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  • Posted on 13 November, 2022
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Hey Lovelies, in this video we are going to be installing a synthetic wig from amazon prime and I'm excited for you to see how it all came together. Make sure to give this video a if you enjoyed this video and let me know down comment if you want to see more of this type of video. Love you

Are you looking for a new wig but don't want to spend a lot of money? Try installing a $53 Amazon Prime Latishia's stunning new wig--the $53 Amazon Prime synthetic wig with me! I'll show you how to install it, step by step, and it will look amazing!

This wig is perfect if you're looking for a new, fashionable wig that won't break the bank. The $53 Amazon Prime synthetic wig is made with high-quality synthetic fibers, so you can feel assured that it will last long and look great.

Name of Wig: Sensationnel HD Lace Front Wig Cloud 9 What Lace Swiss Lace 13X6 Latisha

Link to Wig:

IINTRO: 00:00 - 02:27

INSTALL: 02:28 - 09:26

STYLING: 09:27 - 15:37

FINAL THOUGHTS: 15:38 - 17:01





- Canon 750D

- Ringlight





EMAIL: [email protected]

Foreign, Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my channel., I'm the basil mercy, incase, you don't already know and in today's video we're going to be trying out a synthetic wig. I got from Amazon. So I don't know if it's just me, but I feel synthetic wigs are making their way back. I actually genuinely feel so, and the girl is on Instagram on Tiktok they've been slaying, they've been slaying, so today I'm gon na be trying out the synthetic wig. I saw this wig first on Shalom blac and then I went ahead to research it and I saw amazing reviews about it. So I'm like, let me try. Let me see how it comes out. So this is what it looks like it's called it's. The Cloud 9 series lace wig, it's called Latisha, so they like, I guess, the Swiss lace or the what lace brand have like different um names. So this one is called Latisha right. This is the color one, so I'm gon na be trying that out. For you guys today and it's a 13 by 6 frontal, so I'm excited. I really want to see how this wig would hold up and how it will look on me because baby, I really want to see it. So I'm just gon na take it out the box. You know I have not seen this wig. I got this wig like last month. I think, and I've not even opened it, because I just want to open it online with you guys. I just want to have like the first impression with you guys: I've not done anything with it, so it comes in this box. You saw me take off the nylon, so okay, just gon na drop that there okay, oh, so this is what the wig is. Looking like straight out of the pack, you can go ahead and see the curls right there, I'm impressed it does feel synthetic actually, it does feel synthetic, but it's very lightweight. In my opinion. I think it's very lightweight compared to other synthetic hairs. I'Ve tried. So let's go ahead and put it on and just see what it will give. I'M really really curious. I have a mirror here. If you see me looking down here, I have a mirror to just kind of see what I'm doing - hmm, oh, my God. Okay, it's it's not bad. Actually I just have to like kind of you know Phoenix finesses, but it's not bad. Oh, I think he is side. Part would be so pretty like this guys. I think a side part too, but I wanted to do a center part. Now I'm confused, but the side part is giving, and I look so pretty. I think I'm gon na go ahead to just put it on without tweezing it. I don't really think the hairline is that bad. I think the hairline looks good. It'S a bit fooled over. I don't mind the full hairline to be honest, so I'm just gon na go ahead and install it. This way, I'm looking at the hairline and it's actually okay, so you might want to go ahead and kind of tweeze it a little bit. I'M kind of trying to go for maybe an 80's blowout look. I don't know how it's gon na go, but let's see all right, let's see how it goes. So I'm gon na go ahead and just thing that off the next thing I want to just do. I'M just going to take some alcohol on a cotton pad and then I'm just going to clean, where I'm going to place my glue or my spray. Now that we're gon na have to do that. I'M gon na go in with my everything wonderless Bond, I'm gon na go in this is the black one. Is the strong no extreme hold it's the extreme hold, I'm just gon na go ahead and spray that down. I actually like spraying down my wigs now like not on the wig, but on my skin first, I just found out that works better. I did that once when I was going out and it just worked better for me. Thank you. So I'm going in with another layer just to hold the wig down very well foreign. Obviously, so I'm just going to go ahead and pull that in foreign. What'S no, no, no! The lease is given I'm never gon na copy. On that yeah I mean look at that. That was so super easy. I love it already. Okay, so I'm gon na take my take home and then I'm just gon na spray, some every one that lays um spray on this and kind of just Targets. This white you're, seeing the white lace right - I'm just gon na go ahead and Target that so we're gon na take that just a little bit foreign foreign. So I'm just going to go ahead again with my elastic band. I just kind of tied that down chain take the last thick band of no not happy all right, so I'm just using a baby wipe with a bit of alcohol to just get off the excess I get it. I guess I didn't let it dry before I put on the elastic band, I thought it was dried, but I guess clearly not enough, but I see you just want to let this dry beans before you go ahead to put the elastic band okay, so we're done With the oh, I like it, I like it, I can't even lie. I like it a little bit too much. In fact, what's what's sick prepared to be sick of me, because what let me just Define this part just give me a minute. Let me find the spots I hate having names on. Oh my God, you just know I'm a paco girl, oh my God. Oh my God, I'm leaving first, but this is not even like my perfect side. This side is like my perfect side. Do you see that you see it hits me more? So let me do this side. This side is like where my side pattern always heats the most all right, so I'm just going to use a white suit comb and just kind of brush that out. I'M definitely trying to be careful. I mean it's cute, it's cute, okay! Let me get in with my foundation and Elizabeth's a foundation and a little bit of concealer to kind of Define this pattern we've created. If it's a foundation doesn't match, does it match? I think so yeah just a little bits of foundation on the lace. I hope that's sometimes this can go totally wrong where the leaves becomes so obvious, but sometimes it can go very right. I don't know I'm still figuring it out. So just gon na go ahead. So I just have a little bit of foundation very tiny bit on this, so the trick is obviously making sure it matches your your foundation. You have on and making sure yeah it kind of Blends in. So I think I'm done so. I'M just going to go ahead and Define this part. I think it's two down foreign, but I don't know if I should go ahead to thin it a little bit. Let'S see just a little bit right: okay, lovelies! This is what the hair is giving right. Now. I'Ve not done anything apart from just um thinning it out. I went ahead to use my sheer scissors to thin it out, I'm looking for it. Okay, so I just went ahead to use this scissors. I don't know if you can see it the sharing scissors. I guess so. I just went ahead to kind of use that to kind of thin it out a bit right, that's all I did. Then. I went ahead with the big mouth comb and kind of just combed out the coils. All right. I could actually go ahead from the reviews I saw. You can actually go ahead to kind of call it with a curling iron, but you just have to make sure the heat is really low. You put it in a medium heat to kind of do that so, but I'm not going to be doing that because we're not going to be doing anything extra. We just want to style this hair as it is see what is given, and I really think it's giving what it should. Then I'm gon na go ahead with my hot comb and kind of just flattened us out right. So you don't want to go in too hot. Remember it's a synthetic wig. You don't go in too hot, so I have to adjust that too. I don't know what you think. It'S me your body language, so I I don't think I can sing that song normally anymore speaks to me. I don't know what I did mm-hmm that even so I'm like using the wax stick, because I just feel it's synthetic in my weighty head down. So that's why I'm not using a wax stick for you can go ahead to try but just make sure it's really little. If you're gon na use a wax stick, I didn't go ahead to use any because I don't think it's a gel. I don't think it will go very well. The texture feels a bit different from your regular synthetic hair. To be honest, but, like you can tell it's synthetic hair but like looking at it, I don't think you can tell but like when you touch it, you'll be like it's in between since um. Is it between kinky and synthetic? That'S the texture I'm getting so far, but I love that so this is it so what I see most people do, is they kind of cut it right here to just kind of balance the length and, honestly, I think, the next time I wear it. I might go ahead to cut it a bit shorter, but I want to serve this hair as it is without doing too much styling without doing like so much. I just want to save it to you as it is, as it came, I'm just serving it directly with no much too much styling right. So that's what we have going on so lovely. Is that really it for this video? I really hope you enjoyed this. I really hope you liked it. Let me know your thoughts down below. Is this a wig you'll be purchasing? I forgot to mention the price in the video it's actually 56 dollars, but the they have different colors, so the price kind of goes up. This is a one, a color one right so, but the price goes up as you choose different colors. That'S what I discovered, but this was 56, I think 56 or 54., but I'm gon na put that right here for you to see, and I really think it's really nice for the price it's giving it's giving bougie for the price giving party and the budget. That'S it that's the word it's giving body on the budget and I love it all right. Thank you so much for watching the end of this video and, if you're, watching the end of this video, you already know you're the one you already know you have the real MVP love you nah bye,

Tomiwa Unscripted: It looks natural

Sunmisola Balogun: Lovely

Marvy Kim: Love this. I thought you forgot to say the mvp ending and I almost cried

Grace Meniru: So pretty it doesn’t even look synthetic

Jennifer.P Zulu: Thank you so so much sis, for all your videos and your channel. May I ask, yes about the ventilating pins Store , where may i get the( 1 in 3 set ) that only thing holding me to continue now. please dear

Joy Dauda: Beautiful wig, how much did u get d wig?

Recheal D cheff Lawrence: U look good

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