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  • Posted on 09 March, 2017
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You've all been asking about my hair so here it is!


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18" Lace Frontal

Bundles 18", 20", 24", 24" ,24"

Top quality body wave hair:

4 bundles thicker body wave :

Frontal with closure:

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Hey guys, so today's video is going to be on my hair, really quick hair of you or we've been asking. What hair is this? Where is from? Can we get details? So that's what I'm doing for this video and it's pretty much a very straightforward video. This is another Aliexpress hair. Actually, this is actually for Miss Luna hair and it is Malaysian hair decided to go from Malaysian this type, so the specs of the hair, five bundles. I forget the length I'll put it in the video somewhere and 18 inch front hall. It was also made into a wig for me by a lovely forward and I'll put her details in the description box as well. So I've had this. For a few weeks, I actually had the hair for a while um I've had it for a lot longer than actually I had it. I got this hair like last year and I changed it again and you know changed the front all because I think the front of I was initially sent was not Malaysian, so I wanted to have it match with the rest, the hair. So that's what I am wearing, so it was made into a wig for me, but then I was also cold as well, but the hair is natural texture of the hair and natural curl pattern is actually quite wavy anyway, and the good thing about Malaysian here is It actually holds a curl, so this curl has been in since ah what day was it Saturday? So it's about 4 days now, yeah 4 days old, which is pretty good, so it literally holds a curl after a while. You will eventually get straight, and so you brush it out and stuff in the morning whatever. But I don't sleep on my wig, I put it on a wig, I put it on a little mannequin thing and it stays the way it is basically which is pretty good so so far. I found that because of the fact that it is curly and it is a coarser texture, it can tend to get quite dry. I took this hair to where it is hair. I just had to Nigeria actually, and I think I guess because of the humidity it did get quite like you know. If you are wearing a lot warmer climates, a lot warmer weather make sure you and it has conditioned the hair, has new got serum on it to keep it from getting all frizzy and dry, because it does tend to do that and obviously, if you live in The UK live in London, you'll be 5 there in a Sun in this country. Right now I follow the curls are kind of loosening up said. You actually obviously cleared my hairline. I have actually been brushing it out. Every time I put it on just leave me neaten it up and stuff, so the curls will eventually flatten out it's a side part, as you can see, I'm just going to turn around for you and shake the hair up a little bit. I love how bouncy it is. I bought it a lot more like a natural cause, texture as a person like Indian or another straight sleek hair. The frontal actually only gets to like here, but I've added some eye concealer to make it look a lot longer. So the frontal could be a little bit a little bit wider it'd be cool if they can make a wider frontal. Basically, but I'm popping that it's fine at the front, all it's off the lace, it's actually quite good in the sense that is not light. Like obvious so went once you obviously apply the wig and the frontal, and everything can actually blend the rest of your skin. So right now you can see if i zoom in, I can tease you because others are the cameras on manual focus, but it's if it's flat it would actually sit very flat on your head when she did the wick she left the lay. So I mostly could it myself and I was able to make it look more natural. I only have a little bit of like that. What do you call it? The swash cough the black one. I put a picture here somewhere. I'Ve only go a little bit just here, just to kind of like get it down, but everything else is actually quite tight, so I don't actually need to use the spray, because sometimes I have to like spray up like all over my spray spray. All over my hairline to keep it flat, but because the hair has been pulled flat and it's got a left, it's also got an elastic band, it's quite tight, but only the size I'm going to keep it and gel down. So I used this washed off like glue thing and I feel like if this can be quite a nice summer, hair spring summer hair. You know there was a lot of straight hair during the winter, but this can you know you can Jeff you rock this. Let me brush it through. I'M just show you what it looks like using my ratchet hairbrush just to show you where it looks like when you brush it out. It can get quite um, quite full, which is where I like it, and I try to keep it quite long, just so that it can. The curls can go together. So this is me just brushing it out for you. I love the fact that the curls literally stay in they stay in a for day. It'S basically so what I use. If I look early and like touch up some areas, what I use is this curling wand. This is the Remington. I'Ve had a few years, Remington curling wand, but any like straight like thin. One will probably give these kind of curls you know. So that's what I would use to touch it up. I don't even put any stove in my hair. I kind of like that coarse feel anyway, so I don't have like serum and everything on on the head. I think after a while I might be MIG put it at it at the tip of the hair or something I don't like shiny hair. So you wouldn't really catch my hair shiny. I hate putting stuff like shiny stuff on the hairline either because it just looks very I don't like it. I'Ve seen a lot of like wigs and frontals that just look so wet. I read on like that. Wet look. Does it shared eye? It doesn't a little bit, I think, maybe the West, where cut - and I do you brush your hair - a lot as well. So if you don't cut the weft a little bit here, if you don't cut the West, it won't shed as much. I think shipping took about a week, don't remember how long it did, but I think it actually came a lot quicker than I than a week. I'M not sure it was quite a quick delivery, that's a really short and sweet, and I will try and incorporate like a get ready with me and just like show you how I style it again. It'S it's just it's in the same directions in the same style. So really don't I'd read or do much to it because, like I said, holds a curl for days, so I don't. I tend not to do hardly any styling, this hair and it's good when you don't sleep of your wigs and you put it on like a little mannequin head thing and you can wear the next day and it would look exactly like it did the day before. So yeah, that's it for the video. I hope this is helpful. I will put the link to the legs, breast cellar and the link to the hair and specific hair as well and the bundles for you. So, thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in my next one bye, guys

lovejesus12012: Honestly this hair is nice, I appreciate the review but SOME these aliexpress companies tend to send yall nicer hair than the rest of us. I'm speaking from experience.

Lolita Diamond: So for everyone doubting this review . I literally ordered exactly what Jennie has the moment I watched this video since I def needed hair. I ordered it Friday ( I live in California ) . I received it yesterday. It's PERFECT. I'm pretty shocked on how it good. I co washed it last night . Getting it installed tonight. Thanks again j for the video !!!

Ja'Cara: I call this your signature style. from the sew ins to the wigs... no one rocks this like you! you look gorgeous!

Destiny Tatiyana: This look is literally so pretty, it's definitely a signature style for you

Dionne Kaliisa: I actually really love the waves on this wig!

Weight Loss with PCOS: Your hair is gorgeous! I really need to learn how to braid and then I'll eventually get a wig cause they're so convenient!

Syriah: I sometimes wonder if these AliExpress vendors are selling human hair or not....your unit looks fabulous

Dr Sara Otung: *ahh I love it!! wishhh I could always be this put together all the time but I'm lucky if I take my hair down from my shower bun before uni haha*

Daisy Girazi: have you ever purchased from EBAY ? i love this hair and it suits you xo Daisy

Oge Chi: You are goals mehn. You slay any and every hair.

kimmy g: who else thinks jenny blowing up 2017 already#bad ass

fosterful: Watching you is like therapeutic lol you have such good pleasant presence and good vibes. The hair is also beautiful.

EatCreateDecoratewith Leslie: please do a tutorial on this make up look!! that lip color is bomb!!!

Christy pascale: Jenny do u mind telling me which one on the page of Malaysian hair on AliExpress you picked for your wig? There are so many options I don't know which one to choose. I am very picky with hair but I trust you because your hair ALWAYS rocks. You have been killing me since 2012. Thank you very much!

Tracey Salami: these aliexpress hair vendors are all scammers they send youtubers quality hair and send others shit hair. in my opinion i wont recommend anyone to buy hair from all these chinese vendors they are all thieves but all the same i love u jennie and u r gorgeous

Dariah Louis: Ms Lula is the ONLY store I order from on AliExpress

FKA T: How long do you keep it? I've never bought any hair in AE that was excellent quality. It had a slight smell, tangles so much. I'd love to see someone who has weave to see how long it stays.

11teiko: Thank you for sharing the details! Love you Jennie!

Elyssa JP: Omg! I have the same exact ratchet hairbrush with the broken handle. Lmao I refuse to throw it away... I kinda like it with the broken handle tbh...maybe I'm weird lol!

Mona W: Ughhh girl, when do you not slay a look?

Chinyere Ezenobi: They send nice hairs for review and sell sponge to public. Better to buy hair in Europe, do some research pay with paypal and that is it. I tried AliExpress twice after watching reviews worst nightmare.

Tina Cank: Love this hair Jennie looks lovely and full.

XTIANA_A: Omg loving your latest video updates now. Jenny you're a supper star. You look gorgeous always ❤❤❤❤

Sandra Nyasha: always stunning ❤️

HonestlyAmara: I love the way this hair looks on you but I'm wondering about the longevity of this hair? How long do you think this will last?

ChicValGlam: Beautiful install! Its blended so well. Can you do a turorial on how you style your bangs like that? Everytime I try, they fall in my face. I want them just like yours where its a side part but off my face. Thanks!

Thee Bratz Doll: This hair looks beautiful!!

Omg_didra Didra: 5 bundles , doesn't it get heavy? How long is your own hair? Do you always braid your hair before wearing wigs?

WhitneyNicole: It's gorgeous... I have a you make wigs for other people ?!

Adefunke Oyewole: Always looking gorgeous

Fugly Fugly: Your so adorable and I love your accent x

Alinna: linda te amo o Brasil te ama <3

Marriage & Motherhood: Looks beautiful! Can you add the info to the person who made it?

Sheena Sims: How long did lace frontal last?

Ms A: Does this hair have a smell to it and how long does it hold up?

Tola Ajibola: Can you do a tutorial on how you called this hair please?

Subomi Salami: pls can we get tutorial on how you curled this hair

Vimbai Sasa: love your shirt where did you purchase it from? . Looking gorgeous as usual.

Meme_6: Do you still have this hair, if so how is it holding up?

Grace Report: This is beautiful

Elizabeth O A: Stunning!! Did you have to pluck the frontal at all?Apologies if this has been asked I'm just not good at the plucking thing x

ChyneeKay: yass girl, I've been waiting for this.

MiSBUBBZ: What size wand did you use for this look please?

Layemi M: Always beautiful

mi3helle707: Love your hair and your top

C E: hi Jenny do u have a makeup tutorial for this look in the video?

Chihelele Charity: What's the length of the 5 packs? You look great x

Samuellar’s Life: "There's no sun in this country"

Boss lady: Hi beauty I bought hair on Aliexpress and returned it back coz I did not like it,So I opened a dispute but the seller insist that I should cancel the dispute b4 she send my back to me via PayPal,but I think this is not a smart thing to do,so now what should I do or what will happen?please help a sister

Dess Danii: Did you bleach the knots?

monik S: Where did you get your got to be glue?

Live life!: Why don't you buy a lace front thats full instead of bundles and a frontal, is there a difference ?

XclusiveChiq: Did anyone try it? Was it good?

Mariama Sonko: It's gorgeous Jenny

Jo Lwanga: Hi Jennie, did you have to bleach the knots on the frontal ?

Naturalspice: I have Locs I don't care for wigs, but I'm here to see your beautiful face and say hello

stylebyejay: Hiya, ur top is lovely ! Do u mind sharing where it's from? Great job u doing by the way.

It's__aishaa: Did you buy with your own money?

Isabel Da Silva: Hey I really want to order it but I'm not sure if I should trust it what's the update on this hair do you still like it?

Tiondra Henderson: I need lengths Jennie!! You look stunning girl

Extra Reagan: You’re so beautiful!

Oumie Kuyateh: what grade is the hair?

Vanessa Silva: #DIVA ❤

Shian flower: Omg I had seen this shirt.. And I was llike umm.. I don't know.. But now that I see it on you, it looks nice.. So I will get it :) :).. Thanks for the hair review.

Callme_Burbu: is your natural hair relaxed?

Nkiruka Ukaegbu: Ok so there’s this video and I see all your recommended ones and I already know I’m gonna go down a DEEP hole.

Mellowmellow65: Lovely as usual...please can you share the details of the blouse/shirt you are wearing..very on trend..

Char Coke: Jennie where do you buy your short wigs? Please do a review on that

popsicol123: My wig completely falls off if I don't use the Got2b gel, I've got an elastic band. Whys it doing this? Is it too big orrrrr...??

Marie Lee: In your opinion, what's the best virgin hair vendor on AliExpress? Which would you recommend for long lasting, quality hair??? I would really appreciate the advice.

Monique and Monae: So Gorg! xoxo

Fashionarily: Cute!

Mary Ngongbi:

Towela Ndhlovu: make up tutorial please!!

Amanda Stevens: What lens are you using ?

Sherekea Ashman: I don't get how you got 5 bundles and closure deal.....I don't see that option anywhere.

Tamtam Tamtam: Who made the short wig that you were rocking a while ago?

Tonia ABK: Notification gang

Lart MQ: nice hair


Vicky Levy: What's the length of the five packs?

Kehinde K: This wasn't really helpful ,nor was is it a review , you never mentioned pros or cons and the title is extremely misleading

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