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  • Posted on 29 October, 2019
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Aliexpress Nadula hair Brazilian Straight Wig 26inch 180% Density

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So I'm having a little bit of an issue right now, because my whole plan for this hairstyle was to put it in a in a side, part right and then I was gon na wear off to the side and curly okay. So I don't really know at this point what to do really yeah. I have no clue what's how to style my hair at this point because, excuse me, the lace parting space is so short on the side that, for me to put a part right there as a side, it's just a little itty bitty part and in its tracks. Right there, so I wasn't really feeling that, but I definitely don't want to do a middle part, so girl, I'm just like stuck right now. I don't really know what to do, because this hair is very thick in the frontal which I got another close to this wig being thick enough frontal. The only thing is just that when it comes to like making it look natural like there's just more steps to it, you know. Typically, you would just part it after you bleach the knots, and it is just like perfection, but this part is like really tiny, and I definitely want my part to be more defined than this so and then we got to make sure we cover up these trucks Right here, cuz there's some tracks up in there, like I said it's just a little bit more work, because some moves just to kind of set everything in place. You wan na pop laughing - that's the right. So this is these finish like I went ahead and our crimped everything I did redo this side over here cuz. It was starting to fall a little too soon for the kids first time. The reason I don't know why I don't like my let's say I don't know if it's my eyelashes, I don't know if it's my what it is, but something I'm not really feeling today, but we're just gon na go through it anyway. So yeah. This is the hair. I think we shouldn't have put this dress on with it on camera. Just cuz, it's hard for you guys to see but yeah, so this hair is 26 inches you guys. This is where it's hitting me like right. Above my butt. Okay, also real quick. I didn't want to show you guys the packaging for this hair. So this is the box for the unit and then inside you do get a couple of extras. You do get a free weight comb. So that's great! You can insert a Whitcomb where needed, you also get adjustable straps, which is always amazing. You guys know that I have been using elastic bands lately to like melt my lace, but this is actually really awesome, like you can put this inside of your unit and it's adjustable. It comes with these. I don't do this. I said I was gon na. Do it in a video - and I haven't done it but I'll - try to do this in another video, so you guys can see like a glueless method in applying your units but yeah. So you get that with your order and then, of course you get a free wig cap. We love free, wig caps around here, because we always meet them. They'Re, always essential. Whenever you're applying your wig absolutely love this hair, though it does crimp very beautifully, I'm still like debating right now. If I want to run my fingers to it cuz I feel like I might run my fingers through it. Then it's gon na like take the crimp out, but I guess the crimp is already falling anyway. It might look a little more softer if I you know, from my hand, story which actually I doesn't glue. Okay, just softly running my fingers through it just to take that out this part right here, since I just did it I'm not going to unravel it yet but yeah. This is the finished. Look you guys, I really really like my hair, like this crimping, your hair. Just like it that's something to me, I don't know what it is about: crimped hair, but it's just so beautiful, so bomb, I'm actually about to go out right now, so I will chat with you guys later. I did want to do this review for Anna Dula hair if you guys have never tried on to do the hair. I'D highly recommend them. This is definitely one of the thickest units that I've had in a while, especially in the frontal area they made this unit. Super thick, so if you are to get this unit, definitely go down in the density, because you're gon na be plucking all day, so I hope you guys really enjoyed this video shout out to no doula hair for sitting over this unit. You guys have worked with me so many times, I'm always in love with your units. So thank you guys for working with me again. Thank you to all of my viewers today for stopping by my channel. So watch me slay another unit. If you guys, like this video, don't forget to give it a thumbs up and I'll see all of you guys in my next one bye, really [ __ ]

Naomi D: I've been wanting to do deep waves for like the last 2 years and here you go with this upload❤

Youlovekxoxo: This was bomb asf! I been wondering how to create this look & you just came through‼️Also, for the girls asking I believe this crimp tool is from the bed head line.

The Tastemaker: BTW the unit is also available in a 13x6 if you need more parting space. I recommend ordering this unit in 150% because the 180% is VERY thick.

Nicole_ lovefashion: I was looking at that wig like that part is so short, but as always you did your thing hun. I absolutely loved the end result. I also be loving your makeup and lashes yessss queen .

jennifer48ist: PERFECT! Thanks for the inspiration xoxo

The Tastemaker: OH LAST THING !!! I DID Bleach the knots on this unit before styling :)

Destiny Erugo: How long do the crimp curls last before you need to re crimp it ?

CCC2018: Use to get my hair crimped 15 years ago. Glad its back

Fine Whine: Does anyone know if this wig is big head friendly?!

Kendall R: I'm always here for u. Love the styles you do..

Crazy Cat Lady: Those are the bedhead crimping irons they are sold at target at Ulta or you can find them online for everyone asking. I got mine from Target

Teeciya Curly: Soooooooo perfect !

Ja'Bria Thomas: Yassss I got the same heat protectant spray love this video ‼️

Lokenya Mccorvey: Now they know they’re wrong for that parting space

Pudden'sDaughter: SO GORGEOUS!❤AS ALWAYS!✌

Pudden'sDaughter: You are simply the best!☝I'm damn near speechless! Fabulous, fabulous #FABULOUS❤I admire your gorgeousness

Destiny Felix: Ugh i looooove how u do ur make up!!!!! Soo bombbb!!! makes me wanna wear big lashes n liner

Francesca Howell: Hello may I ask what crimp iron are you using?

Ziana Marie: Where you get your crimpers from?....btw I love your hair

The Tastemaker: This wig has nothing but good reviews on Aliexpress, but is it worth the HYPE?

Kalena Young: I looooove your hair !

shortystopy: You look so good girl

Elizabeth Ranti: Thank you for your review, how is the hair holding up?

Dior Doll: What crimper iron is this?

Khails: Where did you get your crimper ?

Doris Davis: What products are you using in this video?

Yesenia Vasquez: Where did you get that styling tool?

Nathalie Dormevil: What were you Putting on your hair before you crimped each section?

Sade Reese: Where can I get the waver because none of the ones I see are purple all over

Mickayla FC: What kind of crimp iron is this ?

Omari Mccorvey: Where did you get your waver

EYVETTE MOORE: What kind of iron is this? Where did u get it from sis

Sherika Kaay: Where’s your crimper from?

ItsMiss ItGirl: Where did you get your crimper

angiepretty1ify: Where did u buy the crimping iron and what's the name of it

Jalexus Dickens: Yasssss had to watch on my old phone cause my new one taking to long to update, yassss boo finessseeeeee game on 1000000000000000000

Jackie Bang: ♥️♥️♥️What's the purchasing information for the climps?

Allaboutkaylaa: What waver did you use to style this

NatNRealLIFE !: Can you give the brand name of the hot tool you used?

Jewel Williams: What’s the name of them crimpers tools u using ?

Icy mafia: what type of hair curler is that ?

Takaya A:

Jen: Yes I like this one

Terri Minor: Where is the top from that you took off

RHCP: Waver name??

Victoria LaShay: Sis u gotta have some Asian in u!! U lookin all exotic girl u look beautiful af!!

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