Unice Reddish Brown Wig *Non Sponsored Review* + Maintaining Frontal Wig

  • Posted on 14 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I will be reviewing this reddish brown wig from Unice NON Sponsored. I hope you all enjoy don’t forget to like , comment , & subscribe ❤️

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Thank you, hey guys. What'S up welcome back to my channel, it's your girl, Bree and you're, watching bossy breed TV with a mother effing bosses b period in today's video I'm going to be reviewing this wig from Uni's hair. So if you all are interested, please make sure that you all go ahead and like comment subscribe, unless it's right, so you guys I wanted to come and do a non-sponsor review on this Eunice hair, because most times I see on here that a lot of it Is sponsored, I think some of it is now sponsored, but I just wanted to come get my opinion. My true honest opinion on this hair. So, as you all can see, this is like a reddish brown color um. It kind of reminds me of like Chucky is that crazy girl? I know it kind of reminds me of like Chucky girl, I always say I could. I could have probably been Chucky for Halloween or something but anyways. It'S a reddish brown wig, it's very beautiful on my skin tone and everything like that um. This is the box that it came in, came in this pink box and it's really nice and it came with um a lot of goodies. It came with a lot of stuff, it came with. It came with this makeup brush, it came with um this um Bonnet and it came with some flashes. It came in this purple bag. I guess I should have showed y'all the purple bag, but it came with these lashes, so they they gave you. You know quite a bit of stuff, and it also came with this wonderful wig band - that I'm so glad that it came with um, because this is my first time wearing a frontal. So I'm so glad that it came with this oh yeah. Another thing I want to say is that, unfortunately, I was not able to get footage of me um getting my hair installed, but this is the bald cap method. It you know it's. Basically, it's a ball cap method. Y'All know how the ball cap method go. They spray the wig cap on your head and then they, you know put it y'all know how it goes. It'S 50 million drawing videos on damn ball; okay, nothing, but that's what I have, but unfortunately I wasn't able to um record that anyways though it came with this band - and I am just so grateful for this band - I'm so grateful that somebody came up with a Brilliant idea to make this band and put velcro um on it, because at first remember you had to um, find the little elastic band and try and tied up in a knot and all that stuff girl ain't. Nobody got time for that, so I'm so glad that it came with this band, I'm so glad it has velcro and everything on it. So that's all that it came with. So, let's get into the actual hair this hair, when it first came, it was so thick and um, it didn't have a smell, it actually smelled good like they washed it or something have no smell, and it came very nice and very thick, like I said, and It is 14 inches and it's just the perfect length you know. Sometimes when you get 14 inches you don't know what the hell you getting yourself into. You know. Sometimes they they say 14 and then it'd be 16 or be 12 inches. You just don't know, but I feel like this is like the perfect. This is like the perfect length. Okay, this was my birthday Hair by the way, but anyways. This is the perfect length, so beautiful so grown and sexy so elegant, so elegant and raunchy in my Beyonce voice, um but yeah, it's very pretty um. I haven't washed it or anything. Yet don't judge me um, but I have been sleeping in it. So I've had it for almost two weeks. It hasn't been um like shedding or anything like that. Unless I put it, I keep it in a ponytail most of the time. So you know, when you take the ponytail out, I will get a little bit of shedding but um. It doesn't really shed like that. Um, the curls hold up pretty okay, they hold up pretty okay, I went out last weekend was last weekend or last week. For my birthday they held up, they held up pretty good. They held up pretty good um, so yeah the hair has been doing um pretty well um. Also, I want to talk about how I maintain this frontal units. Okay, because, like I said this is my first frontal so, as you all know, I'm pretty sure all of you have seen, but a lot of people take this band to wrap it around their edges to help like melt, um, the lace and everything in their hair. So that's what I do and then I put like a um a scarf or on top of that and y'all tomorrow will make two weeks since I had this install and it's still going strong. So if you wrap your frontal up every night and take care of it and do what you got to do, then you will be fine um. Now the little tabs is starting to rise up. Okay, it's starting to lift up, Lift Me Up - okay, oh my goodness, but it's starting to lift up a little bit, but it's still looking good. Almost two weeks later, I'm gon na try and get my money's worth out of this install but um. I just tied up every single night: it's really easy um, sometimes my damn ears be hurting. Once I take my my scarf off and everything, but it's really um. It'S really not that hard to maintain your frontal and then I lay down my edges with my Eco Styler, gel and I'll just take my um, my hot comb and hit the top of it, and everything like that. I guess I should show y'all what I use hold on. I feel like I'm plugging this, but anyways. This is the hot comb. I showed you all this hot comb before in another video. So this is the hot comb that I use. It gets hot. It'S Satan toenails um, so that gets really hot and let me show y'all the Eco style. This is the Eco Styler um. I was advised by my hair stylist that did my hair. She told me girl do not use mousse. She said mousse is going to make your hair slipping. Slides gon na make the lace start sliding off doing the electric slide and everything she said. Don'T do that girl, so she she said that for me to lay down my edges, she used Eco Styler. So that's what I do. I use Eco styler and I used a little toothbrush and then I just but I don't use a lot of Eco Styler. I just take the toothbrush. I dab it. I just dab it in. I guess I'll show y'all how the inside look. I just dab a little bit inside of here and then I just do a little swoopy swoop. I don't do nothing too crazy, um, so yeah, it's really easy to maintain. I'M loving this install, I'm just loving everything about it, so I just wanted to come and do a little quick review. Hopefully y'all like it or whatever make sure you like comment and subscribe, and I will see you on my next video

Brian Martin: Yes, that red hair looks just gorgeous on you! U are beautiful..

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