Fall Wig Review Series: Ep 6 I Columbia By Belle Tress - Mocha With Cream I Beautiful Piece!!

  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

This is a BEAUTIFUL piece! First Belle Tress purchase and I couldn't be happier!

Purchased this wig on clearance at


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Link to silicone hot rollers I have used on a few wigs so far. They work great! Spray the fibers with a little bit of water or heat protectant spray and let the hot rollers sit in the hair for at least 8 hours so the fully cool and set the curl.


Hello friends: this is Trish with fun dues and I am back with another wig review. This is a gorgeous one. Hopefully you were able to check out my short on this one from earlier this week. Um, this is actually uh Columbia by Belle truss in the color mocha with cream - and this is stunning I this is my first uh beltrust piece that I own and I am loving it um. I have heard so many good things about this brand and I was able to pick this up for a very reasonable price. Given the cap features that are on this beauty, and so I just had to do it and um there's a lot of reasons why I did that um, it's obviously a beachy wave Style with all of these curls and waves in it. So I was actually looking to somewhat replace the um modern beachy Style by Paula Young that I really wasn't a fan of, and I was also looking to get a color that was similar to my beloved uh Becky from Paula Young. And so when I saw mocha with cream, I'm like oh well, maybe that'll be like Tuscany toast from Paula Young. Well, it's kind of similar, but this is much warmer. So this is part and I'll show you, the uh color comparison here in a minute, but this is part of Belle truss's uh, cafe collection, and so there are a lot of um these styles that are inspired by coffee shops and their ingredients and their drinks, and Things like that, so um, I'm not sure if I mentioned the name of this, but this is Columbia. So there are quite a few different uh styles that have these beachy waves from beltres um, Caliente um. You know uh, all those other ones that are out there, that are very similar. You know varying in length and things uh, varying with how the curl pattern is, but um. It'S all part of that cafe collection, so um this is described uh. This color is described as a dark brown root which you can see and that travels throughout the whole piece and it's a blend of dark chocolate, brown and cinnamon, along with milk, chocolate and cool blonde and light blonde highlights. Now I will tell you this lighting here is not doing this piece Justice. If you see my short on this piece out in the natural lighting. The colors in this are stunning. It'S more of an all Bernie cinnamony um. You know milk chocolate kind of color. It is just stunning I I love this piece so much that I am thinking about getting many more of these in the same color. To be honest with you um, I would be willing to look at some. You know shorter Styles, obviously for the summer, but this color is just amazing, absolutely amazing, so I will as long as we're on the color. I will put this up to Becky now. This is Becky uh from Paula, Young and the color Tuscany toast, and you can definitely see that uh Colombia is much warmer in tone. Becky is more ashy, has more Ash blondes Ash Browns more of a cooler tone, so cooler and neutral. I will say so when I spin around I'll put that up again, and so you can see what the color differences are so um it. This is a higher end wig for me um it does have a lace front which you can see there and I'll get into that. Well, maybe I'll just talk about it now, so the the knotting is done very well, because this beltres brings up the highlighting around the uh lace front to disguise the knotting. They did a great job um. Other brands do that too uh Raquel Welch to help hide some of that dark knotting. If you have a Dark Root in your in your wig piece um, you can't see the snow, but when I put this on a couple things, I did notice that the lace is a little bit more. Um has a little bit more of a tone in it. It'S not so much uh, invisible or transparent. If you will so I didn't like that. Also with that those highlights in the front, I did notice that there was a demarcation line where you saw the lace you saw the highlighting, and then you saw the dark. Almost band of where the rooting color started - and I didn't like that, so I tried to pull down some of the highlighted pieces and I did pluck uh some of those darker Roots um away. It was very difficult to do that. Um. You really had to get down in there. Like I said I didn't want to take away the highlighted pieces in the front, so I did what I could, but I will say that I have added some. You know: light lighter colored, uh Foundation, powder, um powder foundation. If you will to that to that lace - and it did help a lot too also with the way I've been styling - this - it does kind of naturally fall in a way that kind of more obscures that demarcation line. So I am happy about that as well. So you know with these pieces you might just have to play around with them. You might just have to let them naturally fall in the in the direction that they're going to fall with your style before they might start looking a little bit more natural, so um. It does also have a monofilament part, and I will attach a uh video at the end of this showing me taking this out of the box styling it and all that um. I will also put a picture here at the top, showing you what this style looks. Like uh from the website, so it does have a monofilament part. It more part. It more is in the middle um. You can see down into the rooting space here and it makes it look a little bit more like scalp. As I said it's more in the middle here, it does have a good amount of space, maybe about that much where you could part It Anyway. This piece does want to fall to part. On my right hand, side. I usually part my pieces on the left. I, let's do that. I will put that over. I I've had that I've been wearing this for a week now, since I did the review or since I did my um, my short, and so this is now kind of set in its position. If you will, but so there you know you can see down into the mono part here. I won't go all the way back on that, but - and maybe you can see so this so see so a lot of a lot of times where these Styles um they come out of the box in a certain style in a certain way right and that could Be in a center part that could be off to the right or the left right. Well, if you have a mono part or a mono top, you know that has a good amount of room. You can part that on either side, but you might have to train that still because of how the manufacturer has put that wig together, put it in the Box how long it sat around things like that. So here you go that this piece wanted to part to the right hand side now that I've had this trained and I change it. I can now flip this over to this side and it stays a lot better than it had in the past. So I might now keep this to my preferred parting, which is on the left. So there you have it. You know you might just have to wait till these pieces um. You know subtle a bit and a lot of times. I don't like wearing these pieces right away after I do a review um because I like to play with them a little bit more and things like that. Now this one I didn't do that. I wore this straight away because I just love this piece so much. I love the colors and this one I'm kind of glad I did because now I have come back to do the review and now it's set a little bit and you can it's a little bit more dirty. You know the fibers are a little bit more dirty. They have product on them and now you can do some styling and it stays. You know a little bit more than it did right out of the box um. So let me tell you the specifications on this, so the overall length is between 7 inches and 14 inches. This is a layered style, so you're going to have some shorter uh layers that are seven and longer at 14.. The back is going to be 14 inches. So this is more of a mid length I feel um. Probably. I actually think this is probably my perfect length. You know I don't really like really long Styles, it does they don't look really natural on me, because I've never worn a long style, but I have had shorter styles that have grown out for sure. So this is probably my perfect length and why I just love this. It looks natural on me. Um, the sides are 10, the back is 14. uh and the nape is seven. So the total weight on this is 4.4 ounces, which is very light um. The I feel it's a natural density. You know I don't feel there's a lot of permatease. These curls give it some body um yeah. I just there's nothing. I I other than that slight demarcation line, and this lace that's a little bit darker that I'm used to um. This is like the perfect piece for me, so let me do a 360.. This is the front. Thank you aside. It might be kind of wonky. I did it, I did have this piece up um on the sides and I'll show you how I had that styled. It is so cute. This piece is awesome, so these are uh Belle trusses heat defiant fibers, so you can put heat to these curl them. Um whatnot I some reviewers have also said that having heat friendly, fibers um take a little bit more work. Some people don't like that, especially on these curlier pieces, and I can tell you that I can attest to that um. I have Paula Young's, Deirdre um and she is heat, defiant, uh, fibers, they're Versa, fibers and just recently I had to take heat finally to her because she was looking a little afraid. The color, the curls, were a little getting a little bit more deconstructed things like that. So I did take some heat to that and I will do a video on that. I have a hot roller kit if you will um, where they're more silicone rollers, that heat up and I have taken heat um to Deirdre with those, and I also purchased a uh curling iron that has a cooling fan on it to help set the curl. As it's rolling through your hair and I thought wow, maybe that would be - and it has like low medium high setting - and I thought wow. Maybe that would be really cool for Wig pieces because you'd have the heat there and the cooling fan would be on there to kind of set the curl right away and maybe wouldn't damage the fiber. So much so I did use that on her as well and it looked. It looks way better way better than it did. I put water on it. I used some heat protectant spray and put some curls in it, and it is like night and day different. I hadn't done that in a while, and I did have to trim off some of the ends because they were a little frayed and that's the thing you can do too. If you get a longer style like this, like I'll. Probably do that like it does, you know, rub against your clothing, so the ends will probably start to fray I'll, probably have to take heat to this here in the next week or so. But you know as long as they're longer and if the ends start to fray a little bit just snip the ends off um. You know I mean yeah, it's gon na, you know affect the length if you will, but if you just do little bits at a time I mean it'll, keep your wig and your end looking nice, so you know don't be afraid to do that as well. So I purchased this uh recently from Paddy's pearls and I'll attach the website down below. As I said, this is more of a higher end piece for me with the fact that it's got a lace front and monopart. So let me see what I paid for this uh. The regular price for this is around 230 dollars, which you know is pretty typical for a piece that, with all these cap features um - and I got this - I think it was on clearance for 138, and I was surprised uh being the fact that this is a Popular color with belltress and um popular style, and so I scooped it up right away. So with shipping, the total order came to 147 and I think that is a great price for um this piece. Oh one thing I wanted to do so. Let me put this up as a comparison, we'll kind of go back to the color. So this is again: oh mate. Well yeah! Maybe you can see it but I'll I'll spin around. So you can see. So this is Becky from Paula Young, and so hopefully you can see that difference in the colors uh Becky is obviously more ashy tone where this mocha with cream is more warmer in tone, so um again just to wrap up uh check out my short on this Piece, you can see this in some natural lighting and we're about halfway through the wig review series for the fall, and so hopefully you are enjoying these and getting some ideas on some great pieces and hopefully I'm providing you ways to shop around for pieces um. You know everyone has their own budgets and you know preferences and things, but hopefully this is giving you an idea um to see that you know if you don't have a budget or don't want the budget to purchase really expensive pieces um. You know, I know I've. I'M losing out on you know some of these other beautiful styles like from Raquel, Welch and even beltrust, and you know any any other piece out there, but and brand. But you know I have a budget that I'm willing to spend right now and until I see the wear on these pieces you know I really don't want to invest in that right now. But that's me, you know I am. I do have my own bio hair. I really don't use it. If you will, I wear a wig every day and um. You know if I had to have more concerns on other things like you know, comfort and you know not having my own bio hair and things like that. Maybe my thoughts would change on that, but right now I am happy kind of staying in the you know. 100. You know low 200 range for a wig piece, so um. I mentioned this in another video that I did do some shopping with a online retailer here recently and got a haul of things. Actually, this sweater that I'm wearing is one of those pieces and uh yeah this place is very affordable. I also purchased some wigs from them, and so I will be doing a Haul on that to show you uh what I purchased and the wig pieces. I won't be doing wig reviews right now on them, but I will definitely take them out um. I don't know if I'll put them on or not we'll see, we'll see how that goes so um. Hopefully, this information was uh helpful to you and you consider Bell tress and the style of Columbia in the color mocha with cream and take care and have a great day and until next time, bye.

Diane Lowe: This style is perfect for your face shape. I love Belle Tress wigs.

Pamela McCulley: The wigs look great you can't tell it's a wig. Thank you!!!

Michelle Diekman: You look so pretty in each Wig you wear ❤❤❤


christina reyes: Very pretty...looks really nice on you.

Kelly Peters: Love it

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