I Bought A Wig From Aliexpress Lol Did I Get Scammed?

  • Posted on 19 February, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

In today's video I unbox a wig I ordered from aliexpress, let's see if this hair is nice or not! Let's chat ! :)

Heeyy guys i'm back !!!! hopefully you enjoy this video ! Let me know in the comments what you guys would like to see in the future









Hello mates it's naka, so today i got this aliexpress wig i wanted to see is aliexpress worth it. I'Ve gotten wigs from aliexpress, but that was like back in the days, but you know i'm trying to see like these girls on tick tock. They said that aliexpress had good wigs, so i trust them. I trust my tick tock girls, so i'm gon na see like are they lying to us mates so um? I'M gon na put a picture right here of how the wig this is what they sold me. That'S what it was like and you guys know i love aliexpress, so i'm gon na see. I have high expectations, but okay, i'm a little disappointed. It came in this maze like it didn't even come in this cute little satin bag, like it literally just came out of this the package i was like what is this honey, the ghetto mates like anyways guys, but it they gave me these cute little earrings. Well, it came with this these cute little earrings, so that's nice and this wig cap that i'm wearing you see. That means so that's nice, but i like those little satin bags. I don't know, let me know if you guys like them, but we're gon na, take it out. It'S supposed to be like an afro-ish look, because i like an afro, because i can't be wearing these wigs where you have to lay down the edges, is too much. I just like a wig like a hat slap it on, so i'm going to open this bag. Oh great, i was torn between black or like a two-toned, but i went for black just to see you know made this. It doesn't smell, like anything, thank god, but i haven't washed it. So i'm thinking i'm gon na wash it after so wow. This is a lot of hair maize. You see that is this. I hope this doesn't give party city wig. Okay, let me adjust it adjust the straps because i got a small head, but usually these afro wigs. They look nice on me, so i'm just gon na put these here and i'm gon na put it on meats. Oh my god meats! Oh, you know what i don't know: it's not really giving the picture. I you know what mates. Maybe i need to fluff it out. You know, maybe maybe i need to mates. This is one of those wigs where you got to get your scissors out cut it out. I didn't i wasn't asking for this mate. I just wanted a wig where i can just put on like i don't have time for the wigs. You know you got ta. Do all this like? Why can't i just get a wig you put on and it's already ready, but this wig was 53 dollars, canadian, but you know what the thing with these afros is: the bigger the better. Oh there's a lot of hair mates. It'S a lot of hair. Oh it's looking cute! Actually you see the maze and these earrings that they gave mates. They knew what they were doing and it's very soft. It doesn't give synthetic like it gives half synthetic, but it doesn't give like the cheap synthetic. Like my mom's wigs, you know, you know what i'm talking about your mom with those synthetic wigs back in the days, but this is that what let me see what it was supposed to give? Let me see this. This is not that picture. This is not giving that picture mates. This is not giving that picture. This is giving something else these wigs. Why do we always have to freaking cut these wigs? Now i'm gon na have to go in there, go on youtube type in how to layer freaking inches on wigs all the work that i didn't want to do. But you see that i think that for this you just got ta fluff it out, but for 53 dollars, and this feels really nice i feel like. If you don't have these people they love. Can i touch your hair when they touch it? It'S gon na be like. Oh, this is oh your hair's, so nice, your hair grew a hundred percent. My hair goes with the wind. Do you see that oh maze, it's hot up in here, though, like this? If you sweat, this is not for you like, but this is what it's looking like: i'm not gon na be the one that's gon na take uh scissors and cut into it. Oh, this is cute all right. Okay, it's very big, though, like if you like, big hair. This is the one for you, but you know what maybe it is giving that picture yeah it is giving that picture. That'S literally it wow. Oh shoot me. This is not that bad! Okay! Mace! You see that this is cute. Fifty dollars mates, i'm about to go order. The two-toned one! You see that here i can do my edges and put it out. You can even do like hairstyles with it. You know what it being big you can play around with it and do some styles like wow mates. This is nice. You see that don't play with me, 53 dollars, canadian mates balling on a budget and he doesn't even look like synthetic hair. This is this. Is synthetic with an h? You know when people ask me: how do you maintain your hair like that hard work, hard work? You know you got ta moisturize it a lot. So you know these people they love to be in your business. How long did it take for you to grow your hair, all my life, but yeah? You see that holy you're, not hot. I have this lady come up to me when i was wearing one of my afro wigs. Oh my god, you don't get hot. No! I'M used to it wow, you can't tell me this is not coming out of my scalp. I was not expecting this. I guys when i picked it out of this. I was like this. Is it like they got me they scammed me, but ali expressed. I keep telling people aliexpress is the way to go. If you get scammed on aliexpress, you want it to get scammed like mates, i've been ordering from aliexpress well, i haven't ordered in a while, but back in the day i used to order a lot of these little afro wigs on aliexpress and they never failed me Even lace wigs too like, but i think it's like a lot of time. People expect like if you get a wig on aliexpress for like a hundred dollars. It'S not gon na. Look like these 400 wigs so with aliexpress. I feel like you need to manage your expectations and be realistic with it like this. Wig was 50 so and it's synthetic too so i was like you know what, like i know, what i'm getting into, but this this is looking like a 100 wig and it only cost me 50 because i paid 20 for express shipping. I wanted it to come within like a week or so, but yeah, but free shipping. It came within two two weeks yeah and with wigs on aliexpress. Shipping is really really fast. It doesn't take you a month compared to if you order clothes or not guys. Let me be aliexpress: his spoke person like i'll put the girls on it, but you see that oh minimal, shedding mates if you're on a budget go on aliexpress like oh. This is very cute and um. If you're good with layering you just you can cut the bangs some more like cut it here, because that girl she had like it was a little out. I mean it's not exactly like the picture, because here it's fuller right, so hers was a little more like that and a little more here she cut a little of the top but mates ain't. Nobody got time for that who's, cutting what i don't want to mess up. So i'm probably gon na wait for my cousin to come when she comes to see me and i'll get her to cut layers into it because, like i said, i'm not the one with the scissors. Anybody got time for that. Let a hairstylist do their job. So you see the mace, this is cute um. I was also thinking of getting an afro wig, like you know, when you comb out your hair and it goes like an afro. I absolutely love that style, so i'm gon na be ordering that and then i'll come on here to let you guys know what it looks like like these wigs are really fun. Really easy. You don't have to do anything like that mate. You see. I just put it on: like a hat: go, do your errands come back, the only thing is, if you sweat, it's gon na be a problem, but your body gets used to it. You see that means where get this, if you're gon na be asking what are you using your hair patiences? That'S all i use. How long did it take to grow your hair three years, [, __ ], you see this style and grace. Wait. Hmm, all right! Boo! All right - and i like thick hair, like i'd like a head like big, big hair. Oh alright, this is my style of hair. I absolutely love this love the bangs, but yeah guys. This is the look. I absolutely love this hair. I wish i would have gotten a two-toned guys. You see that i don't know i probably won't order from the vendor anymore, because their website i went back to click on the website and some days. It'S there other days, it's not there, but i've seen a lot of these afro wigs on aliexpress. I'Ve ordered a lot of these for my mom, so you know i was like. Let me just let me see mates and make sure you look at reviews. The number one thing with aliexpress: you have to look at reviews and make sure the reviews have pictures, but you have to be careful because sometimes those pictures it's like scammy, but on aliexpress mates you got to be careful, it's not for everyone, but i absolutely love, Like for wigs like this, you know like synthetic wigs and um like wigs, like these itty too easy to go. Aliexpress is where it's at that's, where your beauty supply store, gets their their synthetic hair from it feels it feels like my hair, literally oh maids, i'm feeling this i'm about to take some cute little ig pictures in this new hair who's. This naka anyways guys. So i'm gon na go. I absolutely love this hair. Let me know if you've ordered from aliexpress before, if you like, aliexpress or if you don't mates like i say if you wan na, if you get scammed on aliexpress, you want it to get scammed, because it's very easy to order from aliexpress and get like good Things like these: do you see that just be careful, because at the end of the day, like all these other vendors and stuff like that, they all get their hair from china, they probably get it from aliexpress. So just do your research look at reviews. Look at the vendors with um diamond stars, five stars, so that's that hopefully you guys enjoyed this video. I absolutely love this hair. Don'T forget to like comment subscribe and i'll see you in my next video toodaloo bye. You

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Bee Bee: Dude, if I was wearing my hair in a big curly hairstyle (which I never do because I don’t know how to do it properly and my hair tangles) and someone came up and asked if I’m not hot I might not even answer them, that is so annoying, mind your business lol. People have too much audacity. I was twisting my hair in the house and my dad’s female friend at the time asked isn’t my hair so hard to deal with. She was staring in awe. Bruh lol. We get it, y’all can just run a brush through your hair and be ready lol Anyway, always enjoy your videos!

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Ms. Patti Patti: It looks good on you. Next time shake it out really hard before putting it on your head and then style it to your liking. After shampoo and conditioner, it will look even better. You may have to cut a little bit to fit your face.

Megha Sahu: That wig added so much to your look....very cool

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