Kardashian Who? Reviewing My Eva Wigs Straight Human Hair Wig Situation| Kenniejd

  • Posted on 08 September, 2017
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous


Wig link: https://goo.gl/pNVV2D


color: #

length: 26 inches

density: 150%

lace color: light brown

cap construction: cap-3A

cap size: average

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Please excuse the glasses woke up, try to put contacts on and my eyes were like. No, what so these are my prescription glasses, so there's gon na be some glare from my softboxes. My bad also broke a nail, so we're just very sexy today feeling it all around. Also, if you follow me on instagram, you know that the last few days ken has been kind of feeling like poopy, don't want to get into that. But today we're talking about my hair, because this is one of the things that is making me feel really great right now, because I feel late, I feel slayed. I feel I feel pretty good. Actually this is the best hair day. I'Ve had with this hair ironic. So I like to refer to this as the Kardashian who Kardashian wait. I don't I don't know that. I don't recognize that who she be wait. This bad boy is from either way. This is my second wig that I've had from evil wigs the first one that I had was my blonde number that I still love very dearly right now, whenever I kind of want to feel like a new person be reborn, I have that wig and it's gorgeous, But that wig, I thought it needed to be a little thicker. So this time I decided to go with the thickest fricking wig that they have. So this is the Kim Kardashian inspired long straight, full lace, human hair wig with the center part. It can be parted wherever I it just came originally in a center part. I got it in a color one. This is the first time I've ever had my hair like died when I get it other than like when they're bleached, but I had it dyed black jet black, it's 26 inches, which means that it actually touches my hip. A hundred and fifty density, which is as dense as it can get and I got a natural hairline, so I will say there are a lot of pros with this wig. I do really like this wig and so far it's just as good quality. As my last wig that I got from Eva wigs, so there are some very distinct issue hooves as well, so I wanted to give you guys all of that this hair, it's very, very soft. It came straight, but when you wet it there's a very slight wave. It gets kind of puffy, it is natural hair. So I'm not surprised by that. He ends a really good. The quality of the hair itself is really nice and 150 density. This is the hair flat iron. This hair is big. I'M try to find some pictures where I've had it like a little bit less tamed as it is right now, but this bad boy is a lot of hair and I really really really like that. I feel like wigs are kind of meant to be. You know natural looking and my natural hair is quite thick, so if I have a very thin wig, it just doesn't look right. It just doesn't match my head shape my face shape. It looks weird to have like really thin hair if you have like bushy eyebrows, at least I think so. I have naturally bushy eyebrows. So if I didn't have bushy ass hair, it wouldn't match it. Just wouldn't look right glamorous. You know wig, especially because I have it you know. Of course I have to get it as long as it could possibly be. It'S like out of shot very it's very much, so a walking down the street being extra type wig and I'm feeling it it's so far. I think it's my favorite straight wave. I'Ve ever had - and this actually holds a really good, curl too, because it's kind of built fake, like it's a little bit coarser than you'd, expect for like a straight wig, but when I just want a no muss, no fuss type thing. I want my hair to be able to hold whatever shape I put it in and also not have to like put too much heat on it just for the longevity of the wig, because if you put a lot of heat in it, you know you're, not gon. Na have it with for very long. I don't get any shedding. So that's really good. I kept it all one length. I haven't even cut the ends, so it's been doing pretty well. I have two very distinct cons, one of them. I don't even know if I can blame the company for it, but yeah I mean you can decide based off of what I tell you. It'S angled, not terribly nothing crazy, like I've had some success in thetic wigs. It'S just like. I can't wear this. I can't do anything with this due to the length and just the sheer amount of hair on here, because again it's hella thick and hella long, it kind of bundled up on itself. Also, the hair is a little bit thicker like coarser overall, so that kind of makes it kind of jumbled on itself a little bit in the back of your neck, the wind's blowing mic, you know, need to take care of that. I personally don't mind it because again it's nothing. That'S like you know debilitating in any way from using the wig or wearing the wig. But, to be honest, the main issue I have with this wig, where I had with this wig, is this hairline is a trip breath. It doesn't look too bad right now, but because I got it at 150 % density and this just never ran in my mind that thickness meant everywhere, including the hairline. So when I got it, it was Wiggy, it hail and it's still a little Wiggy. I'Ve been like plucking at it. It was just so much bulk right here and it looked very, very unnatural, very Wiggy, very, like cosplay, wigs type, look, which is a shame, because the hair everywhere else is such good quality and that really took down how it looked. I don't really give them a lot of leeway on that because if I say I want at 150 percent density like of course, I don't want it to be like that up here. So I don't know. I think they should like kind of keep that in account when they add on the bulk. So I think they should like put that into account when you're getting wigs like you would want it to be still, even if you want it to be as thick as possible all around you still want it to thin out at the edges, because whose hair is The same density, all the way to the end like no one's hair is like that, so I did have to sit there for awhile, plucking and plucking, and I could have done more plucking, but I didn't because I can't be bothered. Also. I don't want you to see it, but I do have some flyaways up here that wasn't a problem if you keep it in the middle part, but you do buy a full lace wig so that you can like play around with it and put different parts. So I am getting some like short hairs right here. Those can be flipped down with a little bit of hairspray, but it's just something to think about. But overall, if I had to give this wig like a rating, I give it a solid 4 out of 5 stars. It'S a good wig! It'S the beautiful thickness and feel oh just a little bit of tangling and a little bit of like too much hair on the front like looking very like Addams, we, so that's all. I really have to say about this wig, though, if you want any of the information I will put that down in the description box. If I do have a coupon code I'll put that down in the description box, it is not an affiliate code. I don't make any money off of you checking out or using the code. It is strictly for you guys in case you're wondering and yeah I'll see you guys later, don't forget to Like comment subscribe. Please check out my last video and I'll see you guys next time, bye,

Isabelle AM: Hey, Kendall..just wanted to let you know, that your instagram livestream was really motivational to me..I've been struggling with very similar problems recently (meeh, I don't really like the word problem in this kinda context, but I can't find any that's more befitting but anyyyyyyway :'D ) It was kinda comforting to hear that there are other people out there who are in a similar situation/ have the same weird as feelings  Also, what I would like to let you know is that I personally would love to see your 'artsy stuff' on your channel, and I'm pretty sure that most subscribers do too (everyone out here who agrees should thumbs this up, or comment, or let Kendall know in any other way or form) Okay, I'm done :'D not going to bother you any longer, have an awesome day, lots of love from Germany :*

baeby: kendall: alls these pros kendall: i would give it a 4- me: wtf a 4 out of a ten? kendall: -out of 5 me: oh (and girl those glasses w freckles were a LOOK)


lakshitha: This girl out here lookin like a godDESS wow when will I ever

Tasiaaa: When you wanna buy it but you’re a broke college student I don’t have $500+ to spare lmao

Blair Whitaker: Kendall can you please do a tutorial on your freckles please!

BROKEN FRAMES: Bish, stop being so glamorous.

Kpop0223: I was thinking 'I'm not going to watch this, I'm not buying any wigs anytime soon...' and then I ended up watching the whole thing lol. Love ya, Kennie!

Nico: Black women are all absolutely fucking gorgeous

Frida Sol: Kardashian who? Is that a fruit? Some type of flavored soda? No hate tho they nice people

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Ohhanahoney: Do you have any recommendations for cheaper hair that ships to the U.K.?

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Fam City: When she runs her hand through her hair it sounds like asmr

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Miriam Espinohkp of this game: Yes please don’t feel good and then you get back together to do something like that and I just don’t want you have for a long day so you know I love ❤️ I don’t feel good at you I just feel




Sanaa: pls notice me

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Rocio Velazquez: ayyyyeee first comment

your girl_noseta: Hi

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