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  • Posted on 17 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

While I was at the Wigstudio1 HQ, I had the opportunity to try Riley. I can't tell you how excited I am to have received this new wig style from Henry Margu in 626H (one of my favorite Henry Margu Colors). You can find Riley in 626H as well as many other colors at Wigstudio1:

@Henry Margu

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Marlene's Wig Measurements:

Circumference 21.5"

Hairline to Chin 7.75"

Chin to Collarbone: 5"

Forehead to nape 12.5"

Ear to Ear 11.5"

Height 5'4"

Medium boned

Hi everyone. Thank you so much for joining me today. Today, I've got Riley by Henry margu in the color 626h. I'D like to thank Henry margu for providing Riley to me to review for all of you. I am so excited about this style. The link to Riley will be listed down below for you in the description box. When I was when I had the opportunity to visit the wig studio one headquarters in Washington, I had the opportunity to try Riley on. It was one of the samples that was bought in uh and we we were able to try them all and Riley was my favorite out of all of them. So when Henry margu reached out to me and said, hey we're sending you Riley for you to review. I was ecstatic, it's also the first time a manufacturer has ever reached out to me, so I was doubly excited with Riley you're, going to get cascading waves very loose, very um, nothing structured, it's so my personality, if you like a style that is very casual. If you will, I think that you would love Riley. Of course you could dress it up, you could put it up, you can make it into an updo. Personally, I like it just the way it is. Riley has quite a bit of permatease all around. We have permatease at the top. We have permatease at all around while I am normally not a permatease girl. I have learned throughout my my journey of trying on so many wigs that sometimes we do need that permatease for the style. Some styles are meant to be very Sleek, like the Henry Marco that I reviewed yesterday. Devin, that is a very Sleek style, but sometimes we just need the permatease. In order to give the weight its form. Riley didn't have this permatease. We would have a very flat style, very Sleek, going down with the waves, therefore the they had to add that permatease. However, I don't feel it being particularly Hillary. There is plenty right around here, but it has a beautiful form. So if you love to make a little bit of extra volume, you're just going to love Riley personally, I like it a little bit sleeker. I don't feel as if it looks like big hair, I'm not a big hair girl, I'm a 70s girl where we wore our hair very Sleek, but I think that Riley looks really nice. I I am going to keep Riley, I will be wearing it. I think uh Riley might be one of my contenders for my 2022 favorites. We have a center part and we have an ear to ear lace, front typical of Henry margu. We have an impeccable undetectable lace, front. We have in this color 626h. We do have some of the lighter fibers around framing the face, but it is not a band, so you just have those lighter fibers. It looks to me it gives of the appearance as if I were in the I had gone to the salon, and I had my hair highlighted. It also looks like you are in the salon: got a blowout got the um waves put in or you just got out of the shower. If your hair is like mine or was like mine, I used to be where I got out of the shower, and this is what my hair looks like it kind of waves, but not necessarily curly specs. On Riley, we have a bang of 10 inches. The nape is 10 inches, the sides are 10 to 12 inches and the back is 12 inches. Riley weighs 4.4 ounces, but it fits that it feels very, very light. It doesn't feel heavy at all. Yeah I'll, be this style is so right up my alley. The color 626h one of my favorites from Henry margu, along with 827 33h 626 H, we have a medium brown base and then we have it highlighted with some gold blonde beautiful beautifully done. It'S not an abundance. I say it's a neutral, leaning, warm because I just don't see it as a really warm color. I said that when I reviewed Avery in 626 H and I was reading the description, and yet when I took it out of the box, it gave me a a feeling to a neutral, leaning cool. It doesn't seem to be very warm, even though we do have golden highlights and usually with golden highlights that leans warm, but I don't think this. This is so warm that if you prefer cooler colors, you wouldn't like it. I think I I love 626h. For that reason, because it leans more neutral, I think the density is really nice too. We don't have a lot of density down here. Our density is more concentrated towards the top in order to give it that pretty form the fit on Henry Marco, I have a 21 and a half inch circumference and I have Riley cinched in all the way. Therefore, I am going to guess that it's going to fit 22 22 and a quarter inches due to how much I have it stitched in please bear in mind that I really have no way of gauging it. I'M only gauging it by how much I cinched it in at my own circumference and I'm not wearing a wig grip uh right now. This is not a style really to meant to tuck behind the ear. You can tuck it a little bit. I didn't show you the coverage, excellent coverage right here at the air tab. Here'S my hairline and here's the ear tab, my face from hairline to Chin is seven and three quarters and my neck is five five inches from chin to collarbone. So it may appear a little bit shorter on me. You could wear it in a ponytail. If you're not big on the center part, you could. The center part is pretty wide. I wouldn't say that you could get an actual um parting, but you can move it over for sure. As you can see, I think you could also add some bangs if you wanted to do that, so I'm going to leave it just the way it is, but I did want to point out that you can move it over a little bit. If that's what you're inclined to do all right, let's take a look at the cap. Our lace front goes from ear tab to ear tab center part with the permatease on either side. We have felt covered ear tabs with the fibers coming through extended nape with velcro adjusters and, as you can see, I had to cinch it in all the way to the center. There'S lots of stretch to Henry margu lots of stretch to Riley is what I should say, but that's pretty much been my experience on all of my Henry margu wigs. Thank you. Thank you. Everyone please, let me know what you think about Riley. Is this a style that you would consider? Do you like the color 626h? I would love to hear from you again I'd like to thank Henry margu for providing Riley to for me to review. I hope that everyone is having a fantastic day, and I will see you next time. Bye,

Amy Pie: Another great review, thanks Marlene! Riley is gorgeous, I took a chance and ordered one last weekend in 8/27/26GR, can’t wait to see her in person. The 626H looks great on you! I find that Henry Margu places the permatease in all the right places in most styles I’ve tried, but then, I’m pretty much a fan of permatease (I know it’s not your personal fave). I also find Henry Margu wigs extremely comfortable, like 17 hours worth of comfortable.

Sandra G. McAlister: Riley is beautiful! Love everything about her! Thanks for the review!!

CJ H: Wow, that’s really pretty! I love how it’s casually elegant. How does the permatease compare in your opinion to Heidi? My only reservation is that permatease on basic caps make me itch. However, Heidi doesn’t. It could be the mono top construction, my inexperience hasn’t filled filled in that gaps on what is personally itchy/troublesome regarding permatease. Any thoughts?

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Marlene! She looks so good on you! She's very flattering, just gorgeous!! Love and blessings ♥️

Susan Czel: Just beautiful on you Marlene. Reminds me of a little longer version on Kendall which I have in this color and absolutely love her. Another great review. Thx!

T2the_heyy: She's a beauty, Marlene. You look fab. ♥️

Clara: Love her too my kind of wig and a great length I don't like that centre parting though. Thanks Marlene she looks like she's your natural hair and yes I love the colour ❤️

Sally Smack: I was so excited over the permatease ... then I heard "center part." Sigh. It does look very nice on you. :)

C C: I want Riley—I sure hope HM has a sale soon!!!

LD: That’s a beautiful unit

LD: Love the Color !

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