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  • Posted on 22 December, 2019
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What good hey yo? What'S the guys welcome back to my channel? Think it's my channel welcome and if you are irritating subscribe, welcome back to 30 today, so the to the nation people are getting to see that you guys already know the drill. Okay, I need you guys to hit that little ball somewhere here, so you can be part of that defecation squad and a nice go. Follow me on my social media at no no fits on all social media platforms so as napkins help in the fashion of this video today, I'm going to be doing a very well recommended video, okay, and this is the guy to became the right. I need experience here window, which is something that I think a lot of people struggle with. But let me let me stop blabbing about we'll talk about that. These are the deaths here now: okay, but without further ado. Let'S get into is that video, alright guys so Felicity that do not know most of the wigs that I get most of the ways that mini here, youtubers mini here influences tickets off from aliexpress, or they from like international in your companies. Okay - and I know a lot of people have been asking me, how do I pick the right here and I'm like how do I know that, I'm to trust this person, because a lot of the time is very difficult to trust online stores with anything. First of all, and then on top of that, it's from Aliexpress and a lot of people feel like is not gon na come Lavinia, isn't gon na come to me that they ordered it to be okay, some people have had issues. Some people actually ordered wigs and their wigs have, I guess, shot so yeah guys, don't worry about it, don't even stress about it because they give it is here to help you guys. Alright was somewhere right. I got you alright guys, so I have 5 sets actually as to picking the right and it's raised here and ok and you're right. I was hoping about that moving to be installing a 360 lace pretzel, the other, probably wondering again how, when you've got braids on your listen as well organized we have models Luca Matos wan na. Thank you very. Let me get straight into the service, so the first step is to check the website. Okay, so that is the first foremost thing that I do. If I'm not impressed with the company's website, I do not buy from them. So the first thing that I do is I evaluate the websites. Okay, I look at the quality of the website. I look at how much infant is put into the website. I look at the pictures that they use because a lot of the time these here companies use the same pictures a lot of the times. We also use pictures of people who want their customers, so I'm like whoa. So it's very important to look at the website of the company that you want to buy your hair from look at the quantity over here and etc. What that comes up via the ratings. That is something that is very, very, very, very, very important. It'S missions and experts here in this, so it's very important to look at the ratings. Personally, it's the races or below four point five out of five stars. I don't order from them. Why don't? I don't work with them just because I feel like I don't have a guarantee that you, your hair's gon na, come at the right quantities. That makes sense, so it's very very, very important to look at the ratings of the hair company, alright and then the third one is to look at the reviews. This is very important guys, just by the way before I go any further with this. This is not a prom with us about an ad by the Express, but if something from any place is watching this hit me up, it's just that's, but the third thing for me is that these are very, very, very, very, very important personally. For me, I find it um even better if this South African review day as well like one with two three or four, be very specific. When you look at your reviews. Okay, you you just also must know what it is that you want to get from this. Hey vendor, so for me, for example, the one thing that I mainly look at is I'm the delivery time as well as how long the haze off that, before it started shedding or before I started getting messed up. You don't I'm saying because a lot of the time I will be the first trend with that, a lot of the time the calendar from the first I come passed out that you know I will be the first sentiment when I keep seeing the first one. I'M not that fast. I would be wide to admit that a lot of the times these tiny Express, hair vendors, their hair, doesn't really the quality doesn't is not sustained through arts. At some point it's supposed to be having a bit shaggy and in your legs. You know et personally, I would let it rise, but you get em anything from an alias breaths shop. Is there no patience for the reveals? Because and then sometimes they be writing in another language? And you don't understand what they're saying, but because it has 5 out of 5 star rating, you want to get a no is mad, miss Mac, so the fourth one is obviously the pricing. The fourth one is to look at the pricing. Okay, um this one's very tricky. It is very, very, very tricky because sometimes you feel like. Why is it so cheap? I'M not sure I don't have any insurance I'll Sharon's Asheron's. You know what I'm saying, but in terms of the pricing um, it's also very important to look at the correlation between the pricing, the rating, the reviews and the quality of the brand on its own to decide. If the pricing is of a good price and the story thing is like 4.7 out of five and the reviews are really good and the quality is really good, then I mean you can't deal with that because, if we're being quite honest, as any experience is there For you to get something more affordable, it's not there to be on the same level as not gon na throw shade to some South African hair brands, which year and I'm saying it's not this, make your legs been. Let'S make your life better! It'S there to make. You and your wallet happy and then look that's one for me is to is to look at the social media rate things the social media interactions, the social media presence. It'S very important to look at things like that, for example, the first thing that I do as soon as a big brand says they want to work with me as soon as somebody asked me if they came back from this Haven. As I look at the Instagram, I feel like that's a perfect representation of everything, because obviously the people that they post on their Instagram or people that have typed them tennis are, I mean so if I wear away from a certain company today, I'm going to type Them and they're going to repost it. So if, after they post pictures of people, but they don't tag the people or they don't mention the people in any way. What so ever, then, that is a little bit shaky, because you cannot be certain Dean that the video comes. I mean you cannot be certain in that the person that they're posting is actually wearing their hair, and now we are going to go into how to install a 360 way. The reason that I'm doing this is because I want to I chose to do this because they here that I've received is one of the best weeks I have ever gotten and I've gotten quite a few weeks, if I do say so myself. This one is one of the base to the branding the quality of the hey, the front, soles, the hairline, everything that comes in the box. It is literally of such great quality that I would treat mark like you know, and I have to add this into this video, so this is just to show you guys an example of what would be a really good hair vendor to work with or genocide, or What to expect when you do receive your winged, what type of quantity you should expect the box? Okay here is the wig. The first thing that I loved about this week already was the packaging. Please just look like. I don't even have to see it, but it is really so great. Even at the back, like the packaging is beautiful and then there's a couple of things in the box that I like really really nice, the first one being the lashes guys a lot of the time anyways here. It is to give you lashes, but they like those ones that you know you will never ever ever ever ever put on Mike you'll. Give it to your like, solve your whole system, which is feeding adventures, but these ones are make 3d lashes. My limitations make 3d lashes. Please give this deep cool so guys these lashes are really really really pretty like I found them so beautiful. You can't really see them in full force here and I'm not gon na put no gon na put them on, but trust me when I say that these lashes are great great for quality. I really really liked it. That was the first thing that might quote my eyes about the whole entire box was the lashes, so these are really nice. Now I want to show you guys this okay, this is a 26-inch. 369 3:16 is friends online. It'S a 26-inch 13 by 6 lace, frontal! Okay and guys your before you guys get excited okay, the lace did not come cuts. Okay, I cut it myself, so don't don't get it and sweetie. I deliver to you engine wan na I deliver to you, richness, Amana idler, to you hot girl, sama wan na. So this is the week guys: okay, the hey line is already pre-packed and when I say it was flat for the gods, you guys will see it when I stole it on my model - and this is literally such a gray. Keep luck me. Okay inside the wig. Obviously, as per every other wig, there are the three Clips alright and I Tyson this to fit my model so yeah. That is a week. I think that's the packaging of the brand, and that is what lifts me most impressed with a brand. So now we are going to get straight into the installing everybody say hi to my muzzle, alright guys it's my bottle. Her name is Pauline. That'S right! This is my sister guys and she's going to be my model for the day. Are you ready, madam alright, if they have your hand, saw listen, listen! What'S this up by! Thank you!

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Indiphile Manxiwa: Thank you so much for sharing this , I needed this so much because I am about to have a matric dance and I was worried about where can find the right and affordable hair. Thank you so much❤❤

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This Is Nurse Zee: I need to get myself some hair from Ali, Thank you Neo for this review.

Tlotlo Senai: Wow, as a guy I doubt this is for me but I have been telling people here in Botswana gore Aliexpress ke the real plug. E bile someone bought hair through my acc ya Ali... I use the customer review A LOT. IT really helps. Especially customer reviews WITH PHOTOS... :D

Kea_Dee KD: Wow the thickness and the richness is just amazing well done sis very proud wow

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