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  • Posted on 13 January, 2021
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

US $73.27 42% Off | Cynosure 13x4/13x6 HD Transparent Lace Front Human Hair Wigs For Women 180% Brazilian Kinky Curly 4x4 Lace Closure Wig Remy Hair


Hey y'all, i'm here with another wig review, um yeah, so right here, i'm showing you guys everything that came in the bag. I actually use these lashes in the um makeup part of the video how many combs i think it was like two or three combs and here's the hair before i started doing anything to it, and this is the hairline before i plucked it and once it's plugged All right so at this part i had okay, so i tried to color color the hair. As you can see, nothing really came out of it. I may um i may color it lighter and try it again, but for now this will do all right. So at this point, i'm just bleaching the knots for the hair mm-hmm got ta, get them sides in them sides. Okay, so i decided to do um a mini little makeup kind of tutorial thing. In the midst of all of this, i was like i started doing my makeup, because i knew i would want to you know, have a whole full look at the end, so i was like hey. Why not record some of it? So not too many deets in this um little makeup, tutorial thing, but hey you can watch, maybe get a few pointers. I don't know but yeah i okay and we're back back at it again. Getting them cheeks them cheeks. I use um. It was like anastasia, whatever beverly hills. It was like the darkest color. I think they have in like a it's like a bronzer or something like that. Some kind of something and putting the same thing that anastasia on my eyelids around my nose doing a little contour, not too much a little highlighter um got from a local beauty supply store by nikka k. That'S my favorite beauty supply store brand almost because i think because it sounds like my name. My name is mika, so it's like nika's, oh yeah, so yeah doing this makeup, mascara lashes on fleek way, so so yeah. I had a little problem, but we fixed it. We got it together, added some more mascara at the bottom and some more and some more and we did a little bit more yeah lots and lots of mascara lots and lots and lots got ta got ta, get them lash, okay. So these are the lashes that i got from um the sino hair, whatever them people and yeah. I was like. Let me use these because i got no lashes anyways and it was kind of cute or whatever. So i put them on no tweezers needed professional. Okay, got one on blowing on that glue, put it on like boo, boo, doo, doo, yeah and more mascara. Again, i'm a mess y'all, so my lipstick, i had broke it, but i had put it together again and put it on lipstick and lipstick. I know it's. Some mac lipstick. I think it's ruby woo all right, so i'm putting on some more lipstick, it's mac, ruby and tada. I'M done all right y'all! This is the finished product. El cane, again i got this hair off of aliexpress um. The name of the company is sino silo shirt. Here and again this is the little package the um the hair came in, so i miss feedback as far as the hair um i like the hair. The only thing is, i ordered 30 inches. Y'All can't tell me this 30 inches and i stretch it out and measure the length and it wasn't 30 inches like a good 26 i'd say so again. This is the honest review, i'm 5'6 by the way so yeah 30 inches. I feel like it should at least be like you know like right here or something i'm saying, but you know it is what it is. I still like the hair. This is what um god obviously wanted for me. So this is what it's going to be. He won't be too uh drastic and what not oh yeah, and also today, praise god. I pray that very good. I completed my three day, water fast. This is the first time that i ever fast. I just had to throw this in here. It'S the first time that i ever fast before, like i've, been like a little bit of intermittent fasting before you know eating between certain. You know time frames, but i never um like fast fast before so. This is my first time like really fast fasting um. So yeah, i couldn't have done it without the grace of god, so i'm just so thankful that he got me um through this and he got me out looking fabulous okay, because i haven't done my whole everything in a minute. Okay, it's been a minute who's. My i can't be about fall - lord jesus - oh my god, edit, that, but i'm just so thankful, but okay back to the hair. Thank you guys back to the hair, so i paid about like 280, something for the hair, so not too bad, not too bad um. It'S like a kinky curly texture, as you can um tell as you can see, it is a 13x6 frontal um and i think it came with like three cones. I think it was like two here and one in the back. I believe, or maybe three here and it won the back. It'S like three or four combs um. It is the transparent lace, front, wig um. As far as the shipping, the shipping that i chose well, i think it was automatic. It was like a seven day. Uh, shipping or whatever - and it got here in like that time - for him it wasn't more than seven days. It may have been like six of them but yeah. It came right on time and i think that's it. The combs yeah, that's um, pretty much it. I just want to put a video, because i haven't recorded these kind of videos in a long time and um. You know i'm on this journey with with god it's forever lifelong, eternal, eternal uh. I don't know if that's the right word here, but you know what i'm saying journey with the lord and um. You could praise the lord and you can look fabulous at the same time. You know what i'm saying you could look cute and any woman out there. If you're watching this video be sure to watch my other videos as well um, you know, as far as the lord pertaining to god, because it may be able to help you through whatever you're going through and guys are going to help you get on the right Path as well but yeah again. Well, i like this hair. This is um, so y'all can see this yes, girl. Yes, yes, makeup, i mean yes triple quadruple cinco, who says threat, that's what's up and yeah um subscribe to my channel, make sure y'all, like this video, give it a thumbs up, um again watch my other videos as well. Y'All can also follow me on instagram at lotto, pink, that's, lotto, pink and yeah. I hope each and every one of you have a beautiful blessed day.

AG: yes damn right 30" it need to be to our waist !!! pretty hair ordered mine & came on your page to see how long it'll look on me i'm like 5'4.

Moor Gigi: Yea it’s not 30”. It’s still pretty tho. Thank you. N now I need to do a water fast

Myaa T: It’s so pretty, do you have the link to the wig?

Léahnice: What’s the density of the wig

Tracy Oifo: How long did you leave the bleach for?

SashaNicolee: link ?

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