Realistic Hairline! Natural Texture Kinky Straight Wig Ft. Shine Hair Wig | Jodi The Island Girl

  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
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REALISTIC HAIRLINE! Natural Texture KINKY STRAIGHT WIG ft. Shine Hair Wig | Jodi The Island Girl

Natural Texture, Natural Edges! Deep plucked Kinky Straight Wig | Glueless Wig ft. Shine Hair Wig | Jodi The Island Girl

Hey Beauties! Thanks for clicking on today's tutorial. In this video I will be installing this 24 inches Kinky Straight HD Lace wig. This wig is 100% human hair and I absolutely loved the kinky texture natural hairline. I also liked the fact that this wig can also be worn Glueless.

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Foreign, you know your favorite island girl is back from you see this dance. You know, I'm super duper excited about today's Hair video. Today'S Hair video is sponsored by shine, hair, wig and guys. Let'S get into this cute approach, can we talk about the pouch, but, of course, let's see what is inside this phone? This is what it just comes like. This dress ring bag, which is a like that silky material. I absolutely love the color that soft pastel pink. So this is the unit that we'll be working with today, but of course, in the package came with some lashes as well as these the tangle brush guys I have in one in one of these for such a long time. This one is also branded. The quality feels great and, of course, two wig caps, because you know we'll be using that as well as this scarf band or elastic band which has Velcro on it. So it's easily adjustable. So today's unit will be working with this 24 inches and this is a glueless kinky Street HD lace wig with the kinky edges hairline. So it has that natural hairline. But before I give you, like all the good things about this unit, I'm going to show you exactly what it looks like directly outside the package, so it also comes with um. These are some adjustable straps that is used inside of it. So, as I mentioned before, guys, it has that kinky edges, and we know that this is definitely trending right now, so it almost mimics your natural hair, as if the this wig is literally growing outside of your scalp. So the lace itself is, of course, HD Swiss lace, which you know it makes it blend easily into all um color skin tool, and it comes with about four combs in it. So you know you have that extra security as well as the um elastic band, that I showed you prior um to the back as well. So you can. I am going to go ahead and adjust that on, and you know you can always adjust it because it has that adjustable thing on it, so the unit itself feels so good guys. This is a hundred percent human hair that kinky straight extra. So you know the 4C girls, especially, I know for a fact - will appreciate this unit. Let'S get this unit slayed baby, you need more. I had on this mesh from our previous tutorial that I did and I thought why not just keep it on it's not affecting the hair, so I'm gon na put my wig cap over it and I think it actually lays even more flatter um in my opinion. So I am going to go ahead and do the ball cap method, even though you have the option of wearing this wig completely glueless. So, sis, if you don't want any glue any adhesive, you can go ahead and just lay this with just the same, but because I was going out and I plan to wear it, half this wig on for a few days. I want it to be. You know what it's a bit intact, so I'm going in now with my a little bit of mango to be glue, spray, free spray, and I'm going to put on just a little around the rim of my hair or my hairline. I'M gon na put my blow dryer on the cool setting just to get that dried or yeah. To get that dried all the way I was about to say tacky, but I'm I'm going to allow it to dry all the way I'm going in again with another dose or another um. Yes, it's another door service and I'm going in again with a third round and I'm repeating that process and I'm going to allow that to dry all the way properly because I'll be doing the ball cap method. Next, I'm going to go in with my Foundation or you can use your powder any foundational powder of your natural skin tone, so that blends in so when you apply the lace onto your um, your stocking cap or your wig cap. It just Blends like it's. Your natural Roots, so I'm going to go ahead now and cut off the excess of my wig cap. I appreciate you clicking on today's video guys remember to subscribe like and comment um. If you are new next, I'm going in no just to reinforce my ball cap method, just so basically melts my uh, my wig cap and using the got to be a little bit on the glue just one time, I'm going to go in again with my blow Dryer down on the cool setting, the wig has a little laced up towards the back. Since your girl can't see the back of her head, I just removed that it's optional and I'm gon na go ahead now and basically just adjust my strap to see how tight it is. So, in the event that you choose to wear this 100 glueless, you want to ensure that the straps are tight and it is adjustable. So if you're a woman and you wear a bra, it is similar to the straps that comes on your bra, where you can make it tighter or a little bit looser. So this is the unit that I have on now and I just adjusted it and I'm just putting just one um thing of my got to be sprayed just to get it down a little bit because I said I wanted to have on this unit. For a few days, I did not want to remove it, so I'm just brushing that back, brushing my edges in and then making some slits. So I can remove my the lace without it not looking. You know too tacky. I want it to look neat. I want it to look like that natural hair light, but before I do that, I'm gon na go ahead and utilize my scarf band, not my scarf, is it mask? Is it a color scarf band? I think so my Edge butter to basically hold down my lace and I'm going to go ahead now and I pretty much mimic a part so guys. This is a hundred percent of Swiss lace. So, no matter where your part is, you can always style it. You can do a half up half done with this wig. I am so excited about this unit and I can't wait to see exactly all the Styles I'm able to get it into so I'll, be doing like a pretty much a side. Swooper um, a pirate Twister. So I'm gon na go ahead and remove that excess hair out of the way which I'm going in now with my wax stick as well as my hot comb, and I'm going to go ahead and pretty much Define the parts. So, even though this this is a lace Vega, it is still a big enough friendly, so don't be intimidated. It does not have to be glued on, since you can go ahead and invest in it and the fact that it's 100 human hair listen it's unprocessed by the way. So I think it's a great investment. It will last for, of course, with proper care. It will last for a quite a few years, so I've gone ahead and removed the lace and I'm going to go ahead and reinforce my edges and brush those in just a little bit because it has that natural kinky hairline. So I did not want to get that two straight. I just wanted you know for it to blend. You know with the rest of the unit, so I'm going in now and just using a little bit of my hair. She, you know my hair spray. Just a little bit and to basically get that just a little um. So if you have like air polish or anything like that, you can go ahead and apply. It did not need a lot. So that's what I'm doing. There are numbers working that in before. Using of course, my flat iron pretty much will just run through um. Just I mean it's not. I wasn't even going in like neat or anything like that, because listen, you probably think I'm exaggerating, but the quality of this hair is like a top notch like for real for real, so I'm not even going in needs with the um the flat iron here. I'M just running through dive once for each section and yeah the hair is so flowy, as you can see. My face is still please and just like that guys. I am done. I absolutely love this unit, so you can definitely check the link in my description box that takes you to directly over to the shine hair wig store to shop this unit so guys this is the kinky straight HD wig, with the kinky edges, of course - and this Is in 24 inches, I appreciate you watching guys remember to like subscribe and, of course comment. My name is Jody and I aspire to inspire until next time guys. You are not a friend of me.

Jodi The Island Girl: Thanks for watching! Get 10% off your order using my exclusive discount code: JODI10

Diva M: Love this hair texture. Looks beautiful on you Jodi. Blessings!

Macy and shav: Great installation and the wig looks gorgeous on you

Sasha Blessed: Now that's how you slay a wig. Love this!

Kimel’s Journey: Love it! It looks like a natural hair blow out.

Aura Winchester: Hey jodi u does come real good with these hair girl I can see myself in this love it

Bevony: I don't wear wigs but been enjoying your content nonetheless. Love the multiple uploads in the week. ❣

RenzyStyle: Love the stuff that comes with that hair.. is one thing with you. You gonna rock any hair them give, beautifully

The Dennis Way: Love the lil gifts you got with hair that hair brush looks real fancy

The Dennis Way: I should definitely try out a glueless wig !!!!!

princesskacian22: Love it

Samoya Dixon: Send it over my side when no lol I love it , it looks so soft and lightweight and shine for sure...

Dia Dierra: This is really nice !

Diane: Yes loving the natural wig

Nneka Toni: Can't tell me this never grow from your scalp!

Jackie's Worlds: Heyyyy friend.....beautiful did an awesome job

Joan Hyman: Love it

Joan Hyman: Wow love the length jodi its a amazing

Naturally curly mama: Look so beautiful and natural

sateenma1: Love how the wig looks natural and u nuh haul it down to your eyebrow. Forehead lives matter.

Latoya Hannam: Love the hair

RenzyStyle: Realized you bought the hot comb in the vlog. When u installed that last wig and u never have it

Mia Chanel: Hey beautiful love the unit

RenzyStyle: It look very natural...

Ukell Mullings: ❤❤❤

Joan Hyman: ❤❤❤




Yanique Wilson: Ohh

princesskacian22: Yesss

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