Beginner Friendly Wig Install Ft Aliexpress Ali Grace Hair

  • Posted on 23 August, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Wig I'm using in the video:

Aliexpress AliGrace Body Wave 13X6 26inches Lace Frrontal


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22nd August - 26th August

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Hey you guys, it's your girl, simone and welcome back to my channel, i'm going to show you guys how i got this super cute install. So you guys stay tuned so today we'll be working with ali gray's hair, but before we get into the install i want to let you guys know that aliexpress is having a back to school sale. Yes, a wig, so you guys see the amount that's off on them. Prices y'all go ahead and get slayed to go back to school, so this sale will last from august 22nd to the 26th. You guys, i would have codes down below in my description box, for the links to get the codes and the links to the exact hair so make sure you guys are checking everything and get slayed. So, let's get straight into the install now so before we get into, i want to show you guys everything that came in my goodie bag. With my wig, as you all see, i did get a brush. This is a beauty blender that i did receive. They sent me a lot of makeup products which is bomb because what's a good sleigh without makeup is like you know, so i got some headbands and of course i just want to show you guys everything that i got wig head. You know everything the norm, the usuals, but they did kind of show out what everything else they were sending. So i was just so in love, so of course you will receive all of these items as well. Now, let's get into the best part, and that is the wig, so you guys look at the texture of this wig look at the lace and when i tell you guys, i did not bleach the knots on this lace. I kept the texture and everything i didn't bleach it or i didn't dye it or anything like that, because i wanted to keep the body wave texture. So i went ahead and just put makeup on my lace and i put the same makeup on my hair as well. I do just go in with my la pro concealer and i just go ahead and dab that in on my lace as well as my wig cap. So right now i did spray some skin guard so that this protects my hair from the glue, because y'all be doing too many anyway back to the install so right. Now i'm going ahead and cutting my three slits. I do that, so it could be easier for me to apply my wig. You can go ahead and just put the glue all around and put it down if you want to. But this way is so much easier for me because if i do it that other way and put the wig all down at once, some sides be sticking better than the other. And yes, i know my brow cap was rising. That'S the exact reason why i wasn't putting the glue right there on my hair. I was putting it more on my skin, but yeah i'm just going to go ahead and rub this in. I do go in with three two three layers. Depending on how long i want to keep my wig on, but you make sure you apply it and you smear that in real good, because you don't want it to be chunks underneath your wig because it will show and then when it dries clear. That'S when you go ahead and apply your next layer, you pray for my knees. When i push my wig down and get the glue in there, i go ahead and use a comb. I don't really use my fingers because i heard your fingers have a lot of oils in it and it can make the the wig not stay. I don't know that's what i heard so i go ahead and i just use the back of my comb and just press it down into my head and yeah. As you guys can see. I know you can see the glue underneath is like a little white, but trust me it's going to dry clear also. I did want to mention that i got i went ahead and styled this wig when it was on the wig cap. I didn't really style it, but i just did the part on the side and then hot combed it so it could get flat. So i did that on the wig head i like to go ahead and style it before i put it on my head. I just feel like it makes it a whole lot easier and it takes less time. So, while i'm going ahead and just touching up the style, i'm going to go ahead and apply my lace with my wig lace, things saying, i think, was called elastic band. Until that way it could be secured and those you know that glue could just sink into my skin and melt so right now. I didn't want to do too much again because i wanted to keep this texture of the hair, so i did just go ahead at the top of the hair and just you know, straighten it, so it could get more flat. Also, whenever you're doing your hair, you want to make sure you're using lightweight oils, only do not use thick oils on your install because it is going to make your wigs stiff and who wants to walk around with a stiff wig, because everybody sees it, everybody notice. It who wants to be that stiff head girl, nobody so use lightweight oil, so i was using like this coconut oil from rs, so yeah you can use whatever lightweight oil, your heart desires and also you guys see that part like. I said i have parted it before i put it on my head. I didn't even pluck the part like this. Wig was already just everything was already pretty much done for me, and i love that. I love it easy wig because i'm not the best when it comes down to plucking and doing all that i could have collected apart a little more, but it already looked good to me. So i didn't even do too much and i feel like that's the best for beginners uh when cutting the lace i like to go in with scissors, because i don't know, i tried the the razor thing and scissors is just way more easier for me. I feel like i could get exactly where i want it and you guys see just how easy i'm just cutting it off and look how natural it looks on my hair right there, like it just looks so good. So i'll just use the scissors and you just cut as real close as possible. You want to get all the lace off, there's no reason why you want to have excess lace on your head and right now, i'm just going in and getting my baby hairs together. I don't really do a real, in-depth baby hair tutorial, because i am not the best with baby ears. Again, i'm still learning, but one thing i do use is my mini flat iron, because i feel like this technique is, makes it so much easier to lay your baby hairs down like it makes it so much easier when you just flip it up and you brush It down y'all. Thank you later, go ahead and try it. You understand, i can't take it everywhere so right here, i'm just using a wax stick and some edge control just to go ahead and slick that piece down and i'm using my brush. You know those hard brushes, i feel like those are the best and i'm just slicking it down again. I didn't want to go ahead and mess with the texture, so i kept everything the same. I didn't go ahead and i didn't go over it or nothing, but if you want to bring back the curls, if you feel like they look dry, all you have to do is spray like a lightweight oil again to miss spray and then you'll be good to Go but yeah i just went in with the wax stick and a little bit of edge control, not too much because i didn't want it to get greasy and you don't want to really brush it all the way down, because you don't want that wax to go To the other pieces of the hair like this is the only place i needed that to be so. This step is optional, but i just went in with the holding spray so that it could just really stick to my head. You want to make sure that's completely dry in the entire hair back up, so you guys this is the end results to the hair, i'm so in love with this hair. This hair did not shed at all it's super soft, so bouncy and look how good it looked to say. I did not bleach the knots you guys, don't forget to shop with ali grace, make sure you check out the description box below and thank you guys for tuning in

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