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  • Posted on 19 November, 2022
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Blessed day my Beautiful people. It’s a blessing to be alive and health. Hope you and your family are doing well by the grace of God.

Today’s video is Maximina Wig Review Perfect for Special Events & Date Nights. Wig Name: Outre 100% Human Hair Blend HD 360 Edge 13X6 Lace Front Wig - MAXIMINA .

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I got this in the style maximum maximina reading articles maximina maximino has maximized my life. You have upgraded me, it's your next level that is making me thinking of asking more bad price from my husband like seriously guys the corals are already gay. I don't have to bother about it. Uh daddy, says: okay, let's go out on a date. I just speak I'll trick maximina and I'm really looking this bad and I said Daddy, let's go where are you taking me now? That'S why I love synthetic waves because I could just throw it on and go period. Lord have mercy on me bless them. I love! Thank you so much for tuning in if you're new here welcome. My name is Shanta. Thank you. So much for tuning in on here we do everything natural hair care self-care. We will use like this one as well as motherhood, Vlogs and fashion hauls in general. So, if you're into stuff like this, please be sure to join the family by hitting that subscribe button down below and make sure you turn on the notification Bell button so that YouTube is going to notify you every time I upload new videos. I try my best to upload new videos every week, okay, and thank you so much for doing that. I really appreciate it, and God bless you all right, my love. So in today's video we're going to reviews this stunning wig I got her name is maximina. Maximina maximino has maximized my life so yeah. She is absolutely gorgeous um. I got her from Amazon, so we're going to review her today. You'Re gon na watch me unbox, her you're gon na watch me cut her delays and equally install it and style it as well and at the end of the video I'll, give you all my opinions and a review of this hair. If it's worth your points or not, okay, yeah so stay tuned, all right guys. So let me give you all the specs of this hair. So this is the box. It came with very cute box. I love the packaging, it's so amazing, and this is the booklet. Like a little booklet that came in the pack right here, it gives you every information about the hair. So right now let me just read you all the specs of this hair, so the hair is from outre it's a 100 human hair blend. It'S uh, 360. Frontal lace, wig and it's 13 by 6 uh hand, tie lace, frontal and it's a transparent, HD lace, um. It requires no plugin at all and it's 22 inch and I'm 5'5 so 22 inch. This is where it could get you also uh. This is in the style, maximina and I got it in the color golden honey blonde. Yes, baby, hey baby, so I got it. I got this in the style. Maximum reading articles maximino has maximized in my life. You have upgraded me. This wig has upgraded me to Next Level that is making me thinking of asking more bad price from my husband like seriously guys. This is good. It comes with two combs in the front, and one comb at the back. The adjustable strap a band that you can still wear it glueless. If you can you just throw it on and you have the the wheat band attached to it. That way. If you want to wear the wiggling, I try to do that. It didn't work because I had to go somewhere. I had to glue it down and then create some baby hairs that you see right here, foreign baby, so I've used just a strapless fan of the band and T keeps moving. So I'm going to go ahead and spray the hair using just glue it down using vegan hair, it's very range. This is what I always use for temper hold, so I'm going to go ahead and use this one and then create a little bit of baby hairs. Baby baby baby good evening so so far this amount of shedding I've got, and this came out because I had to block to open up the middle part again so that the middle part in will be very visible. So I had to clock, go in and pluck that so what's left now I love baby hairs, so I'm just going to go ahead and do two babies, two baby hairs right here and we'll be done with this hair. So far, I'm really loving the hair. It feels so pretty soft and Sleek. I love it. I was gon na bump like this all right, all right y'all, so I I just finished doing my baby hairs, so this is the highest I could get it. Oh, I struggled with my baby hair. So I just had to turn off the camera. Irregularities beat your life same with my brows, but it's okay, so to clean up like you can see. This has messed up. The spray has messed up my makeup and to clean up. I always use this. This too. I put a little bit: I don't use alcohol because it dries my skin, so I just dab a little bit right here and I'm just going to take off my makeup a little bit, but I'm gon na go ahead and put this powder so so far I'm Gon na go ahead and use my concealer to define the lines right here on the party. That'S right, this concealer is for math okay, so this just adds shine onto the hair. You see it just gives a shine on that feeling, yeah all right guys. So my final thoughts and review about this week - so I would say maximina - has maximized my life maximine just from the name. It maximizes your entire, being see her. She is absolutely gorgeous. I love her already. She gives you that kind of a silk feel, and another thing I love about the hair is that it doesn't tangle. You can see, I keep running my hand through the hair, it doesn't tangle and it's easy to brush, so you can easily brush through and so far with the shedding I'm. Having witnessed that a lot of shedding, I only had like a little amount of shedding because I blocked open up the middle part right here. I have to block a little bit, but so far with shedding, even when I run my hands through, I don't get like this. No, no shedding at all like notion you might get shedding when if you have have to cut like baby hairs and then also, if you have long, that's why you might have um, which is normal. So that's why another thing I love about the hair definitely um. I love this hair because you can use it for Education. Like events birthday parties, you want. This is my first time trying to uh blonde with this color I've never wore a wig like this color, so I'm loving it. I'M so impressed that this color could just complement my my skin. I'M super super in love with this. I'M gon na be buying this for sure again, um. One thing I love about synthetic hair is that it's just you get it out of the box. 20. 30 minutes you it's on your head, you don't have to worry about styling it like oiling it with the coiling iron and all that you just need to learn how to cut the lace and then lay it down. That'S it since Fast Pace. That'S it! That'S what I love about synthetic hair? Okay, the corals already did I don't have to bother about it and my girls and say: okay, Daddy, say days: okay, let's go out on a date. I just speak out and I'm already looking this bad and I said Daddy. Let'S go: where are you taking me now so for sure she is a 10 on 10. For me, the cup size is medium to large. That'S it about the hair. I love her. Always that's why I love synthetic wigs because I can just throw it on and go and go and she is fine period. She is fine period maximity of Maxi mice. My life is Max. I'M adding African accent here. Please shoot Maxi maximina Lord have mercy on me. I cut the accent, African-American accent. How do you call it please? Just I don't know if I could record if, if y'all could record like how you could you're gon na pronounce this, so I could listen to it. That would be so fun. I wish we could leave like voice little voice, uh recording on the comment section, but we can't do that yeah. So here you go out. Is it maximina, maximina maximino? Oh lord? I can't even call it the heavy accent of Africa is coming out. I can't even I can't even americanize this one, because I mean English all right y'all, so that's it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you like videos like this, if be sure, to join the family by hitting that subscribe button down below. I see you says bro, I see you watching all my videos, please join the family join the club join this community, let's grow together. Please hit that subscribe button. It now today now, as I'm talking to you right now, you're looking at me watching this video hit that subscribe button. Thank you so so much God bless you from the bottom of my heart for doing that, and it gives me motivates me like to get up. I'M a mother of three beautiful kids working and a wife and all that, but I just love this. I love this to do this, but all those little things like that. They help to motivate me um wake up every day and then put this makeup on and look cute for you all in a few weeks. Thank you so so much for doing that hit that subscribe button. Okay, as always love you all and God bless and top small life. I know I can't go one more day.

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