Buttered Toast Vs. Honey Featuring Sheer Passion From Paula Young! Unbox, Review & Color Compare!

  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
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Today I'm reviewing Sheer Passion from Paula Young in Buttered Toast vs. Honey. A top question that viewers ask me is which color is lighter, Buttered Toast or Honey. So today I decided to show you! Sheer Passion is from the Couture Collection at Paula Young! She is a beautiful 100% hand-tied wig, mono top, and invisible lace front! The stretchy mesh cap is comfortable and breathable. The hand-tied WhisperLite fibers move just like natural hair, I'm truly impressed with this wig! It's worth splurging on yourself for one of their couture styles, just truly immaculate! The hand-tied caps run average-petite. It fits me comfortably without a wig grip underneath and I am 22.5" around. I did wear a wig grip for this video.

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My Measurements:

Circumference: 22.5"

Front to Back: 12.5"

Ear to Ear: 13"

Top Hairline to Chin: 8"

Produced and Filmed in 2022 by BETH'S BEST HAIR


Foreign welcome to best best hair. Thank you so much for joining me tonight tonight. I am wearing sheer passion from the Couture collection, and this is in the color SF 1228 honey. I would consider honey a bronze, it has blonde highlights and it graduates to a medium brown underneath and it is considered a captivating color at Paula, Young and the other question that a lot of you ask me is which is lighter butter, toast sf1026 or honey sf1228. So today I am here to show you both colors side by side. I bought another, sheer passion in sf1026 buttered toast these are captivating colors at Paula, Young and you do pay slightly higher for your captivating colors. So let's take this one out of the box and do a comparison to Couture collection. So these are your hand-tied caps, so there it is in the Box straws for cocktails later all right. Let'S get all this packaging out all right. So here is sheer passion in buttered toast now, in my opinion, buttered toast is super similar to honey, but it is an ash tone and honey is a warm tone. So it has the blonde highlights just like the honey and it does graduate to the brown underneath, as you can see here, but I feel like the blonde itself is an ash tone I will spin around just so that we can see in the back. So I feel like you, can tell here with buttered toast here it looks ashtoned to me. They'Re super similar, but honey, I'm the one that I am wearing is definitely a warmer tone now I wear them all the time I interchange them. Nobody notices, but for some people it's really they really prefer to just have an ash tone or some people really prefer to just have warm tones. So if that's the case, then you should know butter. Toast is your ashtone honey. Is your warm tone, but I'm gon na go ahead and show you these cap features alright. So this is a hand-tied cap. So up here you can see the skin of my fingers and some people feel like that is too much showing because if you're used to a basic cap, you're used to having wefts here and maybe a lace covering the wefts, and so you don't see any skin. Like you can see my finger moving here, that is not a flaw, that's all hand tied in there, but when you put this on your head, you do not see anything. It looks totally natural. There is plenty of Hair there, as you can see all right. So we have our lace front, then this is your double monofilament, so it's hand tied in there and then there's no knots on your scalp. That'S the double monofilament. When you turn it around. We have the nice soft covered, ear tabs the bending metal stay all right. So in the back we don't have an extended nape. We do have these velcro closures back here. These are hand-tied tracks, so I'm gon na just flip this around to show you, so you can see that they are tracks that are hand tied in there. It'S not wefts. It'S hand-tied tracks, that's typical on the back, but all on the top, where you saw that double monofilament, that's each individual, hand-tied fiber. This allows us to part in any direction and still have our scalp showing through or the appearance of your scalp, showing through some people will put on a a skin tape underneath so that it looks like scalp. If you're very concerned about having scalp show, some people will tweeze out a few and maybe put a little bit of pressed powder in here, I am from the generation where we didn't see our scalps. We were from the 80s and it was big hair. All the way baby there was no scalp showing. So when I look at my daughter, my 23 year old daughter and I see her hair, which is total 1970s. That'S not my thing. It looks beautiful on her, but I I like to have a little bit more body and to me a skin part is not necessary at all. That'S just my personal opinion, because of the era that I grew up in and I think a lot of you are like me as well. So let's go ahead, I'm going to cut these tags and put this on. I love this style as you can see it. Just has these nice romantic waves and it's beautiful all right, so I'm just gon na comb this into place with my wide tooth comb. Now remember. This has no permatease, because this is hand tied, there's no permatease up here. These fibers are super soft super beautiful, and this one I might just have to work a little bit harder to get it to go over. I'M just going to grab a little bit of water because I'd like to get it into the style so that I can show you and have some side by side pictures. I can't really get outside to show you the outside. Look because it is completely overcast. It is about 25 degrees outside our weather, went from 60 degrees to 30 degrees in a day laughs and it's kind of a little bit snowy and yeah. So it's not happening. I was gon na, do my outside Christmas planters and they are frozen. I had still had my Halloween decorations in there, so I need to bring those in the garage and no one's gon na be cold to go out and cut the greenery that I need, but that'll be for another day, although the extended forecast looks cold still, like 20 degrees, maybe down to single digits next weekend, oh the joys of Minnesota, and then I would just spray that over all right. So let's take a look at this lace front, so you can see it here, so I don't have much extra room in these caps. These hand-tied caps are quite small on me, but once I have it on it's very comfortable. I'Ve worn the one in Honey to work all day and I don't have a problem. I am wearing a velvet wig grip underneath as well, but there's not a whole lot of extra room. I think they run on the petite side of average. So that's something to note. I will have my measurements in the description box below I'm 22 and a half inches around. If you are larger than that, this would might be a struggle for you to fit into so you want to make sure that you do your measurements, so I have a little bump here. You guys that's my wig grip underneath and it seems to me I'm just peek at this lace. Yeah, it's quite high definition. You really you really don't see it now. You can always use a little bit of your pressed powder for it, and then you saw when we were looking through at my skin when I was holding up the wig. You know you don't see, Corner sized pieces and stuff like that in here. Once it's on your head, there you go, I see, none of that I mean it's all. This is all hair here. This is all hair, very pretty all right. Let'S look from all sides such a pretty style. You guys look at that. So pretty those waves super pretty. I love just the light kind of beach wave that looks gorgeous. We have really good movement with the hands. Hide super good movement. It'S so cute, very pretty style. I hope you all enjoyed this look at sheer passion from the Couture collection at Paula Young they're, 100 hand tied Line. This is in the captivating color sf1026 butter toast, and I hope this helped. You decide between butter, toast and honey, to know which color is right. For you, or you can be like me and just wear both colors, because why not right all right! I thank you guys so much for watching and if you haven't yet, please consider subscribing give me a thumbs up and leave me a comment down below and let me know which color do you, like best all right have a great day and I'll see you soon. Bye-Bye, thank you.

Tammie Smith: I just ordered my first 2 wigs ever! OMGosh! I can't wait to get them. I ordered Chantal in Buttered Toast and Dylan in Honey. If my complexion will allow me to wear cool and warm then I'm good with both of these beautiful colors. I think getting used to having hair again will be the challenge! I'm so happy you posted both of these colors together, I think I did good on the color selections for my new hair, I won't know until around the 23rd. Thanks so much for sharing this info and all the helpful videos!

Christy A: Thanks for another helpful review. Everytime I watch one of your videos, I go shopping on Paula Young's website. If Paula Young is still making you pay for your wigs, they should be ashamed of themselves! They should be paying you! You are the BEST advertisement they could ever have! I think you are single handedly giving Paula Young new life. You are the best sales/marketing/advertising they could have found! They need to pay you. SERIOUSLY, Paula Young, are you listening??? Because if I were Beth I'd consider throwing my considerable influence to another wig company... Tick Tock Paula Young! Sign her up before your competition scoops her up.

Mike Sarutto: Awesome as always. I agree with another reviewer. Your the only one that does Paula Young reviews on the latest products that they have to offer. They should show some appreciation and thanks by giving you there latest styles for free to use as promos. Still your the best out there. Feel like I know you forever. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family. Love and Peace and God's Blessing always. Be Safe. Mikey.

Jackie Romero: Thank you for reviewing, that style is very pretty on you. That looks very natural. I ordered a sheer royalty once, even after "doing magic" to it, it was just to flat, and stuck to the scalp! i couldn't stand to wear it. So sad, because i really wanted to love it. . The knots were so bad, it was a darker color and they looked so unrealistic. Thanks for your review, so kind of you to take the time to do.

Clara: Thanks Beth Sheer Passion is lovely and actually I would wear both colours x

Patricia Duarte: I really like the Honey (warm tone), Beth, as well as The Buttered Toast (ash tone). Beautiful PY wigs. Thank you for modeling both & thank you 4 video.

Elizabeth Weglarz: Thank you for the comparison. I like and wear both colors also because I can't figure out which I like the best. Both colors look pretty on you but I like Honey on you the most. It seems to look more natural with your coloring.

michelle daytz: Another favorite. Next order buttered Toast.. love this. Thank u always Beth. I think u are the best Educating & showing us how the wigs look. & for Paula young as well. I have learned alot from u. I was Make-up Artist in the Entertainment world, I had one wig, in 2014. But I wasn't as Happy in my wig back then. I didn't have education on wigs. Only my career Make-up. I am with u about the part. Tease the hair. I never knew about Paula young wigs until I saw your utube. I just got a new catalog.. Thank u Again Cheers to Beth.

STIGMATA Στίγματα Linda Glendenning: Very pretty, soft, modern glam, gorgeous part ! Blessings!

Renee R: Honey is such a beautiful color. I tend to look better in the cooler tones, so I get butter toast. I wish Paula Young had more cooler tones with platinum highlights. The honey in this wig has such beautiful highlights. The first wig I wore was on sale in rootbeer float blonde called clientele, a cooler tone color. I went drastic the first time out..lol. The second was butter toast in PY. I do not have to see the part either. It is cold here too with some snow coming tonight..burrr!

Maria Daquila: Very lovely, Beth. A beautiful wig

Kim Cat: Hi Beth. Have you ever reviewed Rebel on your channel? It's a very curly wig and I don't remember ever seeing you review it but wanted to ask you just in case.

Maxie Nova Scotia: You are lucky to be able to wear either but I'd have to say I like Honey a bit better on you.. I wish that shade 26 had a bit of an Auburn or Strawberry in it for me to wear., but not a strong red. PY is nice tho'. Some very attractive styles that I have ordered. Also, good job on your work with the Erie Cancer Wellness Centre...making a difference in someone's life,

Patti Anderson: I would love to get one but there are on back order won't be in stock until May 2023

Rosy Loves Learning: Thank you . ❤

Eric Burow: I've always liked Honey better on you.

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