs. I don't know how well you guys can see this okay, it has four cones right in me. This is where your invisible part would be. Then, as far as the bank that I was talking about, when you receive it, it's got this hold at the top. Okay. This is the way it's got this hole at the top right here, and this front part is just shorter hair that if you did not want to do anything but pull out a small section of your hair and the top and still have the vein, then you Could leave the bang on what I'm going to do is cut the vein, because it's a little is too like a very small tab of hair that you can cut it right. There surrender that right now, really quick and there wasn't even much so when you put it on. It'S got a really nice, it's not a too deep of a part, but this is the part that can be adjusted. No, however, wide or small, no clothes that you want it to be and um so far I love it. I love the curls. I love the color, I'm loving this light ombre at the bottom. The way the ombre is done is like an illusion of an ombre. So the first section is the darkest color. Then the middle section is a little bit lighter and then the bow section is like: let's try it on and see how it blends in with my hair so hold on. If you want to see what it looks like stay tuned, okay guys, all I did was pull my hair back into a ponytail, I'm just gon na um wrap it around it's already straight somewhere, it's straight anyway. This is the vein that I had out anyway, and what I'm gon na do is. I went through and used. My color, like a curling wand, just put some weight on like a wave and the sides. It'S that way. If it blows back, then it'll still look good and um and excuse me all I just came from work so kind of rough but um. What I'm going to do is I'm going to do a do. A side part now trying to stab me a side part in the middle part, but we're just doing a side part. So this is where I'm gon na put my part right here and I'm not really not much hair at all. So I'm just going to separate this. This is all the hair, but I'm gon na need your help and either clip or something I don't have one so the rest of my hair, I'm just going to. I thought abraded going back out the way, great and good and probably bit half because the clips like lock in place, you don't even have to bring your hair down hold on to it, and it's not going anywhere. Mama'S gon na bring my hair because the nice thing about this, you can wear a middle part of the side. Part, it doesn't matter, you can, you know, put the part wherever you want it to be, and you can switch it up, unlike if you have a real, invisible part in what enabled some movement you can change this one up, alright, so those who have ran it Off the way next I'm going to so I don't want to get any heat on the actual wig, so I'm just going to go through and curl this section I already did, let's put my it - sat in carrots and oil to protect my hair from the heat And then I also have some left over coconut oil because since I've been pulling my hair back in a ponytail, coconut oil, don't wear in the bun and I'm putting coconut oil on it to keep it soft and moisture. These are the tones like. I said this. First column snaps, so that one is the one that grips in it hold on and it actually has a like a piece of rubber, that's right behind the comb so that it does it's not going to tear your hair or or anything like that. So it's very soft and it will protect your hair in the second set of combs that are in the part. So then, this part, if the top doesn't flip up, it doesn't snap. So these are just you know, regular clones way cone the stay in place. Let'S try to put this on first, I'm going to put this line in the Kin ring gon na slide. This close it up, I'm going to bring around the other side. If you snap it closed, so it is up there. It is tight and it's not uncomfortable at all. Then I'm going to take the back combs, I'm gon na stick those in my hair in the back, just riveted stays and legs flat. This is layin here, and this is my section this out and I'm gon na pull the bottom part and - and it has combs in the back as well, so I'm just going to tuck those combs in and nothing in who I am I'm going to pull the Drawstring as well, so that it fits more snug and it's really comfortable is light. The drawstring helps us so that it does fit tightly where you know it's not going anywhere. So let's try to cover this part up. So if you want it to, you can pull it back because I left my edges out. I could pull it back. Of course you would just make sure that you're covering up the hair so like this is my hair be pull back. I like this week. I mean what I'll do is I'll, wear it for a few days and come back and let you guys know how it held up I'll. Let you know if I decided to cut it because it's kind of long - and I don't know if we're gon na be able to I like big hair. I don't I'm not sure about the link, so I may have to go in and chop Newell cotton. Okay, all right, you guys coming demo, I like the color - I just don't want so much. It was just it was too long, but this to me is that this is more. I just needed a different shape, but I don't all right that so this is the hair. Now this I like, I can honestly say I I wasn't loving it at first I wanted suits. I love the curl, but I need to cut a little bit. This is so much better, I'm good with this now trying to start them, but I can't in the way what I'm trying to get a good picture. So you can really see it's pretty like it's, so soft and the curls are so pretty and, like I said well, what I could do is dampen or wet the top of my hair and do a burrito so that the top part is more crinkly, like the Wig, but this is cute - I like this a lot so I so this unit was sent to me by Viva tres and you can get it from diva tres calm. I'M gon na put all the information in this particular unit. In the description box. They have a ton of styles to choose from, they have straight, they have bobs, they have once with a little tire. Colonel went with a looser weight, so you have like a lot to choose from you guys just know that I love big hair, so this was like me, it's like and yeah. The thing is that I might become about the you part of this and this little part wig is I like form to look natural and with behalf we, you can all wear it. One way you can only wear it back. So I love this because I can still have my parts like I like. I can still have my edges out so that it looks more natural and looks like a so in, and I just believe I mean I just a wig, I'm sorry. So I'm very happy with this - I am, I think it is so cute and I absolutely love because I've never had a way with these colors combine like this. I haven't bought a ring way before, but this is coaches, so I hope you guys like, like I said all the information will be in the description box. Go over and check out. Diva Transcom, awesome, awesome service this week was here in three days. I was so excited. I was watching the mail, I'm just checking my tracking number so go check it out and I hope you guys enjoy all right. You guys. Let me know what you think about it. You me your honest opinion and I will see you soon. Bye

FlawlessAndFancy: Tanza, this is so you! I love it, and after you trimmed it and shaped it up - it was oh yes ma'am! I have seen this on other people, but you rock it the best!

Shear Luxury Beauty: Thanks so much. I really do like it. And I LOVE the U Part. I want a straight one next

TrulyAnointed Jessica: It looks so nice on you!!! It is a keeper!!!

Shear Luxury Beauty: No problem. I pray it comes back Ive had clients that were cancer and lupus patients that went from no hair to long gorgeous hair over time. I just did highlights for one for the first time a couple weeks ago. so it can happen :) Great talkin to you, enjoy your weekend

Dead Man and the Bullet: aww..thank you..ive been battling this for over 3 years now ...theres times when it gets better but then it gets right back to the shedding phase...very frustrating..i subscribed to your channel.:) .thank you for talking too..your lovely! have a good weekend too!

Shear Luxury Beauty: Your right Id definately stay clear of sew in extensions. The tension wouldnt be good. I would suggest the full wig with a lace closure. If you ever want something custom done please let me know. you can see my custom wigs and the hair from my new hair line at ShearLuxuryTresses dot webs dot com and on instagram @stylesbytanza

Dead Man and the Bullet: thank you for the info!.love the hair on your page! .i'll def look into having sth custom made for me...will prolly wait till all of my hair's gone first.lol..im still hoping maybe it'll start growing back..but i doubt it..i'll hit you u up when im ready..;)

Dead Man and the Bullet: i love the frikin ombre thing...wish my hair looked like that...

SB: Will you purchase from DivaTress again? How fast was the shipping?

FlawlessAndFancy: YW. I too prefer u-parts. No commitment or tension like a sew-in. If you do get one, it would be nice to see it on (if you have time to make a video). :)

Danie: I was thinking about ordering this from a website, is it soft and do it tangle or shed?

Shear Luxury Beauty: Thank you very much :)

Dead Man and the Bullet: the problem is my hair is thinning ...pretty bad..i have a hormonal imbalance thing that causes my hair to fall out :( i dunno if my hair would be good for extentions..:/..i might have to do the full lace wig thing eventually..

karla araujo: Woww i loved!

Shear Luxury Beauty: Me too. Get some clip ins or extensions and have them colored like that. thats wht i do lol :)

Shear Luxury Beauty: No it didn't shed. I didn't wear it too long cause it didn't match my hair color and im very picky abt that. But it ws very soft. I would get it again in a different color

Shear Luxury Beauty: thanks

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