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Hey Flowers, get into this Short Pixie Cut Wig #ShortPixieCutWig, #Aliexpress is is really the G.O.A.T for #AffordableWigs. This unit is only $50 from SunnyMay



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Hey flowers, it's your girl, reese's friend, i'm back with another video. What'S up, what's up how you doing how you doing uh hey, i was having technical difficulties with access period, so this video is all about the unit that i am wearing right now, honestly, i love it. However, comma we was nervous, we didn't know what was going to happen. So if you want to see how i just style this down, how i style it, if you want to see every other good goody good make sure you continue to watch before we get into the tutorial and the review, i want you to go ahead and subscribe To my channel hit the bell for notifications anytime, that i upload a video you are notified, go ahead and thumbs up this video comment down below and share this video with your friends i'll see you guys in my next one. Let'S get right into it! Right, hey! Hey: hey, hey! So, okay, you guys, so you just saw the lay down. Let'S get right into all of the deets and the specs of this wig. This wig is from the vendor sunny. May it comes in this box right here and in the box. Of course it comes with the wig, and then it comes with a pair of fashion lashes, which i probably won't use. These would probably work to like cut them up and like use them for something else, and then it also comes with the weaving cap, something else i probably wouldn't use. I prefer when they sit in the regular wig caps, but hey it is what it is. So that is how the wig comes. This is a pixie cut wig on the site. It does say that it's six inches, but i believe it's just speaking to the frontal part of it. That is six inches and it is a so. This is a 13 by four frontal and i believe that is the part that they consider six inches so um. It'S perfect to keep that in mind, because the back, as you can see, is more like a pixie cut. It kind of gives you that 27 piece look. I do have a little bit of a hump here, because my hair is not cornrowed flat. I have a little bun in it, so you want to make sure that you're not like me, and you want to make sure that you braid your hair flat. A weaving um, like the beehive kind of style, will probably work best if you have hair. That'S like the length of mine and the thickness of mine, because you don't want to have it so that it's like that little hump. But it doesn't look that that bad. But it comes all the way down to the back of my neck. And you just want to make sure you, the bbs. You can't tell because that's the worst, that you have on a straight hair, wig and your natural and then like your real hairs on the back is out. So i kept it long because i just wanted to make sure that it covered the nape of my neck um and i do actually like the way i did it in the back kind of. Did it like a slick down here, especially on the side, and of course i bleached, the knots did not show how to do that on camera. If you want to see how i bleach my knots, i did recently up upload recently upload a tutorial about that. So i will put that up in the cards right here, so you can go ahead and check that out when you're done watching this video so yeah. All i did was just like. You know, throw a little bit of. I razored it to be a little bit of the v right here on this side kind of threw this back, so it would give you that kind of, like wild kind of sexy, vixen, look because we don't, i didn't want to give auntie. I wanted to give like daddy, like there's a difference like some girls with the short hair they look. Auntie like i didn't want to give you auntie. If i was giving you auntie, i needed to be sexy auntie, that's it. We needed to give you that vibe, but i really really do like this believe it or not. I'Ve been nervous to try short hair. I finally tried it and i'm actually planning on wearing this throughout the summer, so wait for. Is this wait for she gon na make some we got ta name her cuz. She will make some new appearances. So what should we name her? I don't know comment down below what you think. I should name this wig and let me know we gon na pick. Her name but yeah, so i really love this. This wig came up to 55. I believe, after taxes, if anything, it'll be down in the description box, but i do believe it was 55 after taxes, which is not bad for a short hair, frontal wig. I think it's perfect. I did not mind paying that and it is 100 human hair so like. Where could you go wrong? Okay, you guys. So that is the end of this review. Thank you guys so so much for watching. I truly appreciate you don't forget to join that flower gang by liking, commenting sharing and subscribing to my channel i'll, see you guys in my next video bye. You

Reese LaFleur: Hey Flowers!? Would you wear this wig?? What should we name her!?

Accidental Beauty: When I saw the title I was expecting a basic pixie cut but I love how you styled this wig! And the hair looks super high quality too!

Into the Dragon's Den: This pixie cut looks amazing on you! The wave of the hair looks incredibly natural. I also LOVE your pink and silver makeup

Dolly Roman: Okay the pixie is very much an entire VIBE on you!I really love how you styled it and everything.Looks so good girly!

The Ingrid Chronicles: Love it you always do a great job and the price you can't beat $50 bucks!

Kie RaShon: Look at you slaying!! I am so proud of you for stepping out the box sis!!

Badgalpearly: Girl you never disappoint with these wigs !!! Flawless per usual !

Laura Cristina: This looks so good on you!!

Alicia Nicole 💜: This is soooooo cute! I never know how to find good quality wigs for cheap!

ayyyeeeitsamanda: this pixi cut is so cute on you! you can pull off so many wigs!!


Sarah Webster: I am LOVING this look on you also your toooop so cute!

Monika Blaháčková Gilliam: Girl, I feel like you can pull off any wig! Sexy auntie lmao Side note--I'm obsessed with the glitter liner on your eyes, tutorial please?

Stephanie De Pena: I am definitely going to go on aliexpress for a wig you have convinced me lol love your energy and your video ♥️♥️

Lindsay Erin: omg this fits you so well!

Danni Magz: Stunning looks fab xx

Adrienne Marlee: You look super cute with the pixie cut and your makeup is

Nizzy Mac: okaaayyy your makeup is flawless! i love that glitter liner! and this wig is so cute! she looks like a sharon or a nia lol

RareBeautyEnvy: Yessssssss name her !!!! Lol not sure what to name her tho but she is cuuutttteee love the video and your personality is bomb!

Samantha Sara Rose: Ugh yes, you gave her life!! Name her!!

Taylor Morgan: ok #1, you are GORGEOUS and #2 i love listening to you talk!! you have an amazing voice haha

Dupe. Gbad: ooo that eye shadow is cute. the cut is cute as well

sheila logo: Hello it's $60???

sheila logo: Hello it's $60???

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