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  • Posted on 10 December, 2020
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Season's Greetings y'all! I'm reviewing my experience of installing and wearing this Blonde Highlight wig (13x6, 24 inches, 150 density) from the ISHOW hair vendor on Aliexpress. This review is a follow up of my initial review and bad experience with this company, you can find my video on that here:

*I did purchase this hair with my own money, and this is my honest review of the wig I was sent-- I hope to lessen the bad experiences that others have had with this vendor!

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Hey everybody what's up hope everybody's having a great holiday time right now, holiday time um, so today we're gon na get straight to the point. I am reviewing this. I show here wig that i um made a controversial. I don't think it's controversial um one of my most viewed videos on was on this wig and how isho's hair has scammed me out of this wig, but they didn't. Though i got to keep the wig. I did contact the company and my multiple attempts to contact them. Um asked to return the wig and what address i could return the wig to um and the address that they had on. My dispute was like a string of numbers and words that i didn't understand, and there was like one part that was like seventh floor and i was like okay of what so uh. There'S no really no place for me to really send the wig back to. And i did dispute it with my bank and i did get my money back um as you can see through all the comments i did describe that so, if you are looking for my experience in purchasing this wig and the bad experience i did have with this Company um, you can refer back to that video. I will put it somewhere over there um or in the description box. So look for that there and this wig that i am reviewing here is: let's pull this up. I show highlight with brown colored human hair, wigs 13x4 1356 ombre straight lace front highlight wig. Basically, it's a highlight wig and the total amount that i did pay for this wig is 186.70 and it is 24 inches or should be 24 inches, which you can see. My annoyance, with the length on my other video from before, or did it an unboxing review initially for this video. This is my review of putting this wig on and having it on for about two or three days, um. So, to start off the pros about this wig, because there are some pros um, i'm not gon na say everything was horrible and a lot of things were, i'm not going to say, like everything. 100 was bad because it wasn't um. This hair is like i love this color. I will start off by saying that this color is beautiful. The layers of color the highlight streaks, pretty much everything i wanted. When i sought out a highlight wig, i will say that the blonde is pretty bright. I don't know if you guys can tell um so if you're looking for a pretty pigmented colored wig, you know not too bad, not too shabby, but i i feel, like the blonde, could be a little less blonde. Now with that being said, um it also straightens. Pretty well, i'm not too um disappointed about how it straightened um the only most of what i'm disappointed by um. So that was the pros. There was like two pros of uh um. One of the things i was most disappointed by in this wig were the fly. Aways men like when i initially put this wig on, i did a ball cap method and then i used ghost bond glue to lay it down. I had to take that off today because i put too much glue on it, so you know that, like it just was crumbling and sticking everywhere and i was like i cannot go on a camera like this. These girls will eat me up in the comments um. So i took it off, took the glue off and then just applied it with got to be spray. Am i applying? I, like y'all, have no idea how many flyaways i plucked out of this wig, how many flyaways i've like spritz, sprayed to tame down like i took a hot comb. It was like, like all throughout my head. Most of putting this wig on was dealing with the flyaways like, and i almost don't even want to ever wear this wig outside of this middle part that i currently have in, because if i were to do a side, part or other side, part or a ponytail Or something else to switch it up, i would have to deal with those flyaways all over again on another side of my head because they were everywhere what i did to get these flyaways down as best as possible. I'M not sure if you guys can see any flyaways right now, probably so like around the front areas or the side areas, you can also see what i mean fresh off the box no product. No anything on that video that i mentioned before um. In addition to the flyways, which i had to actually retain every single day, so the first day i put it on flyaways second day, i put it on still more flyaways and today, when i reapplied it again, um flyaways also another kind was that this hair, like I said does straighten pretty well um and it's soft when it's straightened. I will give it that, but when it starts to get hang go baby girl, you can start to feel the bleach crispiness. I don't know if that makes any sense, but you can start to feel how the bleach has hardened the hair, which is understandable if you bleach, hair, it's gon na, be it's not gon na. Have that same exact, uh texture as raw hair. I get that and i also understand what i'm paying for. I know that or what i did pay for. I knew it was coming from aliexpress. I know it's a cheaper wig. I know wigs of this length typically go like for 300 plus i'm aware of that. Um, so i know that with aliexpress i'm getting it's slightly um less quality, but like yeah, i was right so when i send this wig back, i was right to want to refund. This wig is bad. It'S poorly made because this hair is looking nice and soft and cute because i literally just flat ironed it 15 minutes ago, but baby throughout the day when it starts to get tangled and matted up in here. Oh i'm, i'm itching. I need a ponytail holder stacked because i got to put it up because i'm tired of it touching my neck, like it's, it's too itchy, it's too hard and too wispy, like i said before, um girl. First of all, this wig is so thin, y'all um, i'm saying first of all after i just named like six things, but this week is so thin. This is half the wig. This is half the wig like this is the wig all together and even though i've had it in for a few days. So it's not fresh fresh. It'S pretty fresh like after a few days like it shouldn't be starting to um the hair shouldn't be starting to like coagulate. It'S just still have a fluffy fresh look. I mean in my experience of wearing wigs for a minute um. It should still like. Just you know be flying all over the place, but i was doing a photo shoot a few days ago with this wig on and i had to use so much product on the top of my head for the flyaways. That, like i, was trying to do. A hair flip in one of the videos and like only the hair on the bottom, was moving because i had to use so much product for the flyaways. That was a big con to me. Um and also the wig is so thin that if you move in certain areas you can see the tracks, i don't know. I tried my best to cover it up today, but i don't know if you can see any tracks over here, but in my experience, the um part where the the frontal was sewn into the rest of the tracks for the rest of the wig. That was showing um on camera, and so i didn't love that this just be shedding like a dog like i don't know, there's hair on my on my leg right now, there's two strands right there, but earlier today i was cooking hair, my food hair on the Counter hair on my clothes and i've only worn this wig for like three days, hair all in the sink all on the floor got ta sweep every day. One of my last few cons about this wig is that um. I did complain about the length. So here is where the front sits on my head: this is 24 inches from the front. I want the front to at least go like you know like here um, whereas - and this is all the hair pulled to the front of my head - this bottom is going here close to my belly button. If i flip it around to the back, you can see it's like around the back, but it's so thin that, like you, can't even can't even really see the length i don't know i like when i first put this wig on. I turned around to see how long it would be down my back and like you could barely barely see the length because it's so thin and um in my initial purchase of this wig, it did say it was supposed to be 150 density now this is not 150 density, i have a 150 density wig. This is not 150 density um. I know this is a common thing for these aliexpress companies to be lying about the density. They definitely lied about this one um good. I did not bleach the knots because they seem already pretty bleached. It'S a bleached wig, so i didn't even really put any foundation on the lace either. It was a medium brown lace. The lace is pretty hard and pretty scratchy um by day two. I was ready to take the wig off because it was like itching, my forehead, so i will say that the lace was pretty thick as well. Yeah, i'm sorry y'all, it's not a good review, but um. This is what it looks like on the side. This, the other side, should you guys want to see um. This is how the wig held up for me, um disclaimer. I bought everything with my own money. Nothing was sponsored, and i saw in the comments of my other video of initially unboxing this one. A lot of people had, unfortunately, a lot of people had the same experience with this company, and i think that's saying something um that i don't think i overreacted about it, and i don't think that i'm in the wrong for saying this is a bad wig, poorly Constructed thin wispy shedding everywhere hair gets tingly quickly. Yeah! That'S my review of this wig um do not buy it. I'M gon na see that with a smile on my face, do not buy it and don't shop with there their company. I'M sorry! If you do! Buyer. Beware, it's all on you. It'S a risk. Life is a gamble. You never know um, but i would not. I would not now um. I will be back later this week or very soon after i post this video with another wig review. Now i've been doing some shopping um. I went on amazon and i got an amazon wig y'all, i'm so cheap, i'm so cheap aliexpress, amazon, drugstore makeup. If you don't have a dollar to spend come to my channel, because i will do the research for you, i will risk it all for you uh. Unfortunately, because i will try to find a sale honey. I will find try to find something cheap. Now i bought this wig on amazon and it was on black friday, so they were having a black friday sale on this wig uh jaja hair. I think i paid like 48 for a 12 inch um water wave wig 4x4. So if you would like to see what it looks like in my review of it in my unboxing and me putting it on then stay tuned ding that notification bell for that new video coming up so you'll be notified. When i release it alright guys. Thank you. So much i am signing out, don't forget to like and subscribe see you later

Dawn Hinton: I just bought a wig from this company and it is awful. Two different type of hair, uneven, not 150% density. I am so dissatisfied. Trying to get my money back!

Andrea Carrion: I bought this one. It was 100% density i swear!

Zeze: This hair looks so nice on you

Shaniqua Rowsey: I just bought this wig and it’s already in the shipping process ‍♀️

Jada Forever: Did you wash the hair and bleach your knots? If so did it shed when you did it?

Dayday: I just bought a wig from this page and they are trying me atm I not losing this battle with them

Sabrina: would you recommend ishow then? or no, and if so do you have another vendor you recommend

Moonie : At least you'res is pretty I ordered a dirty blonde wig and they sent me a white wig that looks like shit lol

Michelle Reese: It’s sad you think it’s okay to bad mouth them then take it back. You shouldn’t of done a remove for something you haven’t tried it on smh. That’s just terrible can tell your character alot

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