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  • Posted on 29 April, 2021
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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All information on this hair is linked below The hair I'm wearing in this video is

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Density: 150% Density

Cap Construction: 13*4 Lace Front Wig

Texture: Deep Wave

Length: 28inch

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Talk to me, nice welcome back to my channel you guys this will be a sponsored video, featuring wig, my hair. They did go ahead and send me their deep wave unit, and i believe this is at uh, 26 believe 26 to 28 inches. I believe it is a 13 by 6 because it is here to here um and then it also has lace in the back um. So i believe it is a 13 by 6 um in the parting space. This is the parting space. You guys, i believe, the parting space. It goes back pretty pretty deep, which is good, maybe like five inches five to six inches back. I really really love that about the unit before we get into this video. You guys make sure if you are new, you go ahead and subscribe to my channel. Make sure you hit your post notification bell, so you don't miss an update every time i post. Let'S go ahead and just jump right into this video make me believe it don't want to hear it. We how to make me feel right. I can't help don't be late, nice, let's jump right into this video here, um. The first thing that i want to get into about this unit is the parting space. Like i stated before, the parting space goes back, pretty pretty deep. I think that's what makes the wig look um more natural when the parting goes straight back like this, and you can just put it. I believe you can put like five or six inches back. I really think that makes the unit look really really natural. So i love that about the wig one thing i really like about this unit: you guys is the deep wave on this unit. I think that it's a deep wave all through and through. I think that the hair looks 10 times better when you put product in it. So definitely when you purchase this unit, make sure that you um buy some mousse and do the whole water method and everything, because once you put product in it and everything i think it'll define the waves um just a little bit more now you can keep it On the natural side, if you would like, but it's definitely a little more puffier like i feel like now - i need to add more like water and then some mousse, because it's getting really it's trying to get natural on me and i'm trying to get that wet. Look tame it down just a little bit. I don't know what's getting the unit like that, i don't know if it happens, when i put the mousse in it like right after i put the water in it, that makes it get puffier again um. So i'm just gon na not put any more mousse in it for right now, but if i see that it's getting puffier, i'm gon na go ahead and put the mousse back in it. But we'll see right now. It'S like a water wet. Look like a wet! Look with the water, so that's also. This is another clear lace. Unit um when you put it on you're, definitely going to see the lace, so i would definitely suggest you just go ahead and bleach the knots um. Even when i put makeup on it um i started to feel like i can kind of still see the knots, so i just feel like you should definitely bleach your units. I just have to take time to bleach my units and i may just go ahead and just have somebody just do it for me. It all just depends, but i definitely suggest that you go ahead and bleach the knots, because, if you don't, even if you put makeup in it, you can still kind of see the knots. But i also think that you should cut the lace a little bit more to the hairline with this unit don't be afraid to cut right to the hairline, because the more lace you cut, i feel like it, looks more natural and it's coming out the scalp. So i would definitely make sure you cut the lace a little bit more to the hairline so that it can look more natural. This unit does shed just a little bit. You guys not too much um to the point where you just feel like you can't deal with it, but, like kind of when you stroke your hands through it a little bit, it's more so when i was putting my product in it that the hair was kind Of coming out towards the ends, but again it's not too much to where it's like annoying or anything um. As far as tangling, there was no tangling with the unit um. Even when we put in my hamster when i was putting product in it, the hair is really really soft. You guys the only thing is um again when you're putting that product in it does give you just some slight shedding now this unit. I also think that it does come pre-plucked um, the reason i say that is because, when you party, you can just tell like it's so easy to part the unit, all you need to do is make sure, like you want to do a side part. You want to do a middle part. You know you just got to make sure that it's precise because parting, it you still have to part it correctly, but um. I think that they did good with the with the plucking um. I did plug just a little bit myself just to again make it a little more natural for me, but it does come pre-plus. So for my ladies who are beginners um, you won't find yourself having to pluck the unit. If you don't want to. I know, um. Nine times out of ten, like i'm, i'm rarely plucking so yeah this unit will come pre-plugged for you. You guys can see. I did lay down some baby hairs on the sides and then also in the front you guys know i got ta always have my little swoop in the front um. Definitely with this unit, i would suggest baby hairs, because this unit has so much lace. So i would definitely um pick to where you want to like lay your baby hairs down now, if you do a side part, you know that's like a whole different ball game. I just think i think it's harder to make baby hairs with side parts than it is with a middle part. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's just me, though, this unit is definitely a yaki texture for sure you guys. I do think that this unit has minimal shine for sure you barely even see any shine in this unit, but for sure i definitely think that this unit is more so on the yaki side. So this that's something that i really really like, because it's definitely just giving like a natural look overall, so i don't mind it being. Yakky. Also think that this unit is full. I love the fullness on this unit. I don't think that this unit is like super duper on the full side, but i don't think it's like you can't say it's on the thin side as well. I think they did really good by like having it in the middle. You know what i'm saying right in the middle to where, like i feel like you can wear this hair through any season. I want to go ahead and show you guys the back of this unit. I think that this unit actually um. I think you should just put water in it, because i think when i was putting the mousse in it, it was making it like just a little more puffier after i put the water in it. So it's safe to say just put water in this unit and it's going to give you that natural, like beautiful, wavy type of look just water. Ladies unit, will also come bulky. You guys so um just make sure i mean the wax sticks. I don't know like i've been using them for a while now and i just feel like the wax sticks are kind of starting to even with the one i'm using now like the carrot. Stick like it's. It gives me a little residue, like i didn't think at first i was getting residue, but i am getting residue and i'm putting it on my head to get my wig to um press down. So i don't know, i may just go back to just using the hot comb, but i don't know because sometimes it works good. Sometimes it just don't like it all depends so i'll figure it out like sometimes i may use it sometimes i may not, but it feels like you guys. It feels like this unit may be at 150 density um. It could be 80, but i think it all depends because i put water in it um and i think um. It makes the unit feel like now, it's a 150, but when it's like in its natural state, it feels like much much much fuller. It does also fit well you guys, um. I didn't have to go ahead and adjust the straps, because i do feel like you get plenty of room in this unit, so whether you're a bigger head girl, smaller head girl, you have that um. You know you have that leeway to adjust the straps or not adjust the straps, and then it also comes with a four combs. So you have that security as well in the inside. Like i said it's a 13x6, so you can go ahead and do an updo look. You can do a side part or you do a ponytail. Um just all depends on what look you're feeling like. Lastly, i want to go ahead and show you guys the packaging on this unit. Now it does come with a scarf, also comes with lashes, which these are very, very pretty lashes, they're, not too thick they're, not too full um, and then it also comes with wig caps. So again you guys all have everything in the description box below. So you guys can check out this munich sure if you are new again you go ahead and subscribe to this channel, make sure you're hitting your post notification bell. So you don't miss an update. Make sure you like this video comment below share and i will see you guys in my next one

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