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  • Posted on 21 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Hey y'all: what's up welcome back to the channel? Welcome if you are a new Hagar hey so today we are going to be reviewing this beauty that I have on my head right here right now you see the color baby. You see the color, so let's get into it: hey y'all, so this wig was sent over to me from the Doula hair that we're gon na review. Today you already know what the packaging looks like, but inside they had this some goodies. You know lashes, wig caps, that kind of stuff, but let's get into this roll. This rope is beautiful and you know what my favorite colors are okay, so this is in the champagne color and I'm obsessed with it, love it so much when I was getting to the wig, so they sent over their 13x4, transparent lace, wig and Jerry curly 20. Inches in this reddish brown orange kind of color, I really don't even know how to describe this color. It'S impeccable. I don't have anything like it and so I'm super geeked, but this is what the frontal is looking like, and then this is what the curl pattern looks like. As I always say, I like to show you what the curl pattern looks like and what the wig looks like before I co-wash it. It has your typical construction Combs on the side, comb in the back, and it has an adjustable strap. That is detachable and it literally goes from one side to the other, so that makes this wig glueless. Okay, we love that but yeah one more look at the curl pattern and then I'm going to co-wash and let it air dry and I'll talk to you in the next clip okay. So this is what the wig looks like after it has been co-washed and air. Dried now this is not rooted, so I'm gon na have to you know, try to finesse. That'S why I have my edges literally pushed all the way back, so we're about to try to see if we can make this work. I didn't realize that I accidentally parted. This, like not directly in the middle, like it's kind of like off to the side, but now I'm about to just put some foundation on the underside, because y'all know I'm not bleaching, no knots, I'm just not doing it, I'm not so I got ta put foundation On the underside of the lace and then I have to just straighten out the part, and that's really going to be it. I might fluff it up just a little bit but yeah, let's get into the styling foreign. You know I got the magic for you. Imagine I need give me all my life okay, so let's what I think about this wig, this curl pattern is beautiful. This color, though I'm obsessed, I love this color. I don't have a wig, this color in my entire collection. So I'm really excited to add this. To the collection, I really love this color. This color is so bomb. It'S like. I don't even know how to describe it. It'S like it. It'S it's Ginger, but it's like red, but it's like brown, like you know it's giving like cinnamon spice. I don't know, but it's really really pretty another thing that I like about this color is for me. As you know, if you are not new here, I like to wear my wigs behind my hairline, so I realized when I was like doing this that, because this wig has like brown strands kind of running throughout, I would be able to wear my natural edges with This wig and then just like bring some of the hairs down into my edges to like make it look like it's like a mixed, color kind of situation and it'll look nice at least that's what I think in my mind, and I feel like I have a Little bit of that going on over here, like it's kind of like Blended in with my edges, a little bit, so I think like it'll, be fine. So I'm happy about that, because that means that I could wear this wig like how I really like to wear my wigs, which is like behind my hairline. As I said like the curl pattern, is pretty. This is like my third favorite curl pattern, but still a favorite okay hold on hold your hold your horses um. It'S still my favorite. It'S third, though, because first is Afro, Kinky Curly, as you know, and then second is kinky curly, and then this curly texture is served, but still a favorite. Okay, I like to have a variety of the curly textures, because one day you might be feeling Afro, Kinky, Curly and then another day, you're feeling this curly okay. So I like to have have a variety, but this is definitely a favorite. My third favorite, but definitely a favorite also this hair is so soft. It'S insane like how soft this hair is. It'S so soft, like pillow soft, like oh, my gosh, it feels really nice. Another thing that I like about this wig is the density. It'S not like super super dense, but it's not thin either. It'S like the perfect density right in between to look like nice and natural. So I love that the cap size. This is definitely big head friendly. If you got a bigger size, head you're. Definitely gon na, like this wig and love this wig, because I had to adjust the adjustable strap all the way to the other side. Remember I showed you. It has like the thing where it could be adjusted literally from one side to the other, opposed to like having like the uh three clips that you could just like. Only go within that range. This you could like literally adjust it from one end to the other, and I had to adjust it all the way to the other end. So if you have a bigger size head you're going to love this wig another thing: if you like to lay frontal you're gon na love this wig, because this has transparent lace, so it looks really bomb um. And if you bleach the knots it'll look even better. You know what I'm saying me: I'm not bleaching the knots, I'm not gon na do it. I ain't got the time I don't want to, but if you bleach the knots and later latest, like frontal like in a traditional front away, you are going to love this wig. Okay, me I'm not really into like laying frontal and all that. So I just have a little something going on right here. That'S it! That'S all you know. That'S all! I need not too much not too much, but yeah y'all, that's pretty much it. I don't have much else to say about this wig I feel like for me. I always work with medulla again and again, because for one I just business-wise really get along with the company, but also too I don't have to worry about like if it's going to be what it's supposed to be or if the quality gon na be. I don't have to worry about that, like I already know that they have good quality wigs. So that's why I continue to work when they do the hair, but that's pretty much it. I don't have much else to say. If you are interested in the wig, I will leave all of the links down in the description box. They are having a Black Friday sale, so y'all better take advantage of these discounts. Okay! So once again, thanks to nadula hair for sending me over this wig and collaborating with me on today's video, I appreciate it. Let me know down in the comments what you thought: give the video a thumbs up. If you enjoyed it subscribe, if you are not subscribed and I'll catch you in the next one, bye,

Dewana Johnson: I see you dropping these gems. I love this color and the curls. Such a beautiful Fall color.


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