Detailed Flat Side Part 5X5 Closure Wig Install | 34 Inch Hair | No Glue Needed | Nadula Hair

  • Posted on 17 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Need to get myself together, I'm a man: okay, hey y'all, welcome back to my channel, so today, I'm basically going to show you guys how I get a super flat wig and also how I install the wig. But first I want to show you guys how I basically do my parting for my side Parts. By the way. I did that this. That is weird jet black and I also bleached the knots on this wig um. So I basically started with like a free hand, curved part. I, like my side, parts to be curved um, so I kind of just do it like freehand. First to get a nice little, I guess idea of how the curve is going to look and then I really pay attention and get into the details. I spend so much time on my parting y'all. This is this is something you kind of. I guess just have to watch, because I don't really know how to explain what I'm doing I'm just kind of curving it towards the front of the wig, though I do try to make sure that the cart that the part kind of goes into the baby hair. If that makes sense, um and then I just go ahead and I hot comb that down so I went ahead and I plucked this side of the wig um and now I'm just going to go ahead and unplug the other side. I don't do too much plucking on this side until until I actually go in to install the wig, so I'm just gon na pluck it a little bit so now I'm going to install this wig. So basically I have really small braids underneath this stocking cap. This is kind of like a picture of what my braids look like underneath my stocking cap. I keep them really small. The foundation of your hair underneath is like the key, the key to a flat, install y'all. You cannot have big bulky braids. You either want to have your hair super Sleek back or you want to have like really really really small braids to get your wigs super flat. So I'm gon na take some of this 91 alcohol in this little cotton pad, and I'm just going to rub this across my forehead, where I'm going to be applying the lace to make sure all the oil and grease and stuff like that is off. Of my skin and then I'm going to take my Urban Wonder: lace, adhesive spray. You got ta use the black one y'all, the black one, the back one is the goat y'all. So with this spray, I do like to use three layers. If I really want this week to stick um the first two layers, I let them dry completely and then the third layer I go ahead and actually apply the lace into the spray. A lot of y'all ask me how long this spray lasts. Honestly, I can get this spray to last me up to like four days. Honestly, honestly, you can really get this to last as long as you want to whenever I notice it's starting to come up like if I want my waist to last longer I'll, like after, like the fourth day I'll spray, some more on the actual lace and tie It down and it'd be good as new. I basically like refresh it and it'd be good as new, so I can get it to last honestly, I've had mines last up to a week before so yeah, I'm just taking like a little comb and kind of pressing. The lace into the spray to make sure it's completely adhered and then I'm going to take my olive oil super hole, fix it spray and I'm gon na spray. This on this little Edge comb and I'm just going to comb my edges back basically to give it like a natural, fresh, perm type of look and then I'm going to take this elastic band, which I got from Amazon. I got it like a whole yard. Off of Amazon, and then I'm just gon na tie this down, I prefer using a um elastic band over a soup scarf. I just feel like it melts the lace ten times better, like it's going to really press into your skin. So, to get this wig super flat y'all, you want to take some uh wax stick. This is a. She is bomb wax thick. You can really use any wax thick that you can find and then I'm going to take this and this hot comb and I am using it on the hottest setting and I'm just gon na go in and I'm gon na start hot combing. I am hot combing on one side first, because this is the side part, I'm not gon na, like section it off on that side, but on the other side of my head, I am going to section it. So I'm going to take my comb and create sections on this side of the hair, so that I can get this wig super flat. Going in smaller sections will just really help to like get the hair a lot straighter and like flatter, instead of just going completely on the top of your head with out like section it off so yeah, I'm just doing really small sections and making sure that I Can get it as flat as possible? Y'All I hate a bulky wig. I need my wig to look like it's coming out of my scalp, like it got to be so natural. So that's what I'm doing if you don't have a hot comb for your wigs. I definitely highly recommend it. This is like a secret weapon to a flat wig and style um without a hot comb. I don't really see how else you can get your wig flat, um flat irons. Just don't do the job like a hot comb. Would I got this, I come from Walmart for like twenty dollars and they last a super long time so foreign spray and I'm going to just spray it over the top and comb that down this just gets rid of any like leftover flyaways, and it also creates, Like a nice little shine on the hair, if, after you pull off your elastic band, you notice, like a little white, knit a white little cast on and you can take some of that super whole Sprite on your finger and just dab at it a little bit And it'll instantly make that white like flakiness, I guess to go away, so I did feel like the baby. Hairs were a little too thick, which is usually what happens when you, when I do a side part like this. So I'm just going to take some tweezers and go in and kind of just thin out that baby, hair and just comb out that excess hair and I'm Gon na Keep thinning it basically to at least my light to my liking. I don't like my baby hair to be super duper thick, but I don't like it to be like super thin either, especially not on side parts, so I am gon na. Have it like semi thick. This was like perfect to me, so I'm gon na take my um razor. This is an eyebrow razor and I'm just going to basically cut it. Like a slanted angle, I do like the top part of the baby hair to be shorter than the end of the baby hair. If that makes sense, and then I'm going to take this pencil flat iron that I got from Amazon and I'm just gon na curl, the baby hairs downward. Sometimes I go upward for my side Parts. I feel like it's a lot easier to do them downward. So then, I'm going to take some of that super whole spray on this little Edge comb and I'm just gon na lay the baby here y'all. Whenever you curl the baby hairs, it makes it so easy to lay do y'all see how like they basically just shape. Theyself, like I didn't, even have to do too much and they literally instantly shaped perfectly. That'S why I love curling baby hair. It just makes it a lot less complicated and especially a lot easier if you like, a beginner or somebody that just have trouble doing baby hairs, um and then I'm just gon na curl, my sideburns as well. These are my natural sideburns. I always do this when I do a side part. I just prefer how it looks like this, and I just use some of that spray on The Sideburns as well, and then I'm gon na take some of this high beam, semi-permanent hair color, and this is in the color black and I'm just going to take this Little brush and just brush where I see like some dye that I guess seep through the lace a little bit and then I'm going to take my La girl Pro concealer, and this is in the shade. Oh man, I really like this concealer instead of the fun because it has less of like an orange tint to it, and I'm just going to take this little slanted angle brush and go in into the part a lot of y'all asked me. Do I pluck my part I never have ever plucked apart on a wig um, I feel like we knew wigs. You don't really have to pluck the part. So this is really just how to part came naturally, and I just you know, touch it up a little bit good and this step is definitely optional, but I always like to trim the ends of the hair just a little bit to create. Like a nice little blunt cut, I just prefer how this looks and then I'm gon na give the hair a nice little bump and I'm done y'all. This was like a 20 minute install so cute and long. I just love it so, okay y'all. So this is the end of the video and I really hope you guys enjoy. So this is and I Doula hair - and this is a 5x5 closure - wig y'all - I am just a closure Queen. Okay, I just think closures are so cute they're. So versatile, like I feel, like they look more natural than frontals. Like that's just my opinion, I could be biased, but this install took me 20 minutes, like 20 minutes y'all, to install this wig. So I just love closures. I love and I do the hair um. I have never had any bad complaints about nadula and truthfully. I'Ve never had anybody come on my channel and tell me that they bought and I do the hair and they thought that the hair quality was bad. Definitely do your own research too, before you buy from any company I post, because I'm getting y'all my honest review, but other people might have different experiences. So you definitely want to watch other videos check out the reviews before you purchase a wig, especially an expensive wig. At that, I will leave the link to this wig in my description box down below currently on the not do the website they are having a Black Friday sale, so they're having 41 off the entire website. You definitely want to go check out that. I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did don't forget to like comment and subscribe and also attend our post notifications, so that you can always be notified anytime. Your girl posts, a video and yeah. I definitely catch you guys in the next one.

TishasaurusTV: This video popped up just in time, I’m literally about to install a 5x5 wig! You literally DID THAT! I’m a closure girl myself

Bri: I love this, I’ve been watching you so I can learn to style my wigs. This is super pretty ! Keep it up I got that same lace wig adhesive in a red can but have not touched it lol, I have to get over my fears to do my own wigs.

M Allen: Gorgeous! I love watching your videos. Thank you!

Made By Beauty Isabella: This turned out so cute

Kiesha Monique: Your installs are so bomb! Nice work

Shakirah Wynn: Yes love me a closure! And u did that

Desiree Cazio: Thanks for showing how to do the part I’ve been trying to do figure out how yall do the side parts

Recool Hair: Gorgeous! Love your video!!!

Kiara Danielle: 100th like slayed per usual , the parting is everything !

Nadula Hair: You look so beautiful, dear, thank you for sharing Nadula hair!!!

Honey K: Beautiful! Which hair dye did you use and how many boxes/bottles did it take to achieve this jet black color? Was it the watercolor method?

Marks man: Ngl side parts are really growing on me

Retha Nunes: Love your new intro boo

sothatschy: Ouuu new intro ❤ hey I have a question I’m trying to become a wig influencer would you recommend I buy Amazon wigs or expensive hd lace wigs ? I know you said hd is the best lace. Which would be better for wig companies to notice me ?

Berrysfashionhair-Jamie: We also have this kind of hair, are you interested in it?

Terevid Ahlakor: bombbbb as always

Shemesha Duncan: Wat is the density of this wig

mimi j: Nadia hair is mid so it will last one install maybe two. I wish yt would be honest honest but hey

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