Is It Worth The Money? It'S A Wig! 100% Remi Human Hair Wig - Hh Remi Yaki 1416 * Hair So Fly

Hello beautiful people todays wig was sent to me from Hair So Fly


Brand: Its A Wig

Name: HH REMI YAKI 1416

Color: 1B

" "

0-100 Rating ( 0 being horrible 100 being good) My opinion...

-Shedding: 100

-Tangling: 100

- Style: 70

- Density: 45




1st wig I'm wearing video:

Company HairSoFly Store link:


Hair So Fly Wig Blog:



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HEY LETS BE FRIENDS :-) and no I'm not crazy

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Hey, hey, hey, so I have another wig from here so fly. Thank you so much here so flat for sending me this wig. We should see the link below to this wig their direct store and also their wig blog. So, let's get into it. This always looks like when you get it. This is a bane unit. The texture of this here is silky. The color is a 1b, so it looks pretty natural, it's kind of dark, but it kind of has like this brown undertone. This is a full cap. Wig. You actually get no combs, but towards the front you get this soft material. So that's really good for your edges in the back. You also get your adjustable straps and this is the way the top look. It'S actually close, but I'm gon na take my powder and add a little bit there just so I could look like it's hair coming from my scalp. Hopefully it works well because it's pretty tight and I don't think I'm going to pluck it. Let'S go. Take my Maybelline mineral powder, I dab some of the powder on this brush and it said upside for the Sun. So not bad looks like it's coming from ask up a little bit and you just brush up the powder over here and now. I'M just going to pop it on my head, so with this wig the top is a little bit humpy, but you can fix that with um, a flat iron or just the curling bow just press it at the top and you're good. Another thing is a lot of people out there, don't like bangs that are so sick. So if you're like a fan of spin and bang, then yeah I'm definitely not a fan of big bangs. Like look at me, I look like a conehead. I don't like this wig, especially for all that money. I don't like it on me and then purchase this wig. I got a shot to me, but even if I do make the top flatter, I just don't like the bang like this. Wig is not for me. The texture is really soft. The length of this wig on me, I would say, is 12 inches after the density. It is on the thin side. You don't get a lot of hair by filling it. It do feel like it would last a long time and I feel, like you could apply heat up to 400 degrees on it. It'S really good! That'S what a luster luster isn't bad. It looks like a natural luster after you get your hair done, but I will probably put some dry shampoo on it. I like this unit you'd. If I cut the bangs to my liking and flat on the top, I still won't like it. So I'm just like doing this quick show itself for you guys. Honestly, I'm glad I didn't spend my money on this because I would have been so angry. So that's pretty much all I have to say about this wig. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below, and I get back to them as soon as possible, as always think I so much for watching and have a great day. Lady, yes,

Sheena Mason: I didn't think it was bad but is def not a must have for moi. Thanks for sharing, Queen!

Lovelee Toi Toi: I've bought cuter units that are real hair based for the same amount so although cute this isn't worth it, they might sell a few but ladies please research other options to find the right choice for you since its an awful feeling buying a wig you're unhappy with.

Kurly Kay Glam: GIRLLLL that wig is so cute. i love it!

Kaneshia: Girl, give me that wig!

Furstlayde: Baby you slay all day but momma gonna have to pass on this one which is a good thing cuz we gotta eat the rest of the week and my units can't be on the menu. ❤

Hano H: I think it's worth the money. you just need to love it and I love it

Pat J: I don't think it's that bad. I think once you work your magic, it will look really great on you.

Twanna Canty: That is so cute on you. Im getting this one

Rayann410: i thought it was cute! not $150 cute but passible lol that first wig was bomb though love!

Lashonay 🌎: I know this about wig reviews, but baby girl your make-up be on point. Are you ever gonna show us your every day make-up look? You be lookin keuuute. This wig is cute on you

RedWilbert1: can you flat iron and wash the hair

Zen Aesthetic: What's the shorter unit you're wearing in this video?

Get Fit With Tellie: You should do a wig giveaway or sell them.... but I'd gladly take it off your hands it's nice to me

ladynefertitibk: I think it's very nice. Could you curl it? Maybe could come back and show how it looks curled.

Aliz: CN you wash the hair

SimonsMom2008: Its a no for me.

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