The Most Simple Classy & Elegant Updo Hairstyle For 4C Natural Hair. | No Gel No Flat Twist

  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

A really quick simple and easy roll twisted updo on my 4c natural hair.

This hairstyle took about 5-10 minutes to do, in can be worn to events, work, job interviews, weddings, meetings. Any event is suitable for it.

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Hello guys welcome back to my channel if you're new to my channel hi. Thank you so much for stopping by so in today's video, I'm going to be showing you guys a really simple, updo natural hairstyle on my stretched out hair. I have four C here and I just stretched it out. I stretch it out using like a blow dryer on medium heat, not high heat, medium heat. I found that I really do enjoy working with my hair stretched, although I have hairstyles with my hair not stretched, but regardless of that before I style my hair, I always put my hair in braids or twists and by the time I take them out the next Day my hair is stretched, so sometimes my hair may look stretched even without me, stretching it out and with heat rather, and it just looks, stretched okay, so um I started off by. I started off by patting my hair into a c part. I don't know if that came out really, okay, I don't know this is me struggling to try to fix it but anyways. I try to have my hair in a c part and then I'm going to section the left part of my hair and I'm just going to put that in a Twist really quickly. Because I just do not want it to get in with the back section. And then I'm also going to do the same thing to the front part which is like the same thoughts around the same size with that not size but like the sectioning part, around the same with the other one I did before. So what I like to do, while section in my hair, because people say I really I'm really good at sectioning my hair, but what I like to do is I like to section it first with my hands before I go in with my rat tail comb and Mind you, I do not really have a mirror. I was using my phone camera to sort of like guide my hands and also using the camera as well to make sure like, I see a line. My main aim when sectioning my hair is to make sure I see a straight line or I see a line without having hair in the middle of the line. I hope that made sense, I'm pretty sure it did, but you guys can see here. I was just I just checked to make sure like the line was okay and there was no hair on the line. You know to not make it needs or whatnot, and now I'm just going to comb my hair back, like the Remain the back section. Sorry, I'm going to come back, my hair has been detangled guys, so I'm not like walking or on tangled hair. It has been detangled. I have had it straight for almost three to four days and I think it's just like the fourth or the fifth day. After stretching my hair out now, I'm going to start working with this smaller section, I'm just going to brush my hair to make sure everything is neat and set, and now I'm just going to start roll flat twists. Is it rolling flat twist um? I really do not know the name. I always get confused with the name, but I'm just going to roll flat twist this section and I'm going to pin it to the back of the hair and basically just secure it. This bow flat twist is quite tricky because you have to make sure you're really firm when rolling it or when rolling it to put the flat twist, you have to make sure your your hands are firm with the twist while twisting it. I I don't know if that made sense, but you guys understand what I'm trying to say and I'm also going to pin that down using a bobby pin just so it doesn't unravel because this row twist it can unravel like so fast like if you're, not um, Secure the ends very well, it's it's. Definitely it's definitely going to unravel so try as much as possible to like secure it before you start working in the next with the next section for the for the second section as well. I'M going to do the same thing. I try to make sure I secure my hands, really um close to my scalp. Like really firmly, I don't want to say tightly because there's no way you can really go very tight with this type of um flat twist. So just try to make sure your hands are as firm as possible and as close to your scalp as possible. That'S basically my secret to this type of um flat twist and what I'm going to do now is I'm going to take out the bobby pins. I used to secure the first flat twist. I did I'm going to take them out and then make sure the end does not unravel. I was really focused here guys. I was trying so hard to not allow the Twist on Ravel and also take the bobby pin out of my hair, and then I'm going to now attach both ends together. So this part, if your hair is really long, it would work perfectly well. It will be easier to attach it the your end together, but for me um, I was struggling a bit because my hair was not long enough to go around each other. If your hair is short, you can just attach a bobby pin um, attach it to your hair with a bobby pin. That would definitely work as well. So now, for the back section, what I'm going to do is I'm going to roll and talk I'm going to like divide the back section into. I think five. I think I divided it into five and I started from the right side I rolled and took and then now I'm starting from the left side or I'm continuing with the left side and I wrote and talked I'm going to make sure like everything is secure. Using a bobby pin and then I'm going to take the next part as well roll it and just try to roll to kind of give an impression of like the flat twist you did in front, but then not the flat twist just loose rows. I don't know how else to explain it. I could not really see what I was doing at this part, because I obviously do not have a mirror with me, but I sort of had an idea of what I wanted it to be. I wanted it to look Road like see how it looks now it was looking. It was perfect at this point. I think I just thought of losing my hand a bit more with the rest of the row twists and yeah. Basically, just make sure you roll and twist the hair properly, I'm just going to detangle my hair, because my hair was getting tangled and then this is the final part or the final section, I'm also going to roll and twist and I'm going to secure everything with A bobby pin make sure you secure your hair, really well with the bobby pin for this style, because it can unravel really quickly. If you do not secure it very well, you can definitely unravel really quickly. So now, I'm just going to make sure everything is secure. Everything is nice, I'm going to keep adding more bobby, pin, I feel, where necessary, and then I'm going to take my brush and just brush my edges, I'm not going to be using a edge control or gel. I like to not use edge control gel when I style my own natural hair hair air, what my own natural hair, because it just gives that mature look. But if you want like a Sleek look, you can definitely use a edge control or gel whatever works. For you guys, whatever works for you, I just prefer not using gel. With most of my hairstyles okay, I like to wrap my hair with a satin scarf, because I want it to sit and then leave it for about 10 to 15 minutes and take it out. So these are what well. This is what my hair looks like now, foreign this hairstyle took me. I would say approximately 10 minutes. I would say it's like so easy to do. I initially the back did not come out how I expected it to come out, because I wanted to separate it in like five and then row twist and talk, but my hair in front was not too long in order for me to grow twist and tuck it. So I was just freestyling. The whole concept was to you: do like a row twist Vibe at the back, but regardless it's not bad. It'S like easy natural hairstyle. You can do just make sure you have enough bobby pins with you, because you're going to need a lot of bobby pins at the back. When talking, it's, maybe like five bobby pins, because if you separate your hair at the back into five, then you're going to need five bobby pins and also make sure your roll twist is secure. I also made sure to try to do that as well, because I struggle with rolling with rolling flat twist or raw flat twist. I don't know whatever you guys call it, but anyways um, that's pretty much it. What you guys think about this hairstyle. Would you try it out for me, I would definitely rock this to like an event. I would rock this to a meeting like a proper meeting, a job interview. You know on how to look serious, so I would definitely work this to a job interview or a work meeting or Church. Anything. Let me know what you guys, what you guys would rock this style to and if you choose to try this out, let me know in the comment section below what you think about this stuff. Thank you guys. So much for watching I'll see you guys in my next video bye, guys, foreign

Laurencia Kay Tembo: Oh wow Sis! I definitely love this style and am going to try it also for church this weekend! Thank for always delivering when it comes to content. May your pool of ideas never run dry!❤❤❤

La Tonya Alves: I'll definitely try this style

Kanza j.: i love it. I need to try this hairstyle ❤

Carol Galloway: Amazing. Going to rock this tomorrow

Kiara Cottle: Gorgeous luscious hairstyles.

Wendy Mimes: So pretty! Thank u for the videos.

Xaenab: Hey glory!!! Been waiting for you to upload a video Finally You're Looking good BTW ❤ Here in Ankara it's super cold I can't try to do this style with my Virgin hair if not it'll be strong af

lovert long: Great job!!!!! Go girl!!!!

Shiona Joseph: Very cute, will definitely be trying

La Bintess: Very nice, will try this for the day I will travel next week

Patricia Boateng:

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