Am Still Shocked I Used $2 Braid Extension To Make This Wig/ Try This Now

  • Posted on 14 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous


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1. Simple And Quick Natural Hair Styles You Want To Try /Easy Protective Styles For Beginners.

2. I Tried Creating Two Color Straight Crochet Hairstyle For Her Using Braid Extension.

3. This Elegant Bridal Hairstyle Took Me Leas Than 20mins / Easy Protective Styles You Want To Try.

4. Easy Soft Faux Locs Tutorial / step by step.

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mabel tv: This is absolutely beautiful, i love it

Vernessie M. Joseph-Burbank: Absolutely beautiful you did amazing job ❤

YouLove YAH: Yes! Thank you! Nored and learned, accepted! Thank you, Sis!

Petronella Chola: Well done my lady will be trying this style soon.

Agoi Obunso: Wow great job absolutely beautiful thanks ❤️

Akinwande Esther: Beautiful job from an expert, pls can you do a video for a beginner like me

Mable Nyakabau: Great job very beautiful

Irène Bomenga: un bon travail et le résultat est juste whaou merci pour la vidéo Pouvez vous me préciser le type de mèches ou cheveux utilisés s'il vous plaît ?

M Bell: ‍♀️Nice job...looks good..questions what's the name brand of the long did all this take(roughly)...thanks for

Deborah Allen: Loving it

Traci Williams: That is beautiful

rafał chachoń: ❤ są Beautiful hairstyle hair wig

Flavia Nakanjako: It's very nite, I like the work

Flavia Nakanjako: It's very nite, I like the work

Lorraine Blake: Beautiful. God bless you

Chuks: Magic hands....I love it.

TressMe TressMe: Beautifully Done!!! ...however I hope you did something with that white-middle-part , that doesn't look natural.....

Verona James: Love it

Lilian Osuoha: Very nice but not beginner friendly. Didn't see how you achieved that closure part. And no voice over didn't help too. It's something I would love to try as a beginner. Would love if you could share pls. Thanks

Gracemathewo: Beautiful

Cynthia R: Love It

Fabiwar Wisdow: I. Love it

Sina Sina: ❤❤

Mathy Couture Tv: Bravo tu connais ton job

Alice wanjiku: Good work

Precious Ezelioha: This is supperb, please ma guess you have monitize your YouTube channel how do you go about it

Gacelle Abeya: Very nice

Adeline Ntoumba: Cool

Koroma Zainab: Nice

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