How To Easy Natural Sleek Back Styles With Clip Ins On 4C Hair || Ft. Shein

  • Posted on 19 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hey guys ! Welcome to my channel ! In today’s video I’m sharing how to achieve some #naturalhair #clipins styles from #shein this is no promo just some affordable hair and easy styles I’ve learned … stay tuned for my upcoming videos …DON’T FORGET TO TURN YOUR POST NOTIFICATIONS ON! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you are new here, I am Delica Althea and in today's video, as read by the title, I'll be showing you guys how I achieved these three looks and comment down below which one is your favorite. Don'T forget to like comment, share, subscribe and continue watching the video so guys right now, as you can see, I'm spraying my hair with water and leave-in conditioner just to soften it up the night before I co-washed my hair, so right now, y'all. I have low porosity here, as I mentioned in my previous video, and that way, if you haven't checked it out, make sure you go and do so um but yeah. I have low porosity hair so getting it moisturized. I just have to skip through that process because yeah yeah no but right now, I'm just giving myself a middle part because me with no part just pushing everything back my hair, it just looks so weird. Personally, it's just a personal thing. I just feel, like a middle part, looks much better on me and it's cute so right now you know the shrinkage is for you right now. I'M gon na take some Eco gel and I am going to apply it to my hair um. I have this process. It'S a it's a unique process. I don't know if it's Unique, I don't know if other people do their hair the way I do it, but this I find like this is the only way I can really get my hair truly sleek and to stay as long as possible like if I do. My hair, the way I'm doing it now it lasts me a whole week without me even having to freshen it up. You know so this is what I do. I first. This is my first layer of Eco gel and, if you guys wan na you know just follow through right now, I'm going to part it and not know um Perfect part, I'm just trying to get as much gel as possible up in this hair, because I don't Have the hair, where I just put a little bit of Eco gel on the top layer and everything stays down? If you have that kind of hair ciao, you are lucky, but right now I really have to work this product. In my hair. I really paste it down. I just have to fast forward that part because it was a process. Let me know comment down below. If you guys have to do the same thing or is it just me, is it just me, do I am I the only one who have the Leia or by gel in my hair, but right now, I'm just gon na section that part up and just put It in a scrunchy, um or hair tie whatever you want to call it and yeah just tie that part first Got ta Do by sections and then we move on to the next side. Oh my gosh y'all. I look so muscular, but you know what you got a man handle. This hair will be gentle at the same time, so I'm just putting this up, as you guys can see, put the hair up now. The sleeking process is not over. Like I said, I have a very unique weight in which I sleep, my hair to make it stay. So now I'm going to add some kotobi glue and this it has to be the yellow one. It cannot be the black one, because it's too light - and this also tames my frizz and everything keeps me. Oh my gosh. This is like. If I don't have this in my house, I am going crazy, especially if I have to deal with my natural hair and fun fact. Yes, you have to press it down with your hand and then go in with a brush, but fun fact um. This is my first time going natural in my entire life from I was a kid um. My hair was relaxed, so I'm really figuring this out on my own, going natural and figuring out how to fix my hair, because, usually it's my boyfriend, who really convinced me like they just to your hair, like wear your hair out um, because I was never gon Na wear my hair out, I'm just gon na just keep wearing wigs head by wigs everything we think of um, because, oh it was just a process trying to figure out my hair and my texture. But it's worth it. You know - and this is my first time actually trying clip ins um um when I was first introduced to it. I fell in love, so yeah, I'm just trying to put you all on and yeah. So right now I'm fixing my edges, which is another tedious process, but this Jam was really good that I use - and I also love Edge booster, if you haven't tried that already, but as far as see girls y'all, it holds the edges all day all day and Then they also go in and secured my edges and my hair with the ebbing spray. This is also oh, my gosh. I just love this product so much and I just tap it and it holds my edges on my hair all day. Like literally only then I go on my head scarf and I just tie that baby down and guys, usually I do this overnight and then I wake up the next day and do the end. But as you can see, I was tired. So I just went in with the blow dryer because y'all I had errands to run these days, so I was just like yeah. I can't be vegan on this hair, so use my blow dryer to speed up the drying process and voila. There'S gon na have the weaves on swim but, like I said, I use the blow dryer, so it wasn't given the same effect it used to be more swimming. You know on my first style, I'm going in with three by three clip and yes, this is from Shane. This is the same hair from the eight pack set um check out my previous video. If you haven't already, but I'm taking the two ends, I'm wrapping one going to the left and then wrapping the next end in the opposite direction to the right and it's fairly secured once you've done. So, thank you and, as you can see, my hair is still peeking out, but don't you worry because we're going in with another three please three piece clip in and we're gon na do the same process take a piece of hair from the ends and we're just Gon na wrap it around and keep in mind, we are not opening the clip ends because we're just wrapping the hair around okay, so you don't have to have the comb open because we're just wrapping it around it's just sitting there, but this is secure. So now we're not gon na stop there now we're gon na take our scrunchie, but first we're going to split our hair into two sections, because we're gon na do a bun. So we're going to wrap one side, bring it over to the next side and then put it in a spiral motion, as I'm gon na show you right now, foreign nothing. I know I'm not the only one who likes a cute little messy bun, so I pulled out a little bit of hair. I just have a little cute little curl right there and now I'm going to show you guys how it looks from the back cute little bun. I love it cute. Oh, who could tell me this is not my hair. Now, I'm going to show you guys how I take this bun down if you, if I was wondering it's fairly easy, you just yeah scrunchie off now, moving on to style number two we're gon na take our three by three clip in and we're going to use Some Eco gel and Define the curls at the end. I know I know in my previous video I did tell you guys to not use Eco gel, but what I meant to say was do not use it on the entire hair and, as you can see here, I'm just using in to define the ends of the Curls and you will see the end results and then I also went in and I sprayed it with my spray bottle off camera um. Just to add some, you know some moisture back into the hair. So, yes, I'm Gon na Keep fluffing the ends. Fluffing the ends until I get to the desired curls and the looseness that I was trying to accomplish so right now. What I'm doing here act for this style. I definitely did use the clip, so I'm forking it through and then I'm pressing it down and I'm going right around my bun and I'm actually for the bottom of it, which I will show you guys I actually went. I took the clip in and I clipped it into my actual bun to make it extra secure, which is not necessary for this style that I'm about to do. But I just did it because it's just felt secure extra, secure, so yeah. So I took another three by three and I'm doing the same thing and I am using the clip in method around the other hair and if you have to you, can Fork it through onto the other hair, the previous hair. So that's what I'm doing and I'm going around and doing the same thing and by the way this is my favorite look out of all the hairstyles, because it's just so natural it's just giving my hair and it's like. Oh my gosh. It would be so emotional. No I'm playing but seriously. This is the cutest style ever and this is the style. I'Ve gotten the most compliments on, because it's just so cute, but right now, I'm gon na take my clip and it's literally so simple after you clip it in you just flip. It up and you clip your clip into it and then the hair literally just Falls. I'M sorry, my hands blocking but you'll see you just clip it. Nothing shows because the hair is gon na fall right into the right places you know. So I hope you tell me this is not my hair, like look at the curls, it's just matching so well, but as you can see, the hair was not balanced. It was kind of longer on the other side, so I just had to clip it again. We clip it so I took it off and then I clipped it again, but look at that y'all look at that at the blues on swim. Who could tell me this is not my hair literally freaking out right now, because that's so cute! So now I'm going to show you guys how it looks from the back. Tell me this is not so super cute literally so cute, not me having a little crazy, okay, girl right here, I'm just showing you guys me taking down this hair, I'm going to show you guys how I take down every hairstyle. Just so you know, but I'm just gon na say this is just a little cute little disclaimer you'll see that little bit of hair in the middle of my forehead do not look at that. That is my widow's peak and it does not look good either on the left or the right. Therefore, I just believe in it in the middle. Sometimes I hope it sometimes I don't, but today I did not soup it. You know so she's just there. So now on to the third hairstyle, we're using our four by four first style. We use in our 4x4 wig because we're kind of going for a more Fuller look just a little bit full. So we're going in without four by four and two of our three by three, so at first we're gon na go over the 4x4 we're going to take in piece of the hair, the same method as the first style and we're going to just wrap it around. Thank you just popped back in the city camera cut out at this part, but I literally just wrapped it the same way. I did for the first style, but now I'm gon na add the other hairs truthfully. I could have just stayed with it just as such, but because I wanted a little more full. I added the other two three by threes, so so now we're just doing the same method, wrapping it and wrapping it right. Now, I'm showing you guys, if you feel like you, can feel the clippings on the side. You could just randomly grab some hair and literally just tuck it, and you can secure this with a bobby pin if you like, or if you wanted to feel extra secure. Seeing that you just wrapped there and you wanted extra security, you can add a bobby pin all right now, I'm just fluffing it out just getting it to look to look how I want it to look. I want it to look like semi-wet just a little bit, not too much and not too dry. This is how the hair looks on the back. I ended up winning it a little bit more and fluffing it out. I started to feel myself a little bit. It'S really cute, but guys I ended up going back to my first hairstyle because it was just a real chill day just running errands, but thank you guys so much for watching. I absolutely love it comment down below which hairstyle you would try and which one you think looked the best and make sure to check out. My previous video, then don't forget to like comment share and subscribe. Tell me

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