Bangs Styles Are Back! Gorgius True Scalp Bang Wig Is The Win

  • Posted on 16 November, 2022
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Looking for a wig that will turn heads? Look no further than the Gorgius True Scalp Bang Wig! This wig is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little style to their hair. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or just looking for a change of scenery, the Gorgius True Scalp Bang Wig is the perfect choice!

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★★★Defy and Define★★★

Hair style:

Wild & Free | Yaki Straight True Scalp Bang Wig


Speciality: HD lace top, natural hairline

Protective hairstyle & No glue No baby hair to install, throw on and go style

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Flat Iron

Heat Protectant

Lace Tint


Hot Comb

Blow Dryer

Edge Control

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Hey girl welcome back to my channel, I'm Ashley for tuning in, for the first time, and today we went with the old school Circa, 2011 2012, maybe even 2013., the infamous bus down jet black China bang. So this is my look probably when I met my husband and I remember we used to get the hair from the beauty supply store the Indian Remy and then we would take and make a closure. I take a little piece of the weft and like roll it up with the black hair group hair glue, and then we would like flat iron it in between the flat iron. Let that glue this Gunk everywhere and then make a little mini closure up top and guess what those days are over. We don't have to do that anymore. So this is a China, bang, wig and, as you guys can see, it does come with the lace parting. So no helmet head is not too big and bulky. It'S nice and smooth the bang already comes cut and you can even like throw it back and push it behind your ears for a little sexy vibe. That will lift is super long, but of course you can get it in a shorter length. If that suits you, so I'm gon na go ahead and jump into this quick install, be sure to check the description box for a direct link and let's get into it, jumping right into it. This is what the wig looks like straight out of the box. This is the inside construction of the cap. They did include a elastic band. This is going to help to keep the wig secure. Also, there is lace which is top tier, chef's, kiss perfect, it's a rectangular shape and it's HD Swiss lace. So it's going to look very, very natural here I am putting the wig on, as you guys can see it's a perfect snug fit. I do tuck the comb into my braids here is what the wig looks like when you flip it back. There is no lace along the hairline only at The Parting space, but again it's so important that the wig fits me perfect, so that it doesn't slide or move around. The only thing I'm going to do to this wig is go in and just bump the bangs. You don't have to cut or style the bangs as far as like trimming it or anything like that. If you put the wig on and they fit too long, just kind of pull the wig back a little bit and it will fit perfect to your sides. I'M going to go in and trim any extra flyaways that were there, but I did not cut the actual like shape of the the bangs. If that makes any sense here is what the wig looks like from the back. She is 22 inches in length, she's a perfect, perfect texture, as she is a Yaki straight texture. Here'S a close-up of that scalp. I was telling you about it's HD, I didn't add any powder, it comes pre-bleached and everything literally is ready to go now. Here I did the dynamic duo. I added the wax Along The Parting space and then I just went in with the electric hot comb and yes, I did burn myself a little bit. I just went ahead and smoothed everything out also straightening out the ends be sure to add a heat protectant, but again you don't really have to do much at all. This is that perfect date, night wig, when you have five minutes this is that perfect wig. When someone says Hey, FaceTime me and you don't have time to do or style, your hair she's definitely versatile, even though she's set in its own style. I love love, love her Miss sexy. She is perfect for fall winter summer and everything in between okay girls. So this was like literally a five minute install. It was all about getting the parting centered, which is simple and easy. You'Ve ever got any hair braided by the Africans. You know they go like this to match up that parting, so I just go ahead and line it like that. Now I want to give a moment of appreciation for The Parting. This is what the girls were missing back in the day before the lace became a thing and became accessible. We were doing the Pronto wigs and we were using hair glue to go ahead and put it together. Yes, this type of hair glue with the wig caps and we would make it together and we figured how to take a piece of the um weft roll it in a circle and glue it and then like open it up and use a flat iron to flatten. It down to make a closure piece: this is what we were missing back then this here changed the game. I think they did eventually make that piece like at the beauty supply that you can just plop in there and then the bangs are cut to Perfection now with the beauty of this wig is that everyone is a glueless, so there is no lace in the front. So it's an easy cap construction, easy to put on situation um! You don't have any problems there again, it's just once you put it on make sure you line it up to make sure that your parting is not like. Ashanti'S was last week in that interview that bug the heck out of me, because she's always so Flawless, and that again, is why celebrities sometimes should not do interviews, because sometimes it just like takes away from the perfection that is them anyways. That'S another rampant of the day, because, whatever the beauty and putting on a bang wig is that typically you don't have to like cut the bangs shorter. You just push the wig or pull the wig back, and so it sits exactly where you want it. I, like a super long super full bang, so I like it to almost cover my eyes. If it wasn't bumped, it probably would cover my eyes, but because that's a perfect little bump to it. Um, it's just right above so it doesn't like tangle in and mess with my lashes. I love the length on this one. I like how long and full it is. I love the fact that it's like a Yaki texture, so it is yaki enough that it's not too silky because a lot of times when you do like a China, bang and then the long straight down black if it's too silky it just gives like beauty, supply, Store this gives high quality, it's a nice enough, texture, um and everything fits amazing. Now the only customization or work, if you will that I did was I did use my wax stick from just to go in and flatten around that lace. And then I used my um electric hot comb from and I did put it on 500 because I like a little heat to make sure everything is how I want it to be, and I just made it a little bit more flat just to make sure that We'Re not giving helmet head, because that is the one thing that I definitely used to give with my China bang. He never was as flat as it needed to be up here, which is a whole other story as well, and then I just straightened out the ends of when you stay in your head. I want that Nicki Minaj or that Blac Chyna China, bang situation. This is perfect, it's not too heavy, it's not a helmet. It has a little bit of lace in there. The bay itself is a perfect cut, not too much. Not too sparse. Everything is literally a 10 out of 10. and this one did come from Gorgeous Hair. As we mentioned, love their holographic packaging as always, and then inside this was the dust bag. The wig came in be sure to always save your dust bags for being able to store and transport. You know travel with your wigs now. This, I will say, is the perfect wig like when you're not actually wearing it. I will say that this is, in my opinion, sorry about the noise one of the most perfect wigs to go ahead and store it in a bag and throw in your bag. As like an extra backup wig when traveling in the box also, they did include your wig caps and then holographic, reusable pouch that matches their packaging and inside you do get some goodies. You get your bobby pin ends, you get your tweezers, you get an elastic band that you can sew in to make it glueless you get an edge brush and then you do get two clips. So I'm gon na go ahead and let you guys go. I'Ve got gymnastics for my little ones in about an hour, so I'm good to go as far as my look. We might even do a little family date, night dinner, so I'm good to go and again, if I want to make it family friendly and fun, I can just add two braids or a braid in the back push it push the sides behind my ears, so they're Just not too like sexy girl yeah. If you want this wig, I highly recommend it. It'Ll keep you warm in the winter time, but it's definitely not too heavy and overbearing. You can change out the length if it's too long for you so yeah make sure you shop. Direct link is in the description box. Thank you guys so much for watching and as always I'll see you in the next one smooches

Yea Rite: Gorgeous on u but whenn did a classic bang look ever go outta style??? A classic is a classic but yes fall seems to bring bangs back in full force

Jackie Randolph: Beautiful just beautiful ❤

Jasmine W: Gorgeous

Tashanda Myers: PERFECT

Golden Child301: We need a vlogggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

ladetra paul:


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