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  • Posted on 01 December, 2020
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Hey dolls! I am finally back and I have got an honest hair review for you! This hair costs only £108 and is 100% Brazilian Loose Wave Hair purchased with my own coins.

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Hey dolls. Welcome, i am back. I know i have not uploaded a video onto youtube in quite a long time. I'M back and i thought what better to kick start things off than with a hair review. So it's gon na be an honest hair review. I'Ve purchased the hair with my own coins, we're gon na get into it. We'Re gon na see if this hair is luscious gorgeous like it looked on the ad, because we know that aliexpress likes to make things look glamorous and what comes may not be that. So i'm gon na give an honest hair review on this vendor already hair. So i'm going to let you know exactly what i think about the thickness, the texture, the quality, whether it's true to length and then i'll also put the link in the description box down below in case. You want to go and grab up the wig if it takes your fancy and i'm gon na walk you through the customization process. Show you how i install the wig style it make it nice gorgeous fluffy bouncy, just better than what's on my head right now, because the front door on this wig is eroding like it's eroding but yeah. Let'S get into it. I'Ve got the package here from dhl, so let's have a look inside okay, so first things. First, we've got a cute little leaflet that comes inside the packaging and it's just saying our rents hair and giving you the breakdown of what they offer and after camp. So now the wig just comes packaged like this, which is interesting because most hair companies might put it in like a nice little box or you know something cute, but no it's all right. As you can see, this is 26 inches loose wave and it is a 13 by 4 brown lace, wig medium brown, lace, wig and you get some goodies with it. So they put a black elastic band, which is actually very helpful because no wigs ever fit my head, like my head, is really small, so that is helpful. I will be using that ignore my nails by the way, it's locked down time for the main attraction. This is how the wig is looking. It'S gon na put it in some nice netting to keep it all cute, um straight off the bat hairline doesn't look too bad at all. It is plucked um, more plucking could be done and then, in terms of the length i do think this is true to length. You will obviously need to like run your hands through it to tell oh, i'm not getting any, i'm not getting any shedding. Okay. Now i'm just looking for shedding there's no shedding right now, but it's curly hair, so it will shed at some point but right now it's on this best behavior. So i just want to put this on my head because it looks really nice first impressions, there's a really nice lustre going through the hair um. The hair so far feels like good quality. Really soft and the best thing about this wig actually is that it was only 108 pounds for 26 inches 150 density, so that is a very, very good price. Obviously it was bought in the 11 11 sale, so you can expect prices to be as low as that to be fair. Let me quit yeah him and let's put it on okay, so i might be looking there a lot because there's a mirror there, but this is me and my egg head and basically i've just scraped my natural hair back in a ponytail i'm just going to place It on my head and voila, it's looking cute just see what fullness i'm dealing with here. Is this 150 hours here i don't know, is it more like 130? I don't know what you guys think i think it looks cute. You can see the sides longer, but it's just a matter of playing with that curl and just getting it to loosen to your desire. Really i'm just gon na part it and just see what i'm feeling in regards to how it looks. Some nice lace, medium brown, which is ideal for my skin tone anyway um but yeah. It does look nice or also looks cute. What i mean i don't know which one i prefer, but let's start styling, because that's what that's? What you guys are here for you're here to see what this hair can do, how it can look, so i'm just going to get some water. This is just water in a bottle, so i'm going to put it in my hands and just place it on the hairline. So now that it's wet ignoring the little baby hairs that they've put in behind them, i'm just going to start plucking a bit more so that the hairline's even more natural than it looks at the moment. So now that the lace is plucked a bit more, i'm going to snip and snip i'm going to cut round here so that it shapes my ear. So i'm just going to take my scissors. So just put a snip where you mean to snip okay and then that will just we'll cut that off in a bit, but that can just fall behind and that can just fold behind like that. And then we can just get to sticking these bits down. So what i'm gon na do is just take my my trusty got to be, and unfortunately because of my hairline, my hair comes quite far forward, so i have no choice but to spray over my hairline, because if not, the wig is just going to be too Far forward, so i'm going to spray, so i'm now going to place down that lace literally just pressing it down where i sprayed just get it to stick so where the lace is put. The d-rag there. Okay, a little bump in here yeah remove the d-rag. So i can see, what's going on yeah comment below what videos you want to see from me. Next, i'm thinking, maybe a haul, a clothing haul, an autumn winter clothing wall like another styling video. I'M thinking tell me what you're thinking. Okay, i'm gon na begin to cut the lace. Now, i'm just gon na make an incision literally like this, and i've got ta just go a little bit closer to the mirror. So i know what i'm drawing but yeah, just literally cutting the sides as well. Okay and obviously i want to get close to the hairline, but i like to leave just maybe like half a millimeter just so that, obviously there is something to stick down you in my business, okay, so i'm just gon na cut like zigzaggy, so that you can't Just see like a very straight straight line, i'll show you the front, as i'm doing it so literally, underneath these baby hairs now see suck see. Sorry like that, so i've cut the lace. So i'm feeling to do a slight part. I'M just going to take my comb and make a parting okay, and i'm just going to put some baby hairs like that. Then you can go in and pluck the partying add concealer do all of that good stuff um, but right now, i'm just going to style. The baby, so i'm going to cut it quite high, i'm going to take the spray, because i can't get my gel and i'm just going to spray there and then just let that just let that lay like that. Just some very fine hair details just like that. Just some very fine baby hairs, okay, just gon na spray that - and i'm just gon na see how it looks when i just do the same or i might switch up a bit. So it looks like that on that side, um and then this bit in the middle like this ever out of it baby hairs, is an art you know, but so far i'm feeling the hair feels pretty full at the body um the ends, i'm not so sure, And i feel like i need to brush out the hair to really easy, then so the hair is bouncy. I do really really like the hair and i do recommend it for 108 pounds i'll rent here on aliexpress go get your sis dolls. Thank you for watching subscribe subscribe subscribe. I would really appreciate it.

Nana Ama: Nice hair, nice to see you back doing your thing

Anjie xx: How is the hair now x

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