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  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Straight to the couch we put the mic outside welcome back to my channel, so today, I'm back with another video and in this video we're gon na get into this hair that I'm currently rocking. So today, we're featuring Beauty forever hair big shout out to Beauty forever. Here for sponsoring today's video, So today we're going to get into this look. Okay, we have this burgundy highlight loose wave wig, this is a 13x4 and it is pre-plucked. So I have this in 24 inches and I'm pretty sure, you've seen this trending around YouTube. A lot of girls haven't promoting this beauty forever wig. So I decided to do something different because I feel, like everybody pretty much styled it the same. They did like the wall curls or loose curls, so I recently picked up this. Actually. I was recently sent this crimper and I decided to crimp the hair because I haven't seen anyone style like this, and I really wanted to use this crimper and with long hair. So the barrels on this it gives you more like a ocean wave. So I would say it's not a crimper, it's a waiver, so it's really deep big waves, so I decided to do that throughout the hair. So that is how we're going to style her. But as far as the specs, this is a 13x4. You do get a little less parting space on the side, so it does taper. A little beauty forever does have phenomenal lace. I love their lace. I think I say this every time I work with their frontals. I didn't have to tip this lace. I did bleach the knots and I did do a little extra tweezing. This does come pre-plucked, but I did do some additional plucking. So as far as the options, when purchasing this unit, you can get this from 16 inches all the way to 26.. This is only in a frontal, but we love front soles, so hair is really soft and it was easy to work with. I did it flat out of the hair before waving it. Since I wanted a messy like ocean wave, I decided to just crimp the hair. After it was air dried, so that's what I did. The hair is really long for 24. It looks about a 26 so, depending on your height it'll, look a little different on you, I'm on the toilet side and my hair was still long. So I do like that. I do love this color. I love that they offer a dark root in the dimensions of the hair. So if you're someone who doesn't like to do full on color, the black gives you like just enough. It'S comfortable. It'S like Comfort, level, red, it's also a flattering red: it's not an engine fire engine, red or fire truck red. If you want to see how I style this, I crimp the hair half on video and then half I did uh a tick tock. So if you want to see that check that out over on my Tick Tock, but that is about it all the links will be down in the description box. You already know that the hair cells are going crazy right now. Beauty forever is having a sale Black Friday pre-black Friday. All of that so check the description box. I will have the discount codes. Everything you need to purchase will be down below shout out to Beauty forever for sponsoring this video shout out to y'all for watching bye, at least right now think about you everyday around my house, foreign, get rid of me no moves! Now! It'S 4 am and I'm back up hopping with the crew. I just let it in Chase treat. We all need too deep. Bro someone said

TyeStylez: Get $20 Off Use Special Code "beautyytb"

Layla L: Loving this color

T Mitchell: Can you link the waver please

gwen27405: Bring it sis!♍️♍️♍️

Shade Queen: Another one

Shirley Bien-aime: U playing with me today lol.

C Johnson: I’m a call her red siren

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