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  • Posted on 21 September, 2017
  • T Part Wig
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Hey guys, I am back with the Ali crowd, like I promised you to tell your back this way and I'm gon na hit the high note, for you tell me how the agenda saw my voice or whatever so yeah. Anyone be too much a truck, so yeah, like this le crowd week, has been a bomb to me, okay, and what I had. What I don't like is when I first wash the hair and there you know today that I put the books on there little. I knew this is some loose that I use for the lay down lay down the hairs and that's what's been working, because if I don't use it, I'm sort of fly everywhere and all of that - and I don't like that yeah. So when I flat out of the hair, I don't know why, for some reason in the look, this is some frontal, but some reason in the frontal part that the frontal part, all the hair is just flat like when I fled, are in just flashed up, but I'Ve like steady, the holiday light like me, hit my head and I don't understand so this help kicks it out cuz earlier today, like I worry sweetie I'd like it was I'll. Stick it up. I had put some of this on the wig and the back. You are lucky, let me do the geeks, I'm a Alek. Well, yeah like this week is ba-bump ba-bump and I enjoy the weeks like I've enjoyed doing the weep reviews like the hair, like I'm getting tired to make a week's understand. I'M not gon na lie. I am getting tired of making weeds if I'm not making waves from the money. I don't want to make a week. Okay, I just want to buy my weed so where I don't want to make weeds and they ship and pitch or make the winter. Then that's all right, you know away whatever, but I don't want to make wheels for myself anymore. I just want to be good with all of that and whatever, because I feel like I don't like the Nealon needle and thread I kind of just want to sew. It with the sewing machine I, like week by week it's it's sewn like that, and I love the way his home. I like that way better. So yeah, oh and you can see like the hair, is gorgeous like it said, gorgeous teal flowy and, like I said in my last video you know I wish this week because I believe it's like $ 60 for this week. This week it's cheap she business better than RPG like at first, I couldn't tell you whether it was better than you know like the real hair companies and, yes, how would I know if the hair is bad? The RPG, because guess what I actually have a way from RPG if you didn't know that I have a live for RPG and then we'll be over, even forgetting you but yeah. I have week for RPG, so um yeah and on, and I would say like really. If I was to compare the two weeks, they are both outstanding. Like I paid 60 for this with I paid 200 for the week I paid, so we got to put away like there's a lot of money, so I highly recommend you I go to any crap. Other crap, I am so happy with you like, like I love any, is first now you like uh because of you and the crowd had a crowd. I learned okay, a little bit you. Let me thank you and like this was a ten inch and I wish I think they usually have some more weeks. I don't know, I don't know if they have oh um. I think I do have body wave. I bet they have bad wavy, curly ike. I was looking about any upside, like my hair, by the way be curly in dolla day, and obviously i'm probably gon na like by, but any crash gon na be my go-to hair stops. Tow, like I probably got ballet elbow, is family crap because, like I, hate loving Ali crowd like I'm living in so yeah, that's what I'm living in to my way like yeah! It'S just this is another quick, alias fresh video and I'm this. I just wanted to show you out this week really really fast any flattered. I was very well so you got have to worry about them this morning, like you know, I'm a little wrist horny when I was splattering, my wig out, I burnt my hand like I'm slender, in the back it like ever. I like put the flat iron on my hand, and I burnt my still. I am a little slow and you should not make fun of me because you're probably slow yourself, so we're all slow together. So you should not make fun of me, but yeah, like I said, idea burn my head and it's still kind of really really hard really. First, you know I'm a little stupid, but yeah it really hurts yeah. I love of art, I'm sorry yeah! This hair is so gorgeous if I highly recommend y'all got ta Ali crying, buy it like about it. Sweetie like I love it, you're gon na love, it everybody's gon na love. It so just go back. I just I'll have to say about the le crayon week. So far, and thank you guys so much for watching

Kimberly Scott: I love this wig!!! Had to pluck for hours lol but looks so natural

Callmebisi: Too gorgeous ❤️ I'm a huge fan of bob wigs as well... It suits you so well.

Rayla Shanae: That hair looks great! Do they have longer lengths?

GrowWithNiki Gaga: I am loving this on you. Your make up is beautiful too

Angela Wright: Love it❤️❤️❤️

I AM that I am!: Never post link extra lol n loving it! ❤

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