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  • Posted on 20 November, 2022
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Welcome to my live sale! Please check the description box for sale details and payment link. Contact me to order a wig after the live sale.


Follow this link to complete your purchase, visit my socials, & contact me: https://linktr.ee/tiamariawigs

For business inquires: [email protected] (**Please use a detailed subject line).


Head Circumference: 21.5” (Petite/Average)

Ear to Ear: 11.75” (Petite)

Front to Back: 14” (Average)

Hairline to Bottom of Chin: 8.25”


▶ All Sales Are FINAL, No Exchanges or Returns. Please ask any questions prior to purchase.


If you want a wig, you will write in the LIVE chat box. Be sure you are in the LIVE CHAT BOX so I can see it.

CLAIM EXAMPLE ▶ “Tia Claims – [Name of Wig]”.

▶ Claims must be paid within 1 hour of the live sale or your claim may expire. Unpaid claims could also result in you not being able to claim again in the future.


▶ Wigs not sold during the live sale will be available to purchase after the sale. Please send me a comment or message to request purchase. https://www.facebook.com/TiaMariaWigCo...

▶ Wigs that do not sell within a few days of the live sale will be post in my Facebook Wig Shop: https://www.facebook.com/TiaMariaWigCo...


▶ “Doll Baby Wigs” are those that I have purchased from my vendor and may or may not have been altered to be flattering and ready to wear.

▶ All other wigs in this sale or either new, wigs I have reviewed (worn less than 3 times) or donated to the sale.

▶ Wigs are kept in a non-smoking environment. I have 2 cats. They may or may not be washed prior to shipping depending on need.

▶ Wigs that have intact lace or combs can be removed prior to shipping for $4 per wig.


▶ Payment can be made via Venmo (preferred) and PayPal (Friends/Family). Links to both payment methods can be found HERE https://linktr.ee/tiamariawigs

▶ If you do not already have your full name and shipping information, please include it with your payment or send it to be via messenger or email.

▶ REMINDER – Wigs will be held for 1 hour after the Live sale ends. If you do not purchase within 1 hour, your claim may expire.


▶ Shipping within USA only. Up to 4 wigs will be shipped for $10.

▶ I ship PRIORITY MAIL (Usually 2-3 day) which includes $50 insurance and tracking.

▶ Orders will ship within 5 days of your payment (though it’s usually within 2 days). I will send you a tracking number once your order ships. Please check your Venmo/PayPal account for messages from me.

Thank you for watching the Live Sale!

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Okay, my highlighter went a little crazy. If you can hear me, let me know my highlighter is just doing all the work today. I know you can't um Shelly just refresh. I just started just refreshed all right, hello, everybody. What oh, how is everybody doing? Thank you. Tanya Tanya has my this girl's. Hair is like doing a little too much. Let me fix your hair girl you're just everywhere. If you can hear me, let me know you can't tell too much here. Let me turn this light down, but we added some colored lights in the back. Let me turn down the light, and maybe you can see. Oh there we go. I think we need one more strand. Actually we need one more stand all right. Let me talk about the um. Let me talk about what is going on in the chat. We have some housekeeping things because we have new people that are joining us, so I think um, it's important for us to. Let'S talk about some housekeeping things in the beginning. My mom is here so if you want to say hi to Denise, you can say hi. She got me this new cup. Look, it says cutest pumpkin in the patch. That'S me right. That'S me. I mean you only have one pumpkin in your patch, but oh that's of course, when you only have one pumpkin in the patch, I guess they're, all whatever anyway um I said hi my mom says hi and we're in the frozen tundra. We have a couple feet of snow, so I am in Jammy pants and I don't care but they're like coffee Jammy pants, so you just got to deal with Jerry pants because it's freezing, okay and yeah. What else? So if you are new here, this is what I need for people to do. First of all, you're gon na see Brenda and she has a little wrench next to her name. She is our moderator extraordinaire. So any of the things that I'm talking about um she's, going to repeat for you in the comments, but you can follow along if you're new, I'm going to show you here on my phone. So you can see uh what I'm talking about. But if you are new, timetine is snoring right now, so just so you know, if you are new, let me go ahead and turn the volume down so that there's no Echo. I want you to scroll up on the live, chat and foreign. So right here is the live chat. Okay, so I want you to scroll up to the top and you can see all these messages from me. The first one is that I need you to make sure that you have done two things before you can claim today. I need you to make sure that you have read my blog post on my website on sort of like how this all works, and the other thing is. I have you have to make sure that you've registered with me on my link tree, because that's the only way I can um send you any type of invoice. So it says right here, I'm going to go ahead and read it. It says before you claim. Please message me here, including your address, so um people will message me, but they don't give me their address. The calculate the shipping is calculated on based on where you live, so I need that ahead of time um. So when you touch the link tree right here, it's going to open up - and it's going to go to this - that looks like this okay you're going to push this right here, where it says: order wigs and you're just going to fill out this little form and In the like space, where it says message you will put your address, I need to do that in order to um take claims and so moving forward. If I don't already have your information or you haven't, registered with linktree, I'm not going to accept claims, because what I'm finding is people are claiming and then they're, never giving me their information. And then I can't invoice them and you know that's how it goes, because we only have a few of each also you can get um. If you message me on linktree, you can also get this free lifestyle tracker. If you want to and yeah let me read some things that we're talking about. Please let me know right now, if there's any questions about what's going on, let me get my glasses on all right. So, yes, we have Brenda here. She is our moderator. Let'S say thank you to Brenda. We have Christina here. Oh I'm so glad you're here, hopefully you're on the mend we have Shelly here, hi Shelly. We have check out Angie's wigs, we have Angie. Angie has a little wrench next to her name too. So she helps out in the comments. If you have questions and things okay, um, we have Amanda here, hi Amanda, hi, marcina, hello. Who else do we have? We have Tanya hi, Tanya? Okay, what else we have Kelly hi Kelly, I'm pretty sure yeah. We have Kelly, F and Kelly L here today. What else do we have? I hope I did a miss and a body hi Tracy, they're, all saying hi, 26 degrees and sunny here no snow. Oh, that's awesome, Western suburb of Syracuse and we don't have any snow. What Brenda you can come over here and get some you can come over here. We have Julia here, hi, Juliet hello, yes, Brenda! That'S a great I'm gon na sneak it oh sneak in mom sneak in hi. Ladies, my mom wants to say hi Brenda's, making a great Point too. Please um! When you do the claim, please put it in all caps, because then I can take my glasses off. I actually think I need to get my eyes checked because I'm wearing readers and they they work and everything, but I do think I need like more so we'll see. Um oh Utica, yep, there's so many people in sunny Florida. I wish I was you know. I don't know, I don't know if I would like sunny Florida, I mean I love Florida. I'D love to go there, but I don't know if I'd like to live there. I like snow. I, like the seasons, I love fall. Pennsylvania has one of the best falls in the world they're saying hi to your mom. I know um like in the world that fun fact before we get started um like did you know that there's only a few places in the world that actually have a true Fall Pennsylvania is one of them. Just in case you were wondering, and you really don't care, yeah yeah, like the seasons, all right. We got a lot going on here. We got my mom here. Oh, I got a couple things to show you and I have a huge two huge announcements: two huge announcements: okay, but the one thing I want to show you, because my mom has now decided that she wants it. I will show it to you um. I got some new merch, I'm gon na be putting a short up on this, but this is the new merch. This was um the one that says she stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted and the original quote was she adjusted her sales, but I crossed it out and put she adjusted her wig. So you can get this in. My spreadshop, this uh hoodie, is called the unisex contrast hoodie and it's In Scuba, blue and asphalt so gorgeous. It'S gorgeous um and it's got so. It'S got the asphalt on the inside and then this is the scuba blue. So you can get this on my spreadshop. You can find it on my link tree. It'S just called my merch store um, so you can get this and there's other just there's other things you can get with this design. But if you wanted this sweatshirt - and it has the you know like this - it's so it's so comfortable and it's really pretty and it's very, very, very high quality. So here you go Mom! Oh thank you. So I gave that to her as a thank you for helping me. She gave me that look. She was like, oh what you doing with it. What are you, what are you doing with it and I was like: do you want it Mom? So that is some new merch to share that's um, all the designs on there that you see on my merch store are designed by me and yeah, so the other two announcements that are coming up. They want to see you in in the hoodie all right, she's gon na put it on all right. I will so the other two announcements is this one um next Thursday is Thanksgiving, so I hope everybody's going to be spending time with their families. Oh Lisa got you, I got you. Thank you. Um perfect got you so um. Next week we won't be having anything on um Thursday, because it's Thanksgiving, but I'm having a huge Black Friday sale alive, a Black Friday Saturday sale I'll, be putting up the link today. Um but it'll be the regular time on Saturday uh, which is the small business Saturday. 11 30 a.m same as this week, so we'll have that next week and I am doing some crazy deals for Black Friday. That will be good for that live sale only okay. So join me next Saturday, for my Black Friday on Saturday sale, Black Friday, Saturday sale, okay, she has her sweatshirt on so I'm gon na. Let her show you because it's really cute okay, look, how cute isn't it so cute, it's so nice! I love it! It'S so big, and I love them big, because I like to wear sweaters underneath them because, like Tia said it gets cold yeah. So this is this is a 2XL, so it is a little big um. It hasn't been washed, though so, just so you know but like in general, I loved it because it's like it's freezing. It is so nice, it's so fuzzy inside right. There'S a lot of fleece lined it's a very high quality yep. Thank you mom. You look cute. Thank you um. I got ta. Take it off the whole pass out. She'S like it's too hot for right now, Black Friday, yeah Black Friday Saturday sale, Brenda see Brenda just hello, Brenda yeah, it's a good color. It is a good color beautiful. I love this color. This is one of my favorites. It'S called what scuba scuba blue um. The other thing is is if you saw my post, I want to start adding some additional voices on my website for my blog. So message me on my link tree. If you would love to do a guest blog post, I have a couple people that are doing it, but I think um. You know in general my website's going to be expanding because that's the next announcement and I really would like to have some more voices and experiences to add on there, so that we can reach more people together so um. If you would like to write a blog blog post, if you want to be regular, you can, if you want to do it one time so message me if you'd like to do a little something you can write about your particular experience. What, like anything, you really think of why you wear wigs um challenges. You may have had tips tricks whatever. So message me if you want to do a Blog on Tia, Maria wigs and then the last huge announcement is, I don't have a drum machine um. The next huge announcement is, I am now an official retailer for aderands, which is Renee of Paris, Noriko and Amore. Okay, so I'll have the various Renea Paris lines available, they'll be on my website. I'Ll have you know just like I do the tresalore sort of Sample Sales we'll be doing that um we'll be adding the RICO, we'll be adding a more okay. So those things I am now official retailer. I have another company that I haven't got the the final final okay. But when I get the final okay, that I will be a retailer for them as well that it's going to be adding six more brands. On top of what I just said to my website - and I guarantee you guys - are gon na love it, so I have to wait until I get the official like. Yes, you are an official retailer um. Thank you Shelly. Thank you, Brenda. Thank you Kelly. Yes, I've been working on this for quite a while yeah, so um, you know I'm I'm just excited, so I will be able to be expanding so um if there are any styles from any of the Renea Paris lines, any of the Amor or Noriko that you Really would like to have please private message me because I'm going to be putting in an order - and I am going to do sort of like a really really uh - really good pricing for this first order. So if there's something that you're like yes, I wear this. All the time - or I really want this message me and I will let you know what the price will be. This would be a one-time, only opener um that I could do with my very first order with them. Um so you'd have to reach out to me, and I will let you know what I can do for you um with those so yay. I'Ve been killing myself with this business and just just that kind of stuff is just so exciting when things work out. Thank you, everybody. Thank you pameluji. I did that like. Thank you Patricia thanks, everybody um, so so that means, when I'm doing Sample Sales, coach classic cleanouts like those Styles, will now be able to be in there as well. So it's great for you guys too. I think that's it register with my link tree to claim new brands Black Friday Saturday sale blog. I think that's it. That'S it right, yep, all right. Let'S get started because we have accessories today, um as per usual, we do have wig wax. Wig wax is twenty dollars and if you are wig where all this is amazing, this is from tresselor. It'S the Tressler trust Tech, tress Tech, yeah wigwack. It'S wig wax wig wax. It'S amazing. Uh lifestyle price only is 20. So if you want to claim that, let me know - and we also have the rig grip, which does come in sizes - I only have two sizes of these: the wig grip. Also, I'm sorry. The hair grip, I'm talking too fast, is also twenty dollars for the live, sale only um and I have sizes small and medium. I don't have large right now. I have small and medium foreign hi. Sarah, let's welcome Sarah hi. Sarah. There will be wigs and accessories today, wigs and accessories. I have two full things of wigs. Sarah. If you plan to claim, can you go ahead and register on my link tree? Please so that I have your um information and please include your I'm putting it in the chat right now. Please include your uh address in the link tree message so that I can invoice you if, there's anything you decide you want yeah. So just go to that. I will see it come if you fill it out right now. I can see it right in front of me. Come up um and I'll, give you the okay. Then it's just working out better that way. Okay, all right! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop we're getting Mom! We'Re getting to wigs I'm just checking, because Sarah said she just filled it out. I don't see it just yet, but you know how the internet goes. Sarah I'm going to let you know in a minute: if it comes through or not if it doesn't, I might have you do it again. Just in case did I have an espresso today, Pamela G, the answer is no, because if I did, we would be in trouble. This is called natural, ADHD, um and a little bit of coffee in your beautiful Cup. This is just me all right, um, all right Victoria for roll all right. I'M gon na put my Milana wig grip on um. I love the Moana wig grip on. It does not come with uh sizes. One of the reasons I wear them during the last sales to cover my whole head, the wig that you see me wearing is the wig that you will get unless otherwise stated, and everything that is paid for by the end of today. It has to be paid for by today, or your claim expires, and everything paid today will be shipped on Monday um. I had Thursday sale and all but three people was shipped out already and those will be shipped for Monday as well. Sarah go ahead and fill it out one more time. I don't know why it's like not sending me it's not getting to me um just to make sure I have your stuff just fill it out one more time or you know what you can just email me. Dr you know what Sarah just email me directly, I'm about to put it in it's just Tia at Tia, Maria wigs, just email it directly to me, and we won't have to worry about the whole link tree and we can get this party started. Tia tiamriawigs.com is my email, just email it directly, and then I don't have to worry about it. Okay, let's go all right, so we have November 19th. Today my coffee's kicking in okay. Let'S do this! Oh my gosh we're late. Let'S go all right, um, all right! The first one I'm gon na start with is doll baby Norma. I have her in two colors, so we have doll baby Norma and she is 38 today in both colors doll, baby Norma and she is 38 today in both colors. Oh, I was about to say solid gold again solid gold. I got it Sarah, I got it all right, so this is doll baby Norma and this one is going to be in the auburn color um. I know Victoria. So the first one is Auburn. She'S, probably a natural color number 27. She is a gorgeous sort of romantic wave. Okay, she is a lace front and she does have the lace parting hand-tied lace, parting. She has combs in them. I can remove Combs prior to shipping for four dollars, a wig. That is a lifestyle price, only um, and then I also it has the Comfort mesh panels on each side down the center and then she has hooky do straps, okay, and so let's go ahead, so we have uh. We have her in that color number we're going to call her Auburn, but she's a color number 27 and then the next one is in the color number. Four. Both of them are 38 dollars. This is a probably a true size, average um, I am hello um. I am scuba scuba blue, oh Tracy, you started something. You can't stop all right, so this is so cute and she's, so bouncy very, very gorgeous she's a true size average. I am 21.5 inches on my circumference, so I I have to guesstimate the sizes, but I'm 21 and a half which is petite average she's fitting me pretty average. So um, that's what I would say uh this is her she's cute all right. Let'S look at a couple Clips really quick um. These are the five dollar clips, so we have just the gold Square gold Square and we also have the um silver Sparkle Square and the silver Sparkle Square, so the gold Square, I mean with this style, heck. Yeah. Look at that, so that's the gold Square. You get two for five and then the silver Square. Oh, my look! How cute this is a perfect style for accessories, perfect style for the holidays, so those are the first two, I'm gon na start doing it like this. So they're in order in order good people - okay, all right. So let's look at Norma in the color number four in the color number four, but everything looks good on you. Oh thank you, Victoria, all right, so this is same Cap Construction. This is a color number. Four, she has a bit of Dimension, so I mean it says it's just a floor, but it doesn't look like flat to me at all um. So this is Miss Norma 38 color number, four, oh she's cute! Oh, my goodness, uh both of these are heat safe. By the way, this is a good um opportunity to say I'm going to be doing Kitty. Mom, can you hand me the purple, the darker purple small round brush this one yeah yeah? Thank you. I'M going to be doing a video on this, but this was something that somebody asked me and I was wondering if this is maybe a confusion when um fibers are like heat, safe or heat defiant or whatever they don't require you to put heat on them. Okay, you can put heat on them. I frankly don't suggest you put heat on synthetic wigs unless you really need to, and if you really want to put heat on it to change the style, I would just say choose a different style. I mean that's the beauty of synthetic wigs. It does have baby hair by the way. That'S the beauty of synthetic weights. You don't just choose the style that you want and then you don't have any upkeep or anything like that. But some people were saying that they thought that they had to put heat on it regularly. Don'T do that because it won't yeah. It won't last as long because you're putting heat on it all the time. So next may I help you you're disturbing the cat. Apparently, I'm disturbing time this cat is spoiled too much all right. Next up we have doll baby, Mandy doll, baby, Mandy and her regular price is fifty dollars. Her live, sale price is going to be 46. doll, baby Mandy, she's alive she's, normally 50 and her lifestyle price is 46 and she's beautiful. Some of the wigs are gon na have a little bit of uh. What'S the word static, just because it's dry in here with the heat, but this is Miss Mandy She's, So Soft she's, a hand-tied lace, part um. She has the ear to ear lace. She has bendable ear. Tabs she's got the. I almost said wefted cap. She has a mesh cap, which is really nice, usually stretchy. If you want a cap to be able to go a little bit bigger and she has hooky do on the straps she's in probably like a 427 type color and she does have baby hair. Oh she's beautiful, oh! What what she isn't? She pretty. Let me get her in the right spot to work for wigs, but on natural hair. If you take a dryer sheet and rub over it and uh yeah, you can do that. Go away! Look how stunning! This is what all righty wow she's beautiful. This is Miss Mandy, she's, normally 50 and she's gon na be forty six dollars today, she's so soft, all right. Let'S look at a couple Clips, real quick since it's the holiday um. These are five dollar Clips again. These are the red. These are so perfect for synthetic wigs because they can also help hold your wig in place because of the way the clip is um. So let's go ahead and do here's the red, so you get two of the red all right and the other ones. Are the see-through gold see through gold? Let'S put this like back here a little bit and you can see okay, beautiful yeah. This is gorgeous, so we have the red and the see-through gold. I guess I could have said transparent, but I didn't thank you all right. Next. I still have that song. No More, Mr Nice Guy, no more sorry, Mom yeah! No one could guess that. That'S a wig, I absolutely wonderful the way it feels hi, so my mom says it feels so great it does. It feels so soft um. Next up we have doll baby Jody, which I have shown before. I have three colors in Jody, and these are the last three that I have so we have three of the doll baby Jody's. They are all uh, normally 55 dollars, and today they are also going to be 46 today, so the First doll baby Jody. What color is she um? The First doll baby Jody is in the color number 12 in the color number. 12.. No more! I missed a nice guy. Can you change the part on Mandy, no she's a fixed part, but she does. You could shift her side to side, but you uh she's, not like a she's, not like a 13 by six she's, not a free part. All right. Let me call me girl, she's, I'm pretty sure. Amanda has one of these Jody's and maybe Linda I'm not sure, but this is Miss Jody in the color 12. she's a full cap wig, she does have the skin top parting. I actually love a skin top part. A Lot makes it a lot easier. Um she's got bendable ear, tabs wefted cap. She has hooky to straps and a bit of an extended nape. Oh, I thought I heard something at the door I was like is asking to get in kitkats laying over there in front of your mirror. Kit. Kat is a big brat. Well, if Shelly would give me a song, you know I rely on you, Shelly yeah Amanda has Jody and she says she loves her. Look at that. Oh, that was your cat, oh because you want KitKat foreign, so this is Jody in the color 12.. Let'S look at um, let's look at the black and blue square Clips five dollars, so this is what it would look like with the black and blue square. Clip Clips the quips black and blue square clips black and blue Square okay, really wow Shelly hi, Kitty, hi Kitty, all right, the next Jody we have. What color? Is she? What what color is she um? I know I'm too much. Oh same one never mind all right so that second Jody I had is actually in the same color. So I have two of those available and then I have one more. I guess all right, and this is in the Autumn, ombre. Oh, you want some Barry Manilow. You know what I'm saying backup for him. Her name was Lola, so this the second color of the Jody I have is the Autumn ombre Autumn ombre she was a show girl, mew, mew, mew mew me Mew la la la la la la at the cobra. This is rooted all the way through that's noise. Oh hey girl! Isn'T this pretty I'm just an Autumn dream? That'S pretty! I like that. It'S rooted all the way. Through so say you wanted to do like an updo with this, so I'm just going to do this. Really quickly say you wanted to do an updo with this, so look how cute? That would be, because you have all of those light. Colors concentrated here. You have this: oh yeah, oh yeah, wow, so pretty Sitting on the Dock of the Bay. I don't know where I went with that. I was getting a little Jazzy with that one yeah watching that challenge away wasting time all right. Next up, we have doll baby, cranberry doll, baby cranberry. This is a new style doll, baby cranberry. She is normally fifty dollars and she is going to be 45 today. I don't know that song Shelly Red Solo Cup, it's gon na be 45. Today she is heat, safe, uh, lace, front, beautiful, and here she is. This is Miss cranberry. She does have the hand-tied lace part, and this color is there's. Actually you can't probably aren't going to be able to see it. There'S little purple bits in here there's little purple bits and this is sombraid all the way into that root, so that red goes all the way into the root and there's little purple bits in this gives it an amazing Dimension, ear to ear lace, uh bendable, ear, Tabs she does have a hand-tied lace part. It is a fixed part. She has sorry Combs that can be removed. Um Mom. She has a comfort mesh paneling Pokey do straps a wefted cap. My mom had me very distracted where she's just humming at her desk. Oh, this is gorgeous. Let me go ahead um this is heat safe and she does have baby hairs. Let me put a little bit of powder, so you can get a better idea. Oh my my powder's, almost like all right, I got some songs of me now. Thank you, Shelly Shirley is my song, give her, I'm still, I'm still back on Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, so because I'm watching the tide and it's rolling away, okay, look at her she's, so pretty so soft all right! This is a great time to pull out some of my special flower rhinestone Clips. These are the last bunches I have of these, so I've sold them once before. These ones are ten dollars a piece. So these are the 10 rhinestone metal Clips, they're insanely beautiful you get two each. So I have these ones and you can see look at the sparkle on that. These are the green flower. These are the rhinestone and they're metal and they have these clips they're big. So I have two green sets and look how gorgeous they're so beautiful if you have purchased okay Amanda, if you've purchased any of these clips, let people know what they look like in person, because they don't show up as beautiful as they are. These are stunning, so you get two of these, so I have two of the greens, so you get two green ones um. This one is for Amanda got it. I got ta adjust my wig grip cap and Brenda. If you can let them know. I have two of the green sets available. I say this often, but I I feel like I do need to say it often. I really like Brenda donates her time to help us out and I really can't she really does a lot for me personally. So um yeah, just letting you know she knows what I like. She knows how to do it. She just is a she's, a professional, and I want everybody to say. Thank you all right. Uh next up, I have doll baby Lisa. This is a human hair blend doll, baby Lisa. She is a human hair blend. Okay, she is normally 55 she's gon na be 40 dollars. Today. Only forty dollars today, so she's heat, safe, she's human hair blend um she's, a beautiful tears, Cheers Cheers. So this is her. Look at just look at the movement on that, it's so stunning. Now this is a wig. She does have sort of a number I'd say she has like a number sixes root. It'S definitely a warm colored root. This is a stunning wig. Okay, this is gorgeous, but I'll. Let you know this is the type of wig and I have videos on it where I would dye this, because this rooting will stay the way it is, and do you see all this sombraid in all the dark? Colors will stay. Only the blonde would die. I have videos and I've shown how to do that, so you can watch it on my channel, but this isn't a beautiful style if you're like yes, I love this. I love the root and you want it to dye it. I would be willing to dye it for you, but that's something you'd have to message me on, but I'm just letting you know this is a perfect candidate for you to have a custom sort of um rooted style, and it's very easy to do so. She does have this is a lace, hand-tied, lace, parting uh. She does have combs Comfort, mesh panels, wefted cap and hooky do on the straps. I do have two of these available and she is a medium wig cap. I have Copacabana in my head Copa. Look at how gorgeous this is: oh, my gosh she's, so soft mom come and feel her. This is the human hair mix yeah, so whoops it's shorter in the back, which is really cool yeah. I love when they're short in the back because like when you have like sweatshirts and stuff but no feel her texture yeah. I did isn't she beautiful right. So let's go and like look at the, but let's go ahead and look at um some clips. So I have two of these: These are the red and white here Mom you can put this over there. These are the red and white. I have two available. These are the ten dollar look at. How look at that so that claim green Amanda wants the green ones got you Amanda? Are you this one? The green yeah yeah they're beautiful the green yeah, my mom put the green next to that red wig Amanda and she said it looks stunning um and then this is the red, so I have two of those at the Copa all right. Next, I have doll baby Rachel. I showed her once before. Um the one you probably are used to seeing is the one that was in that Amanda. Has she it's in that chalk, color, chalk, Gray, uh this one is in the color 2730. Oh Amanda said she was thinking the same thing mom. This is in the color 2730. This is such a beautiful color. So this is doll baby Rachel. Sorry, oh Patricia Lee Patricia Lee Trisha Lee. I got you okay, so uh doll, baby Rachel. I have her in the color uh 27 30. she's heat, safe, she's, a full cap, wig she's, normally fifty dollars and she's gon na be 45 for this live sale and she you can see. Do you see these dark pieces? Those are actually like: beautiful sort of reddish copper, low lights in there um she's a full cap wig. She doesn't have any Combs um she's wefted cap, uh Comfort, mesh paneling. You saw her in that chalk gray color before, and this is the other color which is the 2730. giving me holiday as well. I know you're not crazy, about the bangs, but that is I like the bangs on this one, though I don't mind the bangs on this one because they have like life in them. She feels so good. Isn'T she pretty? I love that color, it's different than yeah, so it's not just a like there's a highlighting happening. That'S it that's a song Shelly. So this is Miss Rachel in the 27 30.. I know there is no way she doesn't. I'M not saying she translates bad, but she does not look as gorgeous on camera as she does in person. No um all right. Let'S do some more five dollar Clips. This one is going to be the brown and gold brown and gold brown and gold. So you have this cute little sparkly, one that you can wear. Okay or you have this just traditional like really nice, like brown Square, One, okay and then the next one is the ropes so you're gon na. Have these they're like chain link we're gon na I'm gon na call them ropes, because it's the first thing I said so, the ropes clips and you have sort of these cream colored and then the brown oh mercy is like claiming the ropes. Aren'T these so cute they're, very um, they're different! These are for marcina yeah I'll keep. Those are cute, aren't they cute cute they're they're three days, so it's like they look flat, but they're, not they're, so adorable all right! This is Miss Rachel. Okay, all right! Oh! What oh never mind? Okay next! Next, let's do another another new style. This is doll, baby, Astra a-s-t-r-a. She is also normally fifty dollars and we're gon na do her for 46. Today, doll, baby, Astra, she's, normally fifty dollars and she is 46 for this particular sale. I need a drink, she is heat, safe, yeah, she's heat, safe um. I started drinking this because I got this for my son on accident. This is the Gatorade and it's called lime cucumber. I started drinking it because he said it was disgusting um, but it's so good and what I do is I actually put like like a pure like a flavorless sparkling water in here or even a lime sparkling water in here, and it's so good mom. Do you like stuff with cucumber? No, it's so good, it's so good mom. She was like no, it's like Avery Avery was like uh. I don't do cucumber. I like it in my salad. I was like, so this is Miss Astra. Look at how beautiful she is. A picture she is a pinkish she's, not sorta, hand-tied lace, bark, my mom's, like she's, sort of pink uh she's, got ear to ear lace, bendable ear top. She does have combs hand-tied lace Parts. She does have a mesh cap which is really really nice. Hooky do on the straps, who could do all the straps hook and do all the straps, and I would say that she is a number four root. It'S not quite a number two. There is a slight warmth to it. Christine'S like claim her. She does have baby hairs. Um Christina wants her she's. So oh my gosh, Christina full. If I can get more for I don't know that I can um Christina you're gon na look so dang cute in this right Victoria. That'S what I was trying to say yeah! It'S perfect length, perfect, perfect Bob when you feel it it's gon na feel kind of like a human hair situation. Oh I'm like what's this, these are my notes. Mom. I really want you to try the cucumber drink 50th b day, you're gon na be 50.. Oh, my gosh, you don't look it whoa, that's a perfect 50th D-Day wig all right since we're liking the fun colors. I got two more. I got two more. I got two more. I got two more whoa whoa whoa all right. Next, I have two of the same wig in different colors. This is doll, baby Missy doll, baby Missy. So I have doll baby Missy in the colors. One is in we'll just say one's in purple: one's in pink and they're, normally 55 dollars, and let's do them both for 46 as well, since the other ones were 46.. This color here is Angie's like do it before I do it um this color here is stunning, isn't mom look at this? It'S got. It'S got purple. It'S got burgundy. It has pink like look at all the colors in there. Look at um look at the colors Tom's, like I'm gon na claim the purple one Tanya is claiming the purple one. Let me um, let me show you she is a hand-tied ear to ear. So this is a hand-tied lace, front hand tied all of that. But let's show you how adorable this is: uh she's heat safe as well Tanya wow! This is prettier than I thought it was sometimes I get them and I'm like yeah, that's gorgeous but like no like she's gorgeous. Oh Lori's, like I'm gon na, claim the one in pink. She already knows it. Lori wants the one I didn't even show yet look at that. Oh, that is red all right, Lori I'll show you the pink one. Just so you can see it come on this stuff. I had to take a chance on these two. I really I'll have to tell you the star card on the she probably has. She has five or six different colors, it's multi-dimensional, so this is the pink one that Lori already claimed, and this one again is also multi-dimensional and she has the light. Colors, the dark colors look at this one: mom right: she's, like a strawberry ice cream, dream strawberry ice cream dream. I don't know that I can get any more of these Lori you're gon na look so cute in this mom. Look, oh, how cute wow she's! So soft and she she doesn't have very predominant ear tabs, so you could like shift her. Oh okay, hey this is gorgeous. This is for Lori's you're, starting starting to get timed all right. Let'S do let's do two of these ones. Sorry, I'm just getting a bunch! Lori she is Brenda, I'd really like one. If you um get the pink one. Okay, let me put your name down. I might, if anybody's interested in either the purple and the pink. If I can order them, let me know um um, I put your name down. Brenda I'm gon na try, I'm not positive, but Avery, just messaged you. She won't move. So my Mom is putting everybody's orders on the bed and she puts them in bags and labels them, but like um BB is sleeping on the bed. My older cat and she's, like I'm, not moving, so all of the bags are like around her all right, so this one is doll. Baby Fae doll, baby Fey. So this is the shorter version of Rachel doll, baby Fey and she is normally 46 dollars and we're going to do forty dollars today and she's in the same color, 27. 30.. So she is so so so so so so so cute. So if you like Rachel, but you wanted something shorter and she does have the dimension of color, oh yeah, now you can see it. Look at those highlights. That'S gorgeous same Cap, Construction, hooky doing strap. Do you believe in life? True uh! This is probably a true medium. Oh that's, pretty! Isn'T this cute, do you believe um Avery's, doing a fundraiser for basketball right now, so he's probably gon na message you he already did. Okay you'll have to tell me how to do that. My son made the basketball team and it's his first year playing. So that's um. So that's really awesome. He made the basketball team and in his senior year he used to be a golfer look at this cuteness, so yeah so Avery is, I mean the kid's six foot four like come on: okay, let's look at some holiday clips, so these are my very last two. I don't have any more after this, so this is the red set the red set. I know how important that is. My second board is six foot eight. Oh, I can't he's not even done growing yet so we have the red set and then we have a. Oh marcina wants the red mom the one I have in my hand, she's got a bag already and then the last one I have is the red and green, the red and green uh Brenda. These are the ten dollar ones. These are the ten dollar. These are crystal and Metal. These are the ten dollar ones, and this is the last set. So it's the red and the green and that's the last set, isn't she funny when she smells like that foreign? They are stunning when I saw them. I scooped up as many as like, like every single one they had. The person was probably like what in the world is your problem girl, like you, don't need that many clips all right? Okay, let's do do you believe in manifest in you who knows. Oh, thank you yeah. They look so beautiful all right. So now we're going to do oh, starting one, the next one we have is doll. Baby Jenny doll, baby, Jenny, Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to Mama, yummy, sorry, doll. Baby Jenny is normally 62. she's gon na be 52 dollars for this lifestyle. Ten dollars off today she is he safe. She is a lace, front, Lace, part um, yeah, all the things. Sorry look at this whoa. You want Holiday Hair. You got it um, so she's got that lace front. Okay, she has so. This is a hand-tied lace. Front she's got the Combs. She does have a comfort mesh paneling hooky do straps, which I'm going to hooky and do right now she does have um the wefted cap. Wefted um. This cap is definitely something that could go a little bigger. I love her, isn't she gorgeous just wait for it? You can wear those yeah, oh what who said that? Did you get a card in the mail that was like? Okay, too old for long hair? My co-worker, I have a co-worker, that's 75 and her hair is like down to her butt and she looks gorgeous. I guess a neck doesn't really help low battery. Oh there's a plug right behind that girl. So this is Miss Jenny and you can because she's got that lace front. You can kind of move her sort of any way that you want. Okay and yes, that's Jenny. Jenny, Jenny, you are so pretty, let's do a short style. Let'S do um, we have draw baby Blair, doll, baby Blair and she is normally eighty dollars and she's going to be sixty dollars for this live sale, Blair's normally 80. she's going to be 60. For this live sale, she's so pretty she is a full cap. Wig. Look at that uh. Jenny is like a 27 613 27 613. This is Miss Blair, she's. So pretty look at that gorgeous gray coloring. She is a full cap wig with no comb. She does have bendable ear, tabs um and she does have a wefted cap and velcro straps Tracy. Jenny is a 27 613.. So this is Miss Blair. Oh, hey Blair, hey, hey girl, she's cute cute. Yes, she has all right. Let'S look at a couple Clips with her uh Brenda. These are the five dollar Clips, so we're gon na. Do the gold medal Heart Gold Medal heart! Thank you, gold medal heart! Let'S see how cute we can make Blair so put. Okay, what's it say, low battery, there should be so close it. Okay, Victoria, isn't this cute foreign and the next set of clips that we have is the white crystal white crystal white crystal, which is going to be perfect, for, let's put it, let's do it, so we could clip this back here, which is going to be perfect For the holidays white crystal, it doesn't show up the best on this particular wig, but white crystal okay. Do you believe in love that love all right? Next, I can do it all right. Let'S do another short one. I want to do another short one. I had a couple short ones pulled out: oh okay, here's some short ones uh! Next up we have doll baby, Charlie c-h-a-r-l-e-i-g-h like Charlie and she's. Normally fifty dollars, Charlie and we're gon na do her today. 4 45, so doll baby, Charlie, she's, normally 50. We'Re gon na do for 45., another short style, another gorgeous Gray, so she's the full cap, wig um, she's gon na be like the darker gray mix. She'S got hooky, do straws with some hooky doing so. She has no combs in her. She does have bendable ear tabs. Okay and wefted cap hooky do straps doll, baby Charlie, oh okay, Charlie, oh, this is cute. Is she hugging in the back she's hugging she's hugging in the back? You know how I feel about that. Oh, my gosh. Look! How cute um we're gon na show the black and white square and round clips five dollars black and white square and round queer round? Oh look how cute mom, who can I turn see you could really rocker this one up. Look at that! You could just take that to the next level. Do it yeah, like you, could bring a little volume in and bring it towards the front yeah Jenny, Jenny? Who can I turn? Oh we're not on Johnny anymore, all right! So that's those two all right. Let'S do another one, that's a colored one um. This is jaw baby, Ripley doll, baby Ripley foreign. She is normally 65 and she's going to be 50 today, she's heat safe. I love this one. That color is amazing, outstanding trying to think of another word besides gorgeous stuff, electric, that's not really gorgeous. This is like electric yeah. My mom said: if you want some attention, this is your wig. Let me this is Miss Ripley and look at the colors. It'S a dark, it's a it's pink, it's got blue, it's got purple. It'S got coffee um. She responds very, very well to a round brush uh. She is a lace parting wig. She does have cones she's got wefted cat hooky do on the straps. This is doll. Baby Ripley yeah there you go look at those colors um and this cap could go a little bigger. She doesn't have like a specific ear tab, so you could shift her but just watch. You just go through here with the round brush and you just make this. Oh, my gosh, all right just wait for it just wait. Look how gorgeous this is. This is what I would do with her. I would take her and put her back in a low Pony and then put all of this and pin all of this up like that, or I would take Clips um like these gray, open Square clips. Five dollars gray open Square clip this one to oh, my gosh offer. Isn'T she pretty you really can't like you're, not even seeing the color like it really is purple black mixture and it is gorgeous all right. So that's that here's these clips mom Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to all right next up? We have doll baby, Remy, r-e-m-i doll, baby Remy and she is normally sixty dollars and she is going to be 50 today. You know what let's do it for 46. Today, 46 dollars for Remy stunning color 46 dollars for Remy, the color of this wig is gorgeous. This is a sort of a number four number, six Roots, a warm toned root, but it's like a mocha blonde. It is a mocha blonde color and she is uh hand tied lace, front. She has the uh Clips. She'S got the Comfort mesh, paneling Twisted cap and she's got a comb in the back, she is heat safe. She does have baby hairs and she's going to be a right-sided part. We haven't seen a right-sided part in a hot minute. So pretty do you believe in love at below she's I'm gon na put powder, but you can see she's all hand tied in there. I can see you really don't think it's strong enough. No do you believe she feels so nice, oh hmm, she's, really gorgeous. You could put her back away from the face here. I really don't all right. Let'S look at some clips um. These are part of the six dollar Clips. These are like your fancy, so we have the six dollar Clips. The first one we have is going to be the Pearl flowerette florette Pearl floret, so you have the where it has the floret with the rhinestone, and then these are the large Pearl. I really don't, and these are like the longer clips did I lose people. The only people that are in the message box right now is Brenda. Look how pretty these are. Look at that if you're going to a wedding, this would be like so pretty, wouldn't it be just like so pretty so classic I do. I don't that's very much like that. One wig you had on. Finally, it's a little shorter in the front. Oh, what's up, not Missy, Lisa um. Okay! Next is the this is a pearl. Oh Brenda wants these the flowerette ones Brenda. This is the sort of pearl. It'S like one of those oversized barrettes and then this is that sort of chain rope. Look at that! Oh that's! So, cute with it. Isn'T it very cute because that's like sort of a marcina's like I want this one yeah look at that! That'S sort of so marcina wants these ones. This right now is just perfect for a wedding perfect. So what did I call them? Brenda says I call them Pearl and chain rope. Brenda knows marcina White Oak next. Do you have this all right? Next up, we have for a second next up. We have doll baby, Tilly doll, baby, Tilly doll, baby Tilly is normally fifty dollars and she's gon na be 45 today draw baby Tilly doll, baby Tilly is long and gorgeous and she has a long root um and she also has a what's that uh. So she's got the gorgeous rooting here: hand tied. She has the long she's long and she's got the long root. So you can see the rooting all the way through there. Oh, she has the adjustable, strap, I'm sorry elastic band. She has elastic band. She has a high hand, tied lace, part. She does have the wefted no mesh cap and she has Combs and adjustable straps. No more. I missed a nice guy, no more, Mr. This is definitely like an average cap. This could be good for someone who has a petite a need for a petite head, because she does have the elastic band hi Victoria - I don't know it was like Victoria hi, Victoria Victoria, just joined us and she say hi because she wants to apparently all right. So this is Miss Tilly, let's put a little powder in her part. Do you believe the dogs dogs, oh my goodness, Victoria's, like Victoria, your name is beautiful. Victoria is a beautiful name. Oh my goodness. Isn'T this gorgeous? Can you imagine doing this like in an updo or just in a long Pony in a long Pony, Even yeah? Look at that you're like I'm cute, I'm so cute um all right. Let'S look at a couple clips um. This is gon na, be the uh cream and Tori cream and torti. Oh, this is a good cream and Tori there you go cream and Tori. These are the five dollar clips cream into. I don't know. I was like hurting myself about it all right. Next wig, all right, we got a half an hour left. What do you want to see long, oh hi Kelly? Maybe I wasn't because all I saw was Brenda for like the longest time. Do you want to see long short? What do we want to see? We got a half an hour left, let's take request. Next up we have is, do I have any curly uh yeah. I do I'll pull some curly, but let me show this one. This is doll. Baby Merit, doll, baby Merit she's, normally 55 and we're gon na. Do her for 45 today, too feeling crazy feeling good. I don't know what just happened to me: I got lost, so this is Miss Merritt and she is so beautiful. She'S got the hand-tied lace parting here she does have bendable ear tabs. There'S no combs in this wig, so that's nice, and she also has the mesh cap and hooky do on the straps foreign, Christina mom come and feel this. It is it's hard to like, because you guys can't feel this is a perfect feel that oh, my gosh right, yeah yeah um, Christina, wants Merit. Do you believe in that person mom? You made me mess up my whole song. She is so soft um curlies! Oh, this is just another Jenny, Jenny, Jenny who can I turn to. I think this is Curly um. Next up we have doll baby Ricky doll, baby Ricky. She is um going to be she's. Normally a hundred dollars, she's gon na, be seventy dollars today, she's in the color. 1822.. 1822. 18. 22.. What are you looking for? I'M just looking, oh for curling, and this is not in this one. This is her sorry, I dropped it. Oh uh, this is Miss Ricky, this one's curly, this one's curly - oh hey. She has the uh skin top parting. She has a bang um she's, a full cap, wig no Combs bendable, ear tabs. She does have the wefted cap hooky do on the straps. Okay, beautiful! Look at her, I love. I love an 1822.. She is dimensional, but I mean I love an 1822 like for reals, oh yeah. This has given me like Charlie's Angels. It does sort of look like Farrah Fawcett. Doesn'T it yeah? This has given me. This has given me all the feels all right. Let'S look at her with some clips: five dollar Clips, the red and the white, the red and the white. Oh I snapped in my own ear, but that's okay, red and the white. Is that a bronze like a brown blonde yeah, it's a color, it's an 1822 mix, so yeah that would be sort of your darker blonde um. With your low lighting. Let me get close yeah. I would say it's a bronze. It'S a blonde! It'S not a like! No, a brown blonde, a bronze one: oh bronze, okay, here's one! That'S crazy! Uh! Next up we have Miss Sunny. I have not even tried this on, so I don't know how she looks. This is doll baby sunny and she is 40 today wow. This is an amazing color. This is an amazing color. She is heat safe. So this is heat safe. This wig that I'm about to show you what I love. I love it. A pretty mom knock it off. It is pretty if you see the colors, so this is Miss Sunny, but she has yellow. She has pink she's got your Dark Root, there's like pink in it. Oh there's pink in there and the rooting goes all the way through.

Lea H: Sorry I missed your sale! Watching the replay though. Oh, and I just heard your special announcements! I’m so happy for your achievements & success! Way to go Tia! All your hard work is paying off. I’m looking forward to your next great announcement.

Traci: Your channel is so fun Tia! Congrats on your success and future endeavors. Thanks for creating a wonderful community of supportive doll babies. I’d like to give a shout out to your ADHD and Denise too ❤

Debra Englander: I heard you are an authorized aderants retailer congrats. Estetica is owned owned by them as well. Does this include estetica?

Christy West: Ughhh I caught the very end... I've got a stomach bug did Jamie and Remy both sell?

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