Outre Pre-Braided Synthetic Hd Lace Wig - Knotless Square Part Braids (13X4 Lace Frontal)

  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Finally took a chance on the square knotless braid wig! Check into the full details on this & let me know your thought!!

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Do I need to remind you, hey guys, welcome back to my channel. My name is Octavia AKA styles and welcome back to my Channel. Today we are doing another outshay wig, but y'all. This one is different from my normal because today we're going to do a knotless, braid wig and let me tell you, I'm really super nervous, because first off I'm not gon na lie, I used to think those braided wigs was corny, I'm just like that's gon na Look crazy and I don't want to see all that lace and them braids mixed together, but something on my mind telling me like. I might love this actually and I feel like why not give it a chance instead of talking junk about it. You know what I'm saying: try it out, so we have an outre lace, frontal, wig and her name is she doesn't have a name. Her name is just well. The style is not the square part braids 26 inches and I got in a color one bead. So I could be on the safe side and nothing like a 1B natural color just to blend in perfectly with what I normally get. If I would have got like not this braids, so, let's get into it. This is the style of the wig. She comes in many colors, it is a 13 by 4 lace, frontal wig from outre, and it is a pre-braided wig. So this is basically just showing you like how it should look: okay, um, let's see anyway, partying um baby hairs, included pre-attached elastic band for a flat fit what else. Um yeah comes in different colors, so this is the wig. The little baby hair is popping. This is the lace in the front with the baby hairs coming to life and the elastic band two combs in the front and one in the back - and this is our lace. Let'S see how was our lace? Okay, this is a 13 by four, so we can part anywhere in this area so about to go cut it. So we can go ahead and put this on. Okay, let's try it out. This is very Lightweight by the way, and this is the center. The lace is really not as bad as I thought it was going to be, and I kind of expected it well. Of course, I was hoping for the best and it's actually not bad, and I like how the lace is kind of Blended in with my hair, and it's very important when you're using a cap make sure you use a cap that blends in with your skin. That'S why I use the light the light brown one 26 inches. Now, let's braids, these are the ends. I don't know how I feel, though I mean I know how I feel like I'm I'm impressed with how they look, but maybe I'm just not used to this. So it's like new for me, I got to adjust a little bit, but I don't have nothing to really complain about with this one at all, like I just got ta get used to it. I got ta get used to that. I can jump from week to wig braid wig to braid wig, okay, I kind of wish they were longer, though like for me, I like my braids to go all the way down to my booty, but this will do this feels more like 18 inches, though, instead Of 26, because maybe 26 goes all the way down to my butt. Maybe that's what I'm saying it. How should I do it, though, like this, I like it like this. I think I'm gon na do it like this hold up. This could be my little long edges. Oh my little long Edge sideburns. Let me show you the back, because I feel like it's important for me to show you how the bed looks, because I don't know how the bat looks, but I want to see it. So we both want to see it. So let me turn around so y'all can see it so whatever this little patches make sure you secure that sis, so you can't pull up all of this right here in the center, because you still want to hide this stuff. Whatever this is still want to hide it. Okay, so I say just wear it down: wear it down, don't lift it up unless you know that you hiding it, and somebody confirms - I don't see whatever you talking about in the back your head. Okay, let's be safe out here, don't go out here, looking crazy with the wig braid I like how those parts look, though, that looks really good: okay, anywho y'all. Let me know in the comments what you feel about this, I'm still letting it adjust on me. You know, would you buy this wig? Let me know in the comments, your thoughts and your opinions. I would love to hear it. Okay, I'm loving this more and more. The more I play with it. Y'All got ta. Give me time with this one. This one is very new for your girl, but I love the edges. I mean The Sideburns. The Sideburns is definitely given. I might pull it back like this and just leave it like this for a while, because I, like I just like how you can see my sideburns like they're there for a reason, you need to see it. Okay, let me know what you guys think and thank you so much for tuning in to my video, and I will see you guys next time, foreign

T Henderson: Looks cute if you want it longer get the original one. I got that one it's like 32 inches the original

Desiree Gary: It’s actually cute

JXHINES: Keep going

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