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  • Posted on 19 November, 2022
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@TAZS WIG CLOSET AT WIGSTUDIO1 presents a wig review of Jon Renau Evan in the color Moonlight (92). SEE PRODUCT LINKS BELOW! *FTC DISCLAIMER: This video is sponsored by Wig Studio 1. Wig(s) and products featured in this video were sent to the reviewer free of charge. The reviewer/influencer is not otherwise being compensated for their time or content.

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Foreign Studio once for this review today, you can find it by dropping below this video I'll, attach a direct product link. If you click on that link, it'll take you out to the exact part of the site where you can check out all the colors. The pricing and Order directly from there we invite you to shop at wig studio one. If you have any questions for us, please reach out to support and don't forget to visit us on our other social media. We have a private Facebook group called the wig studio, one wig and topper support group. All the variety you could ever want on on the wig studio, one YouTube channel and a well-appointed Instagram page. All of those links are also below. So, let's head right into Evan. This is one of my favorite styles by Jon renau, because I love it. It'S a cute little boy cut, textured, pixie style with is some Fringe. It'S just the perfect style to highlight this color, because this is more of a graduated gray effect. So, let's talk about Evan, that front piece is about four to five inches and it perfectly frames the face. I love that about Evan because you can just pull those pieces around. It almost looks like looks like there's a little bit of asymmetry to it, but really that's just that longer Fringe being swept off to the side. There'S a two inch piece on the sides and then you've got a five inch Crown that tapers down into a 1.75 inch Nate. So it's very sculpted. This is why it has that boy cut effect, because you do have some Fringe. All of your height and volume is going to be on the top and at the crown but you're going to see slim a slim profile through the temple and the back. Evan features a temple to Temple, lace, front and a bit of a monofilament crown. So let's talk about this color first, let's break it down and then I'm going to show you the lace front, because I think that this color gives a lot of context for what I'm going to tell you about the lace front. So this Moonlight is an ombre gray, but it is not rooted. It'S super Dynamic, it's very Mindful and well thought out, but it is not a rooted color. It'S going to make so many of you happy. This is a perfect every day, Gray. So what you're going to see in the front is a lot of white and silver, and that is the lightest part of this color and then you're going to see that intersperse a little bit more with brown As you move back. So it's getting a little darker and then at the back, and particularly the nape, is the darkest part of this color, which is a dark brown with that white uh highlight in it okay, so it's always very well Blended! There'S no doubt that this is a gray and a lot of you out. There really do gray like this right, so you start a little bit lighter around the the top and the front, and then it kind of gets darker As you move back, because you start the graying process sooner at the front than you do, the back so I'd Say this is this: is a typical gray pattern for a lot of you out there? That'S what makes this so realistic. So now, let's get up close on that lace front because of the way they do. This color really is brought through this technology here at the lace, so you've got the lighter pieces all through the front and that's consistent with how it's dispersed, how the lighter pieces are dispersed throughout this color beautiful every other knot or so is left unthreaded. This gives a nice natural density, look at the front, okay, and then you have the open, wefted top sides and back so. This has naturally has a lot of volume to it, because there's a lot of permatease on the top and at the crown. So I feel like you, could prop this color, this hair up a lot to disguise any permatease that might otherwise be visible on such a light color, because it's a lace front, I mean you can just really play around with that part, and I think that if You want to bring out some product if you want to get a lot of spikiness to it and really bring out this texture. It would just look all the better the more you play with it and make it yours I'm going to go ahead and do a full spin for you, so that you can see the style and the color from all angles in studio lighting. But then I'm going to take you outside, so you can get a glimpse of this color in natural light, foreign foreign

Bonnie Pinto: I’m so happy you reviewed this color. I have been eyeing it for awhile but wasn’t sure how it blended, now I do. And I love it!! This color is beautiful on you (everything seems to look amazing on you). Now to order the wig I wanted in this color. Thank you ❤

Patty Watson: Gorgeous. I ordered this because of your review, Taz.

Margaret Tassey: Thanks for the review. I think this is a very natural greying pattern. Looks sophisticated and has a some contrast. One thing I have learned to look for in hair color is medium contrast. I think this is an area where wig wearers differ in what looks best on them.

Kelly Peters: Such an amazing color!! Well done!! Adorable!!

Jean Jacobs: Greetings Taz! She is just so cute on you and I love this color! Love and blessings ♥️

Bonnie Pinto: Can you tell me what the name & color of the wig on the top shelf between G and Y is.

Michelle Diekman:

Asmaa Hussein: Hi can I order one pls and ship to Egypt

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