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  • Posted on 15 August, 2017
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Baddie on a budget synthetic wig!

Hey y'all I bought this wig from AliExpress for only $40 and she is 30" !!! Yes this hair will get tangled don't expect it not to lol it's synthetic. Get you some wig spray and a wig brush and you'll be good lol here's the link to the store if you guys would like to purchase it!

Link :

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I bought this wig from Aliexpress for $ 40 from a store, cold Beauty town. I will pull all details and links down below, so let me just get into this way. Yeah ordered this wig. It took about 10 days to get to me. I ordered it on the 4th. It came today on the 14th, so a little bit a little bit about the wig. As you guys see it's, it gets a little lot. It'S 30 inches of synthetic hair. It'S gon na get same gold. I wasn't expecting like something great like I knew what I paid for. I knew that I was getting this synthetic wig, so it's in it really mean much to me. The wig is, I think, it's good quality, but I feel like because of the length and the fact that I synthetic it does getting lit a lot, and that means turn people off this lake is 30 inches. So it's pretty pretty long. It'S a lace, front wig! I didn't pull the lace all the way down and put bald it out all over my forehead, because I really didn't want to go for that look. This is a perfect, perfect way. You are evaluated budget and you want to look cute, but you don't want a great babe. This is $ 40 and you are good with synthetic wigs, I'm really good with synthetic wigs. I know how to take care of them. I know how to keep them. You know looking good in that looking crazy, so basically, this desires parting space basically stops right here on the side and in the middle. It'S like right here, but I don't like the middle part on me, like I, like my, but I'm going to be doing a serious body on a budget, because I'm all about saving money right now and you know I've been looking for deals. I look for deals. All the time - and I found one with this wig - I'm definitely definitely feeling this so yeah, guys like videos like this comment down below, tell me what you think some what you think about my do-it-yourself emails by the way. As I said yesterday, I mean I kind of butchered I kind of butcher them the favor dude yourself, acrylic nails for ten dollars week for 40 dollars, and if you haven't already check out my fashion little video, you guys know how I feel about fashion OVA check. It out - and I will see you guys in my next video bye

Yorlibeth Rodriguez: How long did it take the shipping ?

Destiney lashay: new subbie ❤❤

Annette: Nah your everything for putting us on 2 this

Uniqua Lashe': actually wasn't $40 .. damn I thought I was going to have a deal

The Corner: Would you still recommend?

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