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  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Hiiiii guys,

4 words! I. LOVE. THIS. WIG.

Come to my hair appointment with me to get this full bomb ALIPEARL WIG installed by the best! All details on the wig are listed below. You need this!

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Hair Info: 22 inch body wave HD 13*4 lace frontal wig 180 density

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Nfl fashion name, thank you, foreign, hey, y'all, welcome back to another video, it's your girl T and I'm back with another one before we get any further with this video. If you are not subscribed to my channel, I need you to stop what you're doing right now and click that subscribe button, because if you are not subscribed to my channel, what are you doing we're on the road to 10K and the only way we're gon na Get there y'all is if y'all subscribe. If you are watching, I need you to subscribe. Furthermore, is today's video is sponsored by Ellie Pearl to show you guys this beautiful bag that this wig that they just sent me came in? I just love this y'all, so yes, today's video will be 100 hair Vlog. I will be showing y'all the wig I'll, be showing you all the details, what what it came with um with the shift in obviously, in my full-blown wig and stuff you can see my hair is a mess, but it's okay, because as a pearl is here um. I'M getting my hair done tomorrow and I will be installing this wig. So let's just get into this video, like I said, if you are not subscribed, you need to subscribe right now, y'all right now. So, let's get into this wig see my wig came in this cute um Pink Alley Pro little dust bag. I don't know if it's a dust bag, I don't know what they call it, but it comes in this really cute. Pink, that's bad y'all representation is everything y'all know, I'm real big on marketing. So I love presentation. When I get a package in the mail, I love to open up the package and be apart so anyway, y'all the wig that they sent me is a 22 inch. 13X4 HD lace, frontal wig in the texture body wave. So let's open a hood y'all. This wig is so freaking cool. I love it. Oh my God. It'S so soft! So y'all here is the wig s number four. This is a body wave, texture, 13x4 HD lace, frontal wig, so, as you can see, it's like a full frontal wig. So from this end, to this end, it's a whole frontal by frontal full HD lace, frontal wig. You can do literally anything with this side. Part middle part: half up half down um, whatever you like, every single part of your edges are coupled up with this wig. I love that it's transparent so like for dark skinned. Girls like me literally you can't when it's installed, you know you barely see it. What I like about this wig is already is that it's tangle free and it's thick from the top to literally the bottom, like literally no lines, nothing see-through, like literally thick straight up and down 180 hair density. What I love about it is that they customize it to your head. I buy wigs all the time and literally they're too big or they're too small. So I know I don't have the smallest head. So I got my wig in a week in a medium in a size medium. So I know it's gon na fit my head completely. So inside the bag you get a wig cap. I love it. You get an alley Pearl. What is this like? A soup right away: okay, uh alley, pearls, silk scarf and it's pink as well y'all know I love pink. Clearly it comes with a pair of eyelashes and then a headband. So you know it's a full frontal. So, in order to keep your pretzel intact, you have to sleep with uh of being a hairband and what you do you just put it around and you just tie it to keep your frontal intact. I love it and then y'all it comes with a edge brush. You cannot go wrong with the edge brush. You always don't need an edge press to touch up some baby hairs and just yeah you can every girl needs extra. So I just love this. Let me open it. Yes, but like right now, Ellie Pearl! I love love. Love this wig so far, I cannot wait to get it installed. Um I'm gon na get it installed, probably like uh jet black I'm gon na. Have my stylus name on me with y'all, see further in this video y'all. Seen on my um videos before I'm gon na get it dyed yet black, because I love jet black hair and his hair is really dark for it to be like a 1B, it's really dark. So I like that. It'S not like Sandy Brown or anything like that, but I want it darker. So I'm gon na have her giant black we're, probably gon na do like a middle part or a side. Part straight, maybe cut the ends. I don't know if y'all see, but yes I just want to thank Ally Pearl for sponsoring this video. I love my wig. I cannot wait to get in stop so if you want to see the installation y'all know, I come to play. Y'All better stay tuned and, like I said if you are not subscribed at this point, this video you need to subscribe and I'll see y'all at my hair appointment yeah in my mind I ain't got a clue and it's time to leave my life. I wonder yeah. I'Ve been singing again, I've been wondering my bone straight metaphor: wan na die. One of these y'all see this. This is perfect. I love it. I love it. I love it.

T'ambria Tasnique: Love this hair on you stg ❤ it’s giving baddie

Ali Pearl Hair: GorgeousThanks for sharing our hair❤

Ali Pearl Hair: Thank you so much for trying Alipearl Hair!

Nikki kior Kior: I love vlog ❤️


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