No Baby Hair *Seamless* Lace Front Wig Install!

  • Posted on 16 November, 2022
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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, okay, okay, so today guys, I am going to be showing you guys how I installed this beautiful silky Bob wig all right and let's go ahead and get straight into it. Hey guys and welcome back to my channel. So today we are going to be doing you another wig install, but we are going to be representing a UK brand in this video, so shout out to Lux Couture for collabing with me on this YouTube video, I'm gon na be showing y'all the wig that they Sent me shout out to all my UK girlies out there. What'S good, I'm excited bro like I'm super excited, oh some goodies. Thank you. Let me show y'all what's up with the Vibes, so this is all of their social medias. If you guys want to go ahead and check them out, this is so freaking cute. Oh my gosh, it's really the packaging. For me, it's really giving it has all the instructions right here on the back of the card. Oh, they gave me their own melt bands, along with a edge brush, okay, cool. Thank you so much, let's Couture for all the free little goodies. I appreciate it and now on to the real juicy we'll see, let's get into it. This wig that they sent me is, is actually a Bob and I haven't done a bob in quite a while, like I haven't been about in a minute, but I was like okay, let me just go ahead. Try something different okay! So this is how the wig is it's in the color jet black and the lace is so pretty bro like what one thing that I did definitely seen from their website. That was like that. Just kind of stood out to me was the way they like the way the structure of the wig is and the way they plucked it like, like the wig has a Widow's Peak and y'all know me. Y'All know I got a little bit of a Widow's Peak myself, so that would definitely come in hand. I'M gon na go ahead and just pluck this a little bit because you already know me, I like to do my little customizations, I'm gon na go ahead, plug a little bit and I'll come right back for the bald cap method, guys so going straight into it. I'M using my even wonder: lace, adhesive spray and I'm cutting out the ears of my bald cap and I'm using pantyhose by the way. But I'm making sure that after I dry up the adhesive spray, I'm going around the perimeter and cutting out the access Lids that I obviously do not need and make sure you guys are very careful with this step. You could use a eyebrow razor if you want um for this, I'm just using my Plano one dollar scissors. You know that would definitely do the trick. Thank you, okay and then I'm taking my Norm, no more blemish press powder by Ruby kisses. I always use this in all of my ball caps method and all of my wig installs, like I just use this powder and I'm putting that all over the perimeter and a little bit in the middle to make sure that everything is seamless, especially when I actually Install the wig, I want everything to be Blended and my skin color, okay guys. So that is pretty much it for the bald cap method, but um I did not pluck actually, because while I was plucking I was like, is there anything I really need to plug anymore, like it's kind of already giving. So, let's just see how it looks when we just put it on okay, so this is fully strain me. This is Hannah. How is giving I might want to change my shirt. I might take my shirt. Give me one second, this is how it's looking and I just came back from changing my shirt, but this is how this looking is very silky. I haven't had like a bone straight wig in such a long time. This is definitely out of my comfort zone and the fact that it's a bob too, but let's go ahead and go straight into the installation process. All right and I'll be using my very own lace, glue sincere Beauty, lace glue. It will be coming out on December 12, 2022, okay, guys just so y'all know um, but I'm going ahead and playing that all over the perimeter of my bald cap around my head. Just so you know everything is good. I have a pink spoolie that I use just to go ahead and spread out the glue. If you purchase my sincere Beauty lace glue, then you will also be having at least one or two of these in your package, just as you know, a little free goodie. Okay and after the glue is about 90 dry, I'm going ahead and placing the wig exactly where I want it to be because listen like once, you actually put the wig onto the lace glue. There'S no going back like you can't maneuver it. You can't really move it like once it's so after placing the wig exactly where I want it. I'M gon na go ahead and cut out the ear tabs. Just so the wig could properly lay on my head and I'm doing that to both sides and using that same adhesive spray that I use for my bald cap. I'M gon na go ahead and use it on the perimeter of the wig just so it can melt and watch the lace. This up here is disappearing and using the Luxe Couture melt, lace band, it's so cute by the way like it's so freaking cute, I'm going ahead and wrapping that around the perimeter. Where I put my lace - and this is the moment of truth - I let it melt a little bit and voila literally no lace is so pretty like the Melt goodbye, I'm using my blue eyebrow Razor Mini razor and I'm cutting the perimeter of the access lace that I do not need for this wig install, so please be careful when you're doing this step. I don't want any of you guys to get hurt and y'all look at the plucking like I barely plucked. This wig, like I didn't plug and it's giving, is really giving scalp like for real. So if you're a beginner, this is a really good wig for you, but going ahead back with my adhesive melting spray, I'm gon na go ahead and put that around the perimeter. Melting, the lace a little bit, I'm gon na get the lace band again, put that on make sure that the lace is giving scalp okay and then now I am taking it out for the second time and voila no lace. No lace like this makes me so happy bro, like bro and, of course, for the styling process of this wig. I'M just gon na be using my hot comb to make sure that there's no flyaways make sure that the edges is really nice and smooth and silky, and I'm cutting out the sideburns of this wig as well. I'M doing that to both sides, not just one. Okay guys, so this is the final result of the wig. I was definitely thinking about cutting it and making it into like just a straight bob, and I probably will still do it, but I'll probably do that on my Tick Tock instead of here. But if anything I will probably upload like a YouTube short of me, cutting the wig and everything. But if you guys want to follow me on my Tick Tock, my Tick Tock is Lee Chanel. All my social medias will be down below and that will be pretty much its purpose wait guys. This is a. I know this is probably like a short video, but there wasn't too much to do with this wig because I usually have like curly wigs and I do layers and everything, but this was like more so just straight like this looks so natural, it's so pretty like It'S super duper silky, of course thank you, Luxe couture, wigs for sponsoring this video and collabing with me on this YouTube video. So that is pretty much it for this video guys. Thank you guys. So much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next one. I believe foreign

Jaden Greene: Keep the wig videos coming girl. Im loving it so much❤❤

Skyy Makhasi: The way i looove watching your videos! Been a fan and supporting since day one....really learning a lot from you.

fai w: Your installs always hit !!

ally🪬: i loveeee!!


spooky: You should post vlogs or maintenance weeks toooo

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