How To: Style A Curly Half Wig Ft. Las Mogan

  • Posted on 15 February, 2017
  • T Part Wig
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These are my Top 3 Hairstyles for my Curly Las Mogan wig. I was able to make this wig last for about 1 month and YES I will be ordering another one. I love this wig! It's so versatile and easy to style... hey that just rhymed lol ... Enjoy the video xoxo

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Hey guys, it's Raquel welcome back to my channel today. I wanted to show you how I like to style my last smug in curly, bad girl, wig, I'm going to be showing you three ways I like to sell it and for the first style, I'm going to start by putting the wig on my head and I'm Going to leave about an inch of my hair out on the top and the sides, and right after that, I'm going to brush my hair back and then I'm going to start parting, the wig from air to air. For this part, you really want to make sure you're separating the hair really carefully, because if you're too rough with it, it can get knotty and look crazy. So you just want to be. You know very careful at this part, but I'm just going to part it from air to air, because that's how much hair I want to put up in a ponytail now very quickly, I'm just going to brush the size and pull my hair as tightly as I Can into a ponytail notice that I'm wrapping the end of this hair around my two fingers just so that it's easier to pull the scrunchie into a ponytail and it doesn't knock the hair up in the process. So that's right here that you see sticking out. I don't want to see that when I'm like out in public, so I'm just going to take those straight here and just wrap them around the ponytail and to keep it in place. I'M just going to put bobby pins in to secure it and that's it for the first style, really simple, really easy, and now for the second hairdo, all I'm going to do is well. First of all, I have the wig position the same way I do in the first style, and all I'm going to do is take a side of my hair twist it as tight as I can, and I'm going to just clip that in the back and then I'M going to take the bigger piece of hair, even though it looks slightly off with color is still, I feel like it's still blends. Well, so I'm just going to twist that side to for the bigger side, I'm not going to do it as tight, as I did the other side. I want it to have some body in the front, I'm just going to twist it a little lately and then, when I'm good with how it looks, I'm just going to take that to the back of my head and also click that, and that is literally it Like I think this is so cute, I just take the two sides and flip it to the front, and that's it so now. For the last way I like to style this hair, I'm going to start by first trying to put it in a ponytail and oMG guys. It was so hard to get this big hair in a ponytail, but I did it um, I'm also going to use the same technique that I did in the first hairstyle and wrap the ends around my fingers. So that is just easier to put this grungy around and when I'm done doing that, you could either leave it up in a bun or you can let it down like. I decided to do and just to add a little bit more spunk a little bit more personality to it. I just decided to take a bandana and just tie that around my head and voila. It'S done so you can definitely leave it in a bun. If you want, but I ultimately decided to leave the hair down, I had to play around with it just so that it didn't look as lopsided and you're just going to want to make sure that you take any straight strands or any types of hair. That just doesn't mesh well with the ponytail and just wrap it around and secure it with the bobby pin, and that is about it. These are the three styles that I definitely find myself rocking the most when I wear this hair so yeah, I hope you enjoyed. Thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one bye, guys

Wanda Lee: The 2nd style..I absolutely love! Wearing my hair like this tomorrow

Portia Bougie: Yassss!! Las Mogan has been my girl for a while & you definitely gave me some new ways to style it !

Khadijah Jamilah: Thanks for posting this because I bought a half wig yesterday, but wasn't sure how to wear it properly. I love all three styles, thanks again.

Simone J: I loveeeee this!! I’m trying to find a quick style for when I go into labor perfect

Adajah: These were all cute styles and love your makeup

Camille Toy: I love my half wig I needed this I love the last style

NICOLE: Thank you for the styling ideals.I have a similar have wig and will try these styles..

RULA MARI: Yes those half wigs get tangled so quick. I love your hair.

Paula M Williams: You are so creative. I love watching your videos. Keep them coming

Stephanie Jordan: one of the best videos I've seen of las mogan! you did that girl!

Carmen Smith: thanks awesome tips love the second style

Tiama J: The beat is Gorgeous and the tips.. im .grateful boo thanks

Michele Little: Your makeup is BEAUTIFUL! I'm about to do the 2nd style right NEEOOOOW! LOL

Anastasia Chandler: Thank you Beautiful Queen. Classy and Beautiful styles.

Charmaine Espeut: Your makeup is flawless

Audrey Lee: Thank you so much this is very helpful

Ty Elise: This eye makeup !

Davina Darby: Love it!!

Khadija Nurse: you are so beautiful and your styles were quite helpful!

Dana Lynnette: Yup! You did that! TFS

Regina Hayes: Thank u thank u thank u....struggling with ways to wear wigs as I try to get my real hair on track here. I really appreciate this

Clarissa Green: Very helpful!

Victoria W: Hola , me gusta mucho como te quedan esas extensiones zambas...!! Dónde las puedo conseguir??? se ven tan naturales, suaves, y tupidas..

Serrina eyrEberhardt: Loved it!

Kayla Love: Did the hair last long,also did your hair texture blend? Thank you sooooo much this will help ALOT

BLLABAE: Love this choice of hair on you

Ni War: All three styles❤️

Lakeisha: This is too cute!

Mari Rodriguez: You look beautiful...The styles are so cute ...Thank you...I subbed...Want to see more! Happy New Year. :))

Debra White: thanks three very cute hair style looks so gorgeous on you

Ronni j: Very your make-,up!!!!

Mrs. Yea…Ok…: Very pretty. Tfs!!!

Paula M Williams: I want my daughter to have this hair for her prom next month. Can we buy this locally?

T.MoniqueNurse M.: Eye brows are slayed ..

SassyNj !!: Thanks Girl!!!

Lida Fubara: i love ure makeup. wish i cud do the same for myself

LaToya Hopkins: I love the hairstyles

Tasheka Shields: Thanks for the video!

Ms Monica Lee: Pretty loved the video!

Janetha Hughes: love the make up

Sidonia: Can you do a video on your flawless eye makeup?

Noni 209: Excellent!

11 AW: The wig is cute but where's the makeup tutorial?? FLAWLESS!!

Chelsea S: You’re really pretty!

Annesha Adams: AMAZINGGG

Penelope Freeman-Booth:

Eleshia Madison: Hi how long does this wig last?

I AM PRETTY HIPPIE: Love Las Mogan! Never thought of wearing it up! Tfs!

Blow' The Whistle: Real cute.

Neoysha Santiaga: Awesome video....but you cannot wear that wig in a ponytail without the bandana to cover it lol, wouldn't want anyone's cap showing all styles are very cute

Ebonee Chenae: You put me in the mind of jayla korian!!

Be Shambre: this is like my favorite video


Jaguar Rose:

Misz Leviii: Omg girl u are black is beautiful OK speechless ❤️❤️❤️

Venus Da Brat: I used to be afraid like what if it slides bck thats why I never bought a half wig

Kayway: Honestly I came here for your Makeup lol

zafirah ayanaah: how do u put it on ?

Ellen Alves: <3 <3

MeryAnn u: "air to air"

Fionaa Marieee: Where can I purchase this wig ?

Olivia: So pretty!

Candyss Woodberry: way cute

Lareshonda Treadway: U kinda resemble Sevyn Streeter. Nice video

Maneisha Culmer: Is this a half wig?

nathy santius: Hi, my name is natalia and I love to see what you are, beautiful black negrad do with their hair and I'm here drooling I have no conditions of purchase I live here in Brazil and it's absurd the value of hair and I beg for you to give me even those who You do not want to, but you would like to, even use a thank you.

Yafah Alexander: whats the length on this wig?

v w: This eye makeup ;

Damian Lindo: hi racquel

thorkim33: The leave out is too straight for a curly wig. Does not blend at all.

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