Reds & Greys By Wig Pro! Showcase Of 5 Wigs!

  • Posted on 16 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
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WIG PRO REDS & GREYS! Wigs were sent to me by Wig Pro in cooperation with - see product links and ordering information below.

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NOTE - Not all Wig Pro styles are available in the colors shown.


➡️FIND WIG PRO JOY (shown in Flame) at here~

➡️FIND WIG PRO OLIVIA (shown in 32/130 & 17/101) at here~

➡️FIND WIG PRO ELLEN (shown in 92) at here~

➡️FIND WIG PRO CONNIE (shown in 18/22) at here~


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My WIG MEASUREMENT - 21.25” Circumference 6.5-7” from hairline to chin 3-4” from chin to collarbone 5’2.5” my height, medium frame


E IS (Nine Tones)


D IS (Camel Brown)

A IS Wig Pro Joy in 8/10/88H

O IS (in color 4)

P IS (32/130)

Y IS (92)

Q IS ---


C IS (17/101)

K IS (Pinecone)

O IS (8/29/R2)










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Produced and Filmed in 2022 by TAZS WIG CLOSET


Hey everybody welcome back to Tesla's wig closet at wig studio, one here to help you find more joy and empowerment from your wig Journey. Today we're going to talk about some wig Pro colors. Sometimes this helps Crack the Code so that you know exactly what color you want to choose for your next wig Pro style purchase today, we're going to take a look at a couple of Reds and a couple of Gray Shades be sure to Mark bookmark this video. So that you can return to it as needed when you're shopping for your favorite wig Pro Style, all of the featured wig styles were sent to me directly from wig Pro in cooperation with wig studio, one for this review. All of the wig styles that you see here today can be found at wig studio, one and wig Pro Styles at Wing Studio. One are always a 30 automatic discount at checkout. So once you add it to your cart, that 30 will come off. If you have any questions for us, please reach out to support So today we're going to take a look at some Reds and a couple of Gray Shades for you. Wig pro has some beautiful, colors uh. If you haven't caught my videos on the the blondes wig Pro blondes showcase, and we also have a wig Pro brunettes showcase - be sure to check those out kind of gives you a feel for how wig Pro does their colors. They take great care and they're. Very mindful there's a lot of colors to really be very versatile and satisfy a number of clients. There'S some that are just slightly highlighted, nothing too dramatic, and then we have others that have more dramatic highlighting. So there really is something for everyone. So, let's check out our Reds first, I know you've been eyeing this because I Can't Take My Eyes Off of it: either I'm wearing the style Joy, which is a Long Beach Wave Style with a lace front and a full monofilament top. I have a full review out there on this step, but it's in the color of flame f-l-a-m-e and I think, that's very appropriate because it just looks like Fire. Doesn'T it just very eye-catching and beautiful - and this is one of those colors you're - just going to see lots and lots of layering of color, but on this color you're, going to start with a medium red brown or an Auburn. So a medium Auburn you'll see some light Auburn in there as well, but then really what sets and makes this color just really gives it. Identity is the fact that you're going to see a light, a light bright, coppery blonde highlight that to me just makes it pop just like Flames licking up through all of this hair, and then you have some fine ash blonde highlights as well, and those are a Little harder to spot, because overall, this is obviously a very warm color. It'S not a rooted, color. Okay. I have one more red to show you and it's just it's another gorgeous one over here. We'Re going to take a look at 32 130.. So here is that 32 130, as it's applied to the style, Olivia Olivia, is a gorgeous short to Mid length, very modern bob style cut. This is one of the newest additions to the wig Pro Line. As of now lots of modern layering. Here it's very low density. It'S very wispy, the fibers are there's very low permatease. It has a lace, front left monofilament part, but let's dig into this color another beautiful one. This is the 32 130 starts with a deep wine Auburn or cherry looking Auburn. And then that's highlighted with more of a medium coppery Auburn so that coppery Auburn really just sets it doesn't it. It brings depth and dimension to the color, but not going too light. So there's no blonde in this, like you can sometimes see with a coppery mix. This is more of that cherry Auburn, with some coppery Auburn highlights. It is not a rooted color, and sometimes your wine, your deep wine colored auburns, can come across more cool or burgundy. In this case, I feel like this is warm just because of the coppery highlighting, but what another brilliant red, so they don't have a lot of Reds in their palette, but the ones they do have are stunning. Aren'T they so now it's time to move on we're going to talk about some Grays um. I only have one true gray shade by wig Pro, but I'm also going to show you a couple of more a couple more that could sort of pass as being Gray Shades, they're more of transitional uh, they're, very Ash and cool in tone. But the first we're going to look at is the true gray, and that is back here on the style Ellen in the color 92.. So here's the color 92, which is a true gray silver color by wig Pro, and I think it's absolutely gorgeous as it is applied to this style called Ellen Ellen, is a short Shaggy little cut. I absolutely adore this gray on this style. Uh people that wear grays like to have a little fun and Sass and their hairstyles. So this one isn't too conservative beautiful little choppy Shaggy pixie style with a lace front, a mono Crown some permatease, so you can fluff Up the Volume a little bit, but Ellen has always been a beautiful style to wear and very easy to wear as well. So, let's dig into this 92 92 is you're going to see um some some dark brown, but more of that pewter color, which is a blue based, deep gray, slate gray, and then it's highlighted with this silver. This light silver color and the silver is more prevalent around the forehead um and then it's Blended throughout, but it just seems like there's a bit more of it right here at the front and everybody Grays a little bit differently. But I think this one looks really really natural how the uh the colors are dispersed. I was really really shocked that I, like this gray, so much you know me, I'm not much for Grays. So many of you are really going to like this too, because there's no root, you see a lot of beautiful Grays out there and then, when there's a really dark root, um it just doesn't meet your needs anymore. So I'm really pleased to say this. One does not have a root, but it is very dynamic. It looks just like a natural gray process going on here, a little bit of salt and pepper, but more salt in the front. Some Browns, some blue base silver and some very light white silver. Next, I want to show you a couple of colors that could go. They could they could be Grays, they could be blondes, they could be brunettes. Let'S take a look. The first one I want to show you is on the style, uh Connie and it's the 1822.. So here's Connie it's a short little uh Shaggy style, pixie, cut lots of volume, lots of permatease just an open cap, so it's easy just to shake and go in the color 1822. Now this 1822 is a light ash brown base color. But then it's heavily highlighted with an ash platinum and that Ash Platinum really solidifies this as a cool color, and I think it would be appropriate for a transition into gray. It has that salt and peppery look because there's so many platinum highlights there. It'S not rooted, it almost looks like there is a root just because of all of these light. Uh highlights next to the darker Ash Brown looking for that color to transition from blonde or brunette more into the Grays or silver mixes. This might be a great one to start with, so here we have the 17101 as it's applied to Olivia um. Now this one they call more of a fade brown, but the mixture that's here could easily easily pass for for a very Dynamic gray shade. So again, I think we're looking at that a very watery looking Ash light, ash brown and then that's heavily highlighted with an ash, platinum or a toned Platinum. The effect is quite silver looking, even though there's no silver or gray in it. Now this one again is not rooted, but very dimensional. As you can see, I have seen this color on lots of different skin tones. It seems to be very flattering to both warm and cool skin tones alike. I love how they take the platinum, highlight right up to the lace front on this Olivia Style, but, as you can see, this is the reason why I'm showing it to you with the Grays it's just because I want to give you as many options as possible. If you're looking to transition to Gray from blonde or brunette, this would be perfect um if you're, already gray, and you just want to shake it up a little bit with some Dimensions, some warmer Dimension than the flat out gray. This would also be a great choice. Thank you so much for joining me today for a look at the wig Pro Reds and Grays. If you have any questions for us again, please reach out to support, be sure to take a look at all of the links below where you can explore. All of the wig Pro styles and colors - and I will just continue my wig Pro Series showing you all of the latest and greatest from that brand. Everybody have a great day, we'll see you soon on Tessa's wig closet at wig studio, one

Mint: Hi Taz, I think that shag in 92 is so cute and the style is sort of ageless and timeless. Thanks for showing the variety you show in styles, shades and costs! You’re a gem. Love you, Sharon ❤xo

Victoria Aydelott: WOW Taz, You look so gorgeous as a blond, but I really love the red JOY/Flame color on you!❤

Michelle Diekman: I've really started adding shorter styles to my Collection. Love Connie!! All are Fabulous on you! Love & Hugs Dear Friend

Bonnie Teets: The first wig you wore looked really beautiful on you. You look good in that color!

Tbascoebuzz: Hello Taz…I was so excited to see this review. WigPro is one of my favorite companies as I’ve had good luck with them. Adorable Ellen was my first. I’ve been branching into grays in other companies, (Moonlight, Silver Stone Lunar Haze & Sandy Silver) and just loving them!! As usual, you look just wonderful in all styles. Thank you so much for this fun review.

Sandra G. McAlister: Love videos like this one, i really enjoy seeing different styles and colors, thanks Taz! Have a great day!

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Taz! I really enjoyed seeing all the options you presented in these colors. Love them all! Love and blessings ♥️

Kimberlin Sprague: I want to try flame so so beautiful !!!! Have a great day Taz

Tamra Boyd: Love the red on you taz. Such a cute style too.

Denise T: Luv ❤️ the short wig, Ellen

Clara: Joy is so pretty and in Flame it's gorgeous reds and blondes really make your eyes pop Taz

Gee Brewer: I liked the first red and the short shag grey. The 2nd red one honestly looked like doll hair.

Jackie Ireland: Thank you taz that was very helpful

bevy126: You are my go-to reviewer Love all your videos. Can i ask what brand primer or foundation you are wearing. It looks gorgeous!

ANGEL EYES: hi taz i am so frustrated as to what brands that would fit my big head 23inch circumference would u now which brand would be really large for me estectica is the best and toni brattin but belle tress is somewhat snug, would rachel welch in the large wigs fit me ? any suggestions of yours i would so much appreciate thanku candi ziegelmann xo.

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