How To: Revive Your Old Human Hair| Microwave Method | Easy Diy #Hairdiy #Revamp #Microwavehacks

  • Posted on 18 November, 2022
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  • By Anonymous

Hey loves!

Todays video is a little different.

I used a microwave to revamp my old wig and the result surprised me too! It is an easy DIY microwave method!

I hope you enjoy


Shout out to my amazing best friend, Plangnan Haggai for helping me out with this video!


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Hi love welcome back to my YouTube channel. My name is content, creator and YouTuber. It'S your first time somewhere across this page. Please don't be curious. Please come back here and watch more of my videos subscribe. You know all of that, but if you're a returning subscriber thank you so much for coming. Thank you so much for always watching my videos. It really means a lot to me, so today's video is a little different from what I would normally do because number one. I'M not even hair stylist and I'm feeling most I've already seen from the thumbnail and from the title that I would be revamping an old wig of mine using a very weird method, but I saw somewhere. So I saw this method and I was like. Ah, let me just try it, so that's what can happen. Let me just try it this week, I'm ready to let it go so if it if it works, fine, if it doesn't work fine, but this week is so beautiful, but then it just became so somehow. So please, if you're, a hair, expert and you're watching this, please Don't Laugh at My cream methods, because this is an easy DIY um, it's an easy DIY, revamp of your wig. So I hope you enjoyed this video, please. As I said earlier, don't forget to like to comment to share and subscribe. Thank you. The first thing I have here is my cleansing, charcoal shampoo and I'm going to be using it to revamp this week. Next I have my charcoal cleansing conditioner. I have my cancer leaving conditioner Cantu, coconut curling cream, and I have my mega growth leave in strength now. I also use this for my natural hair too sometimes, and then I have just normal hair cream yeah. I like this hair cream. Now this is the wig. I'M going to be revamping, it looks so old and just so nasty so yeah I go with my shampoo and just wash my wig, so that's the process of me, washing it and just making sure I remove all the dirt that is in it. I just you know, put my hands through it and just continue washing yeah. So that's me rinsing it off. I'M just trying to rinse out the shampoo that I had put earlier. I used warm water for this yeah, so I used one water for this, so I guess it just helps. Next, I'm using my conditioner on the wig, I'm just going to go in with my conditioner, and so this is just Me, Gently washing off the um, the conditioner that I put, and also using my fingers to comb through the hair. Just to make sure that you know it's not tangling and it's not looking somehow so yes, this is just me doing that right now, so I'm done I'm rinsing off the conditioner, and you know everything that the hair has just trying to rinse it off and make Sure that it's okay, so when I was done rinsing it off camera, I just applied some of the products that I had shown you earlier in this video. So I this is me just applying the products I generously applied it, and so, when I was done, I folded it and I kept it in a zip, lock ready to be microwaved. So this is me just boiling water, because I was going to put the water in a bowl. So, yes, I've placed the wig in a bowl and I'm just pouring the water on top. You know, because that's how it's going to enter the microwave, that's how it's gon na be microwaved, so yeah. This is just me pouring the water in the bowl, getting ready for my wig to be microwaved and let's try this out. Okay - let's see, let's see so microwave, my wig is being boiled right now that my wig is out of the microwave I'm just trying to um take it out of the lid. I was very hot, very very hot, so I had to use these scissors to do that. I love how it looks already. It looks very hot it looks like steam has entered the hair. I think I don't know. I think this is it. This is what revives your curls, I'm not very sure, but it seems to be working out for me at this point. I was telling my best friend that I hope this works, so this is us going to go and dry the wig outside. Yes, we shot this video at night because the idea just came to me and immediately. I asked my best friend to record this. So yes um! This is Australian, wig, hi, so um last night, um yeah, just if you finish some touches foreign yeah. So this is my finished wig and honestly I wouldn't lie. I don't think it's so bad, considering the fact that this is the first time I tried this and came out this way I mean I can wear this with the market to just random places. So, thank you so much for sticking with me and watching this crude method. Please don't end yet there's a very interesting part at the end of this video foreign. Oh my God, it looks so nice. Oh my God see these things. I love it actually is not coming okay. So when you know exactly, I like it dries

Bims D: I enjoyed watching this, especially the bloopers. I love that you tried it immediately the idea came. Supportive best friend!

Nora Dachin: I'm definitely going to try this out! Your videos always give me joy

Nora Dachin: I'm definitely going to try this out! Your videos always give me joy

Rehoboth Makan: This is sooo innovative, I really enjoyed watching this. Cheers to next Friday.

Dr Hilda Adekpe: When I saw MICROWAVE my eyes popped but it actually came out nice

Gladys Ekwote: How did you even think of doing this??Wow! Smart kid. Thanks for the tip. *heads to microwave *

Princessuche Ezenwanne: Somebody will now steal the wig

Olufowote Jesudamilola: Kaaiiiiii Dear ma, t for tenkz

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