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  • Posted on 07 March, 2019
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So everybody this is going to be a wig Tryon videos, / a lookbook in a sense um, but I really wanted to come and do a new wave Tryon video for you guys, because it's been a really long time since I've done one and of course I'm Going to do a bump update after this, so I hope that you guys enjoy this video, okay, everybody. So I got three wigs from elevate styles and, of course, as some of you guys know, they are like a kind of like a online beauty supply store and I ordered three wigs from them, they're all short they're, all like a short curly. I know that you guys like when I try out my short wigs, because I normally don't so. This is going to be fun and we're going to be basically just showing you guys the wicks straight out of the packaging, I'm also gon na try to style them. Just a little bit just to make them more my own if they don't work out for me, so let's get into the wigs that I did pick up. Okay, so the first one is the premium doobie diamond 100 % human hair. So you can wash this! You can Restall this. I won't be washing and restyling this, because I have no idea to do finger waves or how to put them back, but this is the style finger wave. This is a lace front unit. I'M super super excited. I got this in a 1b, so it should look more like this. I'M gon na try her. So I got two so I got two more and this one is the spiral curl. It'S also a hundred percent human hair in a 1b, and I'm thinking this is gon na, be real. Chica says the finger wave on the side and you got the long curls on this side. So I'm thinking it's gon na be cute, and then you get six inches of parting space in both of these wigs. It'S six inches apart in space and then this one the premium do be ringlet curl and we'll see how this one looks. I'M not too sure on how this one is going to look on me, but I dig it an ombre wine, color and again, six inches lace for it and all human hair. So we're gon na try these out and I'm super super excited. Okay, anyway, on to the trial, okay guys, so I just put my weight at capo on I'm gon na go ahead and get started on the first wig and I think I'm going to do the ombre wine color wig. Just so, we can see how that's looking, because this is the one I'm not too sure about just simply because it's like super super curly and short. So let's try that one on first okay, so my lace is cut off. This is about how much I have left on there and I'll trim if I need to, but I do want to just go ahead and get this on. It does have adjustable straps, it does have to comes on the side and one in the back of this ventilated cap. I will show you guys the cap. I just want to adjust my straps really quickly, because I have a really small head, okay and so to show you guys the inside. It does have like that, ventilated cap, so you can see through here. Basically it's ventilate it. So your head is getting plenty of air and again that's your part, ciao, okay, so, okay, so I I do love the color love, love, love the color, I'm just gon na pluck this out really quick with just my hands now. What I'm not too sure about is the front just because there's really no room for you to pluck this. If you wanted to so you kind of have to play around with these. I do love. This color really really love the color. Okay. So far, I'm liking the way that this side looks. It is just this side that wants to give me some problems and another thing this way this way does not come up like baby hair. So even if I wanted to like hide this, I probably couldn't so. I'M just basically playing with it trying to bring majority of this hair, maybe down to my face. I think what this wig needs on this side is maybe like some water, but I do really really love this side um. It does kind of feel like synthetic hair to me, but I do think that's because of the tight curl yeah. I think this needs like some water or something on it, just to get it to like frame my face a little bit more, I'm going to use a little bit of this um leave-in conditioner. Let'S try that first, alright, spray spray spray with this thing up: honey. Okay, so I'm liking. The way is starting to look: okay, it's starting to become like more okay. So this i'm liking, okay, yeah! Definitely! Okay! Here we go okay! I, like this style, I'm leaving it like this, because I actually love the way that it's starting to lay. So I do think like with these real real curly. Wigs who are gon na have to like put some type of moisture or some type of water on them, and I love the fact that the curls stay like even when you wet it so yeah. So this is cute right now I'm loving this okay. So I think this is the look and I'm going to leave it like this, just because I do love the way that is shaped and how it's just like perfect. Look the color look at the color. The color is gorgeous okay, so this is the first one. Let'S move on to the next one, okay guys. So this is the spiral curl one and it's supposed to be like finger waves on this side, which I don't even know. If I'm getting any finger wave action, let me just turn to the back. This is the back. I think that, with a lot of these shorter wigs, you really have to like put in work with them to style them. How you want to - and this wig does shade it a little bit so this is this - is the hair I'm just brushing it out, because it was like sticking straight up and now I'm just fluffing it. I do think, like I said some of these shorter waves need to be like styled by you to like really fit you now. I do really really love the fluffiness and if this wig is a lot softer than that um that curly curly we got just head on, but I don't like, I feel like a lot of these - aren't just taking out the package and you'll be able to go, But then again I have like a really small hair too, so it just this week just might not fit me how it might fit someone else, but I do love the way this side is. Maybe I just can't do the long and short, maybe that's what that is. I'M gon na want to tuck this in, and you know what I think this actually might look better. If I was to me, I earn this, but this is how it looks straight out of the packaging like you would have to do a little something something so this week to just make it look more you I do like how it fits in the back, how It gives you like that tapered feel in the back: okay, okay, maybe maybe it's coming together. I kind of just want to. I don't know I feel like with short wigs they kind of need to just either they need to lay a certain way. I could definitely see this wig working if it was like flat ironed, and it was just like a sweep. It'S not too bad. I just think this is too fluffy and that this I would have to go in with like a flat iron, and just like lay some of this down cuz. I would want this to be like black. Maybe it's just the curly styles, because when I put on like straight short wigs, it just looks better and I think this needs to be straightened and just come like straight in my face like that. But let me know what you guys think about this one. I just think it's too fluffy right here, but if they like laid down like this, it would look a whole lot better cuz. Then you have like a lot of this volume would be gone and it would just lay flatter. So I do think if I had maybe my hot comb down here or something - and you just laid a little bit flatter up here - it will look a whole lot better, but I I like the way it's sitting right now, since I wet it a little bit. Just to lay the hair down okay, so I am filling it now. Alright, loving the party face again, you got your six inches. Okay and the last one I'm gon na do is the finger wave okay, so here's the finger wave one I'm actually gon na brush them in this out there we go so yeah, because these are human hair. They they don't really hold like the mode that will so again these are wigs. You'Re gon na have to play with and restyle I'm sure so yeah. So I feel like the finger wave is the only one. I can't really like just manipulate to do what I want it to do, but it's a really cute pattern, though, but it's just this one little piece that got stuck in the package that doesn't want to cooperate and I think because the hairline can't be manipulated. It looks kind of weird, but I know a lot of ladies will know how to work around that I do not, unfortunately, so just wanted to come and show you guys. So let me know what you guys think. I think this is the only one. I can't really do much with, or you know, like, I said, manipulate it to just fall back in line together. What a turnaround you guys see the back, so it is a really pretty pattern. It'S just. I can't manipulate it because it's already been set and I don't know how to put finger waves back in so don't even don't even ask me how to do that so yeah. So I think this is the only one I can't really work with. So let me know what you guys think, though, and I'll see you guys in my next video I'll leave links for these down below if you're interested

Honey Isweet: The saving grace to curly and wavy human hair wigs is water. Spray them with water and it will cause the curls or waves to form. It's best to spray them with water when you first get them so that you can see what the curl or wave pattern look like. Out of the 3 units, I would try the first unit. Thanks for sharing.

エヌエー(ネフェル アズレさん): The finger wave you are SUPPOSED to wet it ! You need to watch old school reviews of the Marilyn wig and the Mommy wig so you can understand how the fingerwave wigs come to life. Most human hair units like this you have to put water and mousse. Joann Grey is also one of the BEST Youtubers when it comes to styling shorter units. She hasn't made a video in YEARS but her videos are all still there. Another Youtube veteran who is dope with the shorter wigs would be DaBossElla. Better luck next time. Perhaps you could consider re-doing the reviews for these units once you've had a chance to see how these should be styled. The position you set them in WHILE WET, is the position it will dry in. You kept saying all over the video "human hair cannot be manipulated" it most CERTAINLY can (it's synthetic hair that can't really be manipulated since it's set in one style), you just don't know how to style human hair short units. You literally scared potential customers out of buying that's how bad this review is. Ladies, don't be discouraged by this video. The problem is not the wigs, it's the person doing the review who apparently has limited experience with shorty curly human hair wigs. WET THE HAIR. You can either submerge it completely or just use a spray bottle, but either way, you have to WET THEM. I too, have the Ringlet Curl one and she is GORGEOUS.

Velvet Petals: You sure can style a wig Child. Love your eye makeup too!! Very sultry and fun

Jasmine Ferguson: Loving the makeup tutorial ... Geogous fall looks

Hester Davis: I wud certainly rock that 1st one in the same color the other 2 not so much. Ive seen the fingerwave wet and its absolutely gorgeous so its up to the person. Tfs❤

Deluxe Queen: A diamond in the rough,i think the wigs could work well in time,and minor touches to one's personality....good review thank you

the recessionista: I would wet all 3 especially the finger wave one tfs

LoTTaLeGGs Beauty: I was wondering what these units would look like on...thanks for sharing!

Teddy White: you save my day, I have the same style wig from newigstyle, i love your video

Alicia Masterson: I like the wine color wig on you!!

Corrine Ferguson: Yasss throwback! I love these videos! This is how i found you!

Bianca Johnson: Not a fan of the wigs, you however look so good !

Pajama Mama's Kitchen & More: Pretty you usually make everything look good, but I'm not feeling these wigs, I think the 2nd one was the best but still not a fan... but you as always look Marvelous

Crafting with Angie: I like the first wig, but I wish that it didn't have a part in it. When you move some of the hair over to towards the other side, it looked so much better. I really didn't the other two wig, but as beautiful as you are my friend, you can make any wig look good. :)

Crafting with Angie: I like the first wig, but I wish that it didn't have a part in it. When you move some of the hair over to towards the other side, it looked so much better. I really didn't the other two wig, but as beautiful as you are my friend, you can make any wig look good. :)

Sheriece Shelton-yarber: I'm not a short wig fan cause I look like some bodies Auntie grandma in a short wig but if someone knows how to style them they would be cute but I wouldn't have a clue.

Diane Green: You are too beautiful for those short units! I'm glad you were honest with your review!!

Miss Meta: Uh Nooo! to all, i am over 55 and i would not where any of these. There is one more in the collection a short straight one. Wonder how it looks? Thanks for sharing, i was going to buy one of these but now i don't think so.

Ruby Chew: The first wig I like the color but the curls seemed too tight. The second wigs looks good on you. The third, finger weave wig, the hair appears to be too short. Perhaps, you can apply a knit cap and show some of the hair.

alona love: Ur eye makeup is killing me softly i it

Mary Bokker: Water always loosen tight curl wigs up, so u can work better with styling them.Get some ideas off u tube,the women on there be slaying those wigs,that's where I get my ideas from,they really have helped me alot with ideas on how to style my wigs.

Blu News: All outre duby wigs are wet and style type wigs... Not meant to be styled dry

Ms Mia: I'm a fan of a lot of the wigs that you review but I did not like not one of these wigs!

Candace Johnson: You are beautiful sis... but it’s a hell no for all 3 wigs

Jasmine Smith: Giving me 90's zhane vibes hey lol

Beauty Smarts: Sis where you been ...where have I been...missed you...did you have the a baby boy r girl? Congrats.

yoyo mama: Please get professional stylist to promote these wigs because these pretty face ladies just tick me off with there lack of know how I mean how she rakes that brush at the end and it took her to long on the curly one to realize she need to wet it down a bit to manipulate a dry wig smh she's pretty and all but served no real purpose for the wigs everyone is not made up and market ready they need inspiration not a struggle bunny in a wig fooling around like this won't get one wig off the shelf

adrianealex1: No..grandma wigs

Adriance: Maybe try water

Mary Bokker: U have to learn how to make the wigs fit u

greeneyed bandit79: Outre is wrongggggggg

Distortion0: 3:35

Faith Rightout: Uh uh these wigs are not cute

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