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  • Posted on 17 November, 2022
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It's official, we are BACK to our natural hair color and excited to start this new journey. The plan is to grow it out this time around, using no raw oils and butters. Yes, it is possible to grow your natural hair without all the fuss and fights. You can be friends with your hair. Don't believe me? Follow along.

Of course, I will get the shaped tapered and cleaned up. From that point on, who's gonna stop me? Hair growth here we come!




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0:00 - intro

0:18 - How it started

0:35 - Why I am cutting my hair

1:22 - The process of cutting my hair myself

2:23 - I asked for help and no one came!

3:46 - Washing and conditioner my hair

6:08 - Styling

8:09 - Final look and outro

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In this video, I'm going to show you how I cut my colored natural hair after I took out these beautiful braids - and I know you're, probably like ah sis, where is the tutorial on the braids, but that's a story for another day after keeping the braids in For a little too long, I think I left them in for about two months. My scalp was crusty Dusty disgusting flaky. So I knew I had to do something about that, but when it came down to taking down the braids, I kind of felt like the Genji colored era was over. It'S been over a year since I've been coloring, my hair, and I felt that it was time to let go of the color. So I went ahead and took down the braids After ignoring my hair for two months of course, and then I was left with this mess and I actually thought my hair would have been a lot more matted between you and I. But one thing I've realized once I stopped using oils and butters in my hair is that my hair actually doesn't get as dry, especially when I take down a protective style because typically y'all know how it is out here can be pretty crispy. When we take down a protective style, ironically enough, it would be oily crispy, but this time it was okay. Of course it was dirty. But if anything as I was combing, my hair out, I felt like it was absorbing moisture in the air or maybe from my hands because it was getting softer and softer. I don't know girl, it was weird, so what I ended up doing is combing out my hair because I felt like it would have been a lot easier to see where to cut. If my hair was a little bit more stretched, so I combed it out and then I went in with the scissors girl. The front was fairly easy because I could see exactly what I was doing just grabbing pieces of hair and snipping away at the demarcation line. So I could clearly tell where my blonde tips were versus my black hair. However, when we got to the back that my friend was a whole, the whole story um, how do people do this? Okay, I thought it would have been simple enough to just hold up a mirror and then go ahead and cut, but no, let me tell you something: I had no sense of direction or depth when you are looking at your hair through the mirror I was like Is it look at me? I am struggling. I don't know where to put the scissors so then it was time to freak out a little bit. You know just get that frustration out because I was like. Ah, this isn't gon na work out and I've already cut the front of my hair. You know what I mean, so I have to do something with the back, so I did what we were thought not to do, which is ask for help. I went down to bed and I was like babe. Do you mind helping me cut the back of my hair and you know what that man said. He said no, he said no. I was like excuse me, sir. Apparently he felt some sort of way about me. Cutting my hair, because I did not tell him, can you he said that now that we're married, I can't cut my hair without letting him know first, which was very shocking to me. I don't know how you feel about that, so I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. I feel, like everybody kind of knew this day was coming, that I would cut my hair and I kind of kind of should know so I thought that he was shot. I'M an independent black woman and I'm gon na do this myself. So what I end up doing is grabbing pieces of hair kind of holding it in between my fingers, so that I could see where to cut and cutting that way, because holding the mirror up at the same time and trying to like free flow cut did not Work - and I just didn't, really know where to go so that helped out a bit. However, I still have a lot of blonde tips. That kind of bothers me, if I'm honest, but I was like you know, we're gon na take care of that at a later date. We'Re gon na see your professional at some point and not only get the ends cut but also get a tapered fresh grown and sexy cut. You know just to get things cleaned up, so we hop in the shower. We shampooed our hair and it felt really good to have short hair back because y'all know me short. Hair honestly will always be my number one style. I desperately needed this wash, as you can tell the first shampoo barely lathered, because my scalp was dirty. My hair was dirty, it just felt so good to get some water onto my hair, some hydration. So I went ahead and gave myself two solid shampoos. I could have used a clarifying shampoo between you and I, given how dirty my hair was, but we did not do that and you can tell the second shampoo ladder it pretty well, so I felt like my hair was gon na be okay, but really I focused On my scalp I mean y'all saw my scalp at the beginning: okay, there's no going around it, there's! No! If that's or maybes, we just needed to get our hair clean, especially our scalp. Once we're done with the shampoo we moved on to conditioning and y'all know, conditioning will forever be the favorite step. The point of conditioning your hair is to lock in the hydration that you get in during the shampoo step, so make sure that you're taking your time to condition your hair, this conditioner was very nice. I was actually able to finger detangle my hair during this step, which I was kind of surprised, given how long it has been since I had detangle. One of the beauty of short hair is the fact that you can detangle your hair in the fraction of the time, and I welcome that in my life, everyone wants long hair, but no one really likes detangling their hair, so short hair. It is for now. However, you know I am feeling like it may be time to grow out my hair. I make no promises now, but I'm thinking I may want to grow it out for a while. Hmm, I really feel it in my spirits so and I think it'll be kind of interesting, because y'all see me with long hair when I was using oils and butters so it'll be very interesting to see how my hair grows out. Now that I'm not using raw oils in my hair, so I think we have an interesting journey ahead of us today. I felt like doing something completely unnecessary, which is using a hair mask. I was ignoring my hair for a while, but you know I got time today, plus I have this new product that I wanted to try out and see how it felt in my hair, and you know what I really enjoyed it as well. It made my hair feel so so soft and okay, by the way, quick disclaimer, it's completely unnecessary to condition and deep condition, your hair at the same time, but sometimes you want to do the unnecessary after washing and conditioning it is time to. I opted to use a little bit of leave-in conditioner today again, we want to do the most. Why not, but leave-in conditioners, are completely unnecessary, pains my soul, to even say that I've learned that recently it doesn't really make a difference. Whether I use a leave-in conditioner or not, at least in my hair they're, just really coating your hair for no reason don't hit the messenger hate the game. For my styling gel, I am using a new gel that I received in PR. I know y'all been seeing the ads all over the Internet and I was very curious to use it because you can customize this gel to your liking. So I chose something with a stronghold that had a lot of humectants in it to keep my hair, soft and hydrated. This one has okra, which is very interesting because the texture was beautiful. It was slipping and sliding into my hair girl, and I love that it actually reminds me of the funky's gel without it feeling tangly. However, I used it differently with Uncle funky. Typically, I will make sure that my hair is soaking wet. When I put the gel in my hair, but this one I didn't do that, and I actually realized that it didn't really give me a hard hold. So what I end up doing is doing these little Fink coils, so that I could get a bit more definition in my hair. As I continue to do the wash and go, I opted to layer the gel with the Dew, so I would use one pump per section to break it through and I just felt that way. I would get a little bit more definition and also more hold, because in my hair, the pros gel did not give me a lot of hold. At least it didn't feel like it was going to it's more of a very soft hydrating gel versus something that's going to give you any type of crunch, and this wash and go ended up lasting me two weeks. So I was very pleased with it and although it took a little while it took me about 20 minutes to set my hair, I was very pleased with the results. Now. This is what my hair looked like when I was done. My hair felt so so soft and it looked pretty defined and then that's what my hair looked like after it was dry. I barely got any shrinkage, but that's how it is when you sit under the hooded dryer and, most importantly, I'm very happy to have my hair color back. Thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed it, don't forget to give me a thumbs up, and I will see you in my next one bye, foreign

Kim Lewars: My hair. My business. I don’t ever let me husband know when I’m cutting my hair so he has learned to live with coming home to a new wife once in a while

NappyFu TV: Welcome back to black . Short hair looks great on you sis. And so does long hair. So you’re good whichever way you flow! ❤

Candice Rachel: Being surprised is one thing. Being mad enough to refuse to help is another. For me his reaction is definetly not normal. It's your body and you're still really pretty anyway, he as no reason to not be supportive.

Ameerah B: My bros are like that every time I’ve cut my hair they refuse to help me…. So I’ve had to be a “strong black independent woman” as well love watching your journey I will always support

Sharifa Renée: Not married but my hair length and/or my choice to cut my hair has been a topic of conversation between family, friends, and strangers alike. I always do what works for me since I care for my own hair 95% of the time ‍♀️

WorshipDancer: I told my husband both times when I was about to big chop my hair. I told him not for his permission, but just to give him a heads up. Whether if he felt some kind of way about it was not my concern. Lol. I do what I wanna do w my hair.

V’Dezdra _: Bae was like “no ma’am” you’re so entertaining.. all the best on your journey.. you got this!

terri p: Even though I talked to my husband on numerous occasions that I was going to do the natural hair journey, nothing prepared him for my big chop . I had to get used to it, too! Well my husband is still not feeling my hair. It’s just going to take time for it to grow out. So I just wear a bonnet whenever I’m home and he’s around

Egypt Cureton: Congrats, definitely support you. I just did a big chop this past week.

Amanda: I definitely run my hairstyles by husband just in general I think he appreciates it and it makes him feel like his opinion matters, which it does.

QueenLizzie: No. It's my hair. He's always supportive of what I do anyway.

Brown N: I think it is important to let him know. He gets to look at you everyday and would love to be involved in your look. Thanks for the video Jen!

Sweetmamarms: I’m loving the natural hair color and style ❣️

1GoldenBreeze: I'm not married so I don't have any advice for you in that area. Personally, I feel if marriage involves consulting a husband before doing something to my person, then I'll just continue to be single. Although my preference is long hair for myself, I think your cut is cute and will look fantastic once it is trimmed up by a professional.

Tina Mckoy: My husband knows me so well he gets when I'm irritated with my hair so if I'm ever doing anything new he down for it to help me or whatever I may need. My husband don't care just whatever makes me happy.

Natural_Niky: I cut my hair last year because I was tired of the length. It has grown back so much . Loving your hair cut❤ I did finger coils a lot when I first cut my hair too.

Twin Mom: Love your results. Very beautiful. I'm sure your husband loves it too.

Diane S: Listen sis when I first got married my husband was like “don’t cut your hair, the hair is a woman’s crown.” I’ve always had shoulder length or longer hair and wore it straight/relaxed. Back then. One day I went to the salon to get my hair done and I told then guy I wanted my hair cut in a simple style and as soon as he pulled out the sheers my husband walked in. The stylist was like “isn’t that your husband?” Husband, “Don’t cut her hair.” Me, “who is paying you.” Needless to say I got no hair cut that day. So here’s the thing my husband would look in magazines and say why don’t you wear your hair like this or that. What he did not understand is that the hair does not just fall into a shape you want. It has to be cut. Once he understood that then he was kind of ok with it. Me on the other hand, I’m the one who spends up to two hours doing my hair. Whatever I can do to make it easier is for me. In the end I did what was best for me. ‍♀️

Rose Demure: I feel it in a way. My hubby had long locks that I loved and one day he came home and they were gone. I was devastated. I just would’ve liked a heads up. It’s not about getting my permission but simply having a quick conversation and saying something as simple as, “Yeah I’m just ready for a change, I’m getting them whacked off so say goodbye.” I can’t do nothing but respect it and I would’ve. Although the result is the same, it’s makes a difference how you get there. Especially since he knew how much I loved them.

Naomi Deckins: When I wanted to cut off my relaxed hair, I did let my mum know. Though she refused and I had to cut it off bit by bit, which isn't the point... I think letting him know would be better. It'd make him feel you care about his opinion and beside, you're his wife.

Tanea Bree: Your so beautiful literally any hairstyle works, your husband should be grateful

Cal Anthony: Thank you so much Jackson Just finished watching the vid and it was amazing. Still have difficulty growing my hair tho it’s frustrating

S Maxwell: Luv your hair .. I would have been scared to cut it (lol) .. can’t wait to see how your hair grows .. yeah I don’t tell my husband either if I’m going to cut it I’ll just do it

Sheryl Johnson: I love your home cut, great job. I also love a product with okra, leaves my hair so shiny.

La Verne: "Everyone wants long hair, but no one really likes detangling their hair" uuuw sis, you gat that part right about me , Lord knows I hate detangling

Twin Mom: Yes, I do let my husband know when I'm getting my hair cut or doing something majorly different. We talk about it and I ask for his opinion. I still make my own decision but I do like to consider his thoughts.

P Mack: Cute hairstyle and nice length!

cici love: I big chopped my hair for the first time ever after watching your last video. I didn't tell my partner until the day after I went to the barbershop.And was he upset asking me "was I going through something and just why" I assured him it's hair it will grow back and it's cold were I am at so no one is going to see my hair under wigs. I was wearing wigs prior to cutting my hair. I'm in my mid 20's and I wanted to try something and get my hair back to being healthy.

Patricia Jenkins: Hello Jenn I like your hair it's growing out.

dollyrevenge98: Not the husband mad over YOUR hair lol. I do agree with him, you should just tell him for communication's sake not permission.

Psalms 50_5: Anytime I drastically change my hair I check with my Husband. I respect his opinion and role in my life.

Jocelyn Lewis: Married 17 years in Saturday. Cut my relaxed hair Halls Berry short in 2011 and the husband was pissed. I told him as women we go through phases with our hair and we like to change things up. I reminded him that my hair does not define me. I wore my hair short from 2011 to 2017 then started growing it out in 2017. Went natural in 2020 due to the pandemic but I never big chopped. Be respectful and tell bae when you are going to cut your hair, but at the end of the day you have to do what makes you happy with regards to you hair and the way it looks.

Charlotte Roberts: I don't Stan was wrong but it is how you felt. I know that it's your hair but you know what I'm getting out of that. Your hair is gorgeous Jenn. I got to catch up on your videos because your girl been busy.

Christiana Underwood: Ooh....I drop hints to my partner that I need a haircut and then tell him I'm getting it cut. No permission needed!

La fleur bleue: If it's a drastic change I would definitely tell him. Just like if he decides to shave his beard off he would have to tell me before

Brownmahfun: I think husbands don't always know the state of our hair, soooooo if it is something small like a full ponytail or half up, half down, sometimes it is good to get his opinion. For more serious issues tho, he wont know unless we choose to tell him. So in other words do what the HAIL you need/want and let him in on the small stuff. That way he will feel like he is doing something.

whateveryousay: All the men in m life support me however I want to keep my hair. I tell them and they help me. He met me when I just cut my hair. He has always loved me in ALL my forms. I expect nothing less or I bounce.

Annyetta: My spouse has no say over what I do with my hair. I *may* ask for an opinion, but the decision is always mine alone.

Spicy: I love your hair..I really love your hair content....please create more hair content....❤️❤️❤️❤️

Mula A: My man is the same. I get "mad" at him when he cuts his hair too

CC: You always look great with short hair. My favorite look of yours was the time you got it cut short in barbershops. Are you thinking of going that short again?

Shelly: It’s true you have to let your husband know you are making changes to your beautiful appearance hunny ❤

Sisi Bee: Not hubby leaving you hanging. lol Love you with short hair, you rock short or long hair so well.

Nombulelo B Mini-Matsio: My husband was sad that I wanted to texlax my hair. I had to prep him the week before

Laura Fernandez: I used to tell him but he really didn't like short short hair but now i don't say anything better that way. Is my hair!

Michelle Stars: Beautiful hair!!!! I agree tell hubby it would b different if you guys were in your 70’s n older he wouldn’t notice a thing, but you guys r a young couple communicating is good!!!!

Tra'C: Hubby not being supportive was a bit harsh. Love the short hair❤

Sthembeni Nindi: My boyfriend has actually gotten to a point where he asks when my next random big chop will be.

Saja Ibraheem: I love your girl ❤️.. I really miss you and your vedio thank you for comming back and thank you for the joy u bring to our life with your content❤️

1 Love: A convo is fair since it effects him. I cut my hair once and shocked my ex so bad he thought I was having an emotional breakdown. Lol.

TarynMichelleHairJourney: i don't think cutting your hair without telling your husband is an ethical subject. if that's what you agreed on, that's fine. it shouldn't be assumed one way or the other and it's not right or wrong. but i can understand both sides.

Lil Cutie: I'm so excited you cut your hair because I just did too.

MrChevrolet94: Gorgeous cutie!!!!!

Belinda Braxton: Ask my husband before I cut my hair off? yeah right!!

Ashley: I will notify my husband. That’s all he gets lol It’s my hair, not his.

MiVidaBellisima: What is your favorite moisturizing shampoo? The link in the description bar doesn’t work

Paulette Moore: After 27 years of marriage, I don’t tell my husband if I’m doing anything with my hair. He don’t care. Now, I’m not in your marriage. However I would like to know why your husband feels you have to tell him ahead of time. Is it a warning or asking for permission?

Cheshire Dj: Maybe he just wants to be kept in the loop? But you did a great job anyway!

SanSan 601: I think you should tell your husband before cutting your hair. Some husbands don’t care as much as others but I know some men want to know. I tell my husband before I do something dramatically different to my hair so he’s not so shocked when I get home. LOL

jnfqt: lookkk at all that healthy hairrr

…. Thoughts by me: I need to learn how to finger coil when I go back natural

DC Head: Where did you purchase your tangle teaser brush?

J. Maxwell: So long as he’s okay with your input on his haircuts ‍♂️ lol otherwise he’ll be aight. Definitely gotta try prose now after seeing you and WillonaWhim review it!

God’s Precious: This was so funny I am surprised he said no

Celi: You can still wash your hair with the braids.

Mula A: Short hair is calliing me too

Yvette Bryant: So cute Jen

AJ: Your husband should be glad you didn't shave off ALL your hair

dmndangel: Lol tell him to sit down. Do you tell him when you put in braids? So a twist out? No? There’s your answer right there.

Tab Ken: My hair is none of his business. Love the man ,but no.

MingToi Isaac: ❤️❤️

Joy Price: Do u feel like you will no butter and no oil from now on?

YahWanda Yasharahla: How can you be natural wearing weave? You didn't know that's Not your hair you're braiding into your short hair? Smh ‍♀️

Naomi Omi: How would cutting your own hair affect your spouse in any way lol.. It's not on his head.. If it waz me, I'd shut that down immediately ‍♀️ but whuddu I know

Joyce Chimwaya: You need to tell him ... everything

jnfqt: see thats why i dont want no man lol

Marieree: Ur hair. He don’t got a say.


Simply Nonnie: He must be a Nigerian Cos you’re not allowed to cut your without your husband permission

Asia Johnson: Honest opinion.... sounds like men lol Don't take it personal.

Monica M: I think you should inform your husband before cutting. Only reason I’d see permission being an issue is you two share the same cultural or religious beliefs.

igbani Liz: I agree with Ben. That man knows what it means to be a husband and not a boyfriend or some man. I think I like him. He's a good person.

Jannis Sherrod: Whoever is on this page telling Ms. Jenn that her husband is wrong-NO YOU ARE WRONG! She should have discussed this with her husband. That is what is wrong with marriages today THEY ARE BASED ON THE "PRINCIPLES OF THE WORLD AND NOT GOD'S WORD".

Monique Fagon: Hey Jen...In my opinion....yes, your husband is correct. He should be consulted before you make a decision to cut your hair. My husband has a similar view, but I was actually taught this perspective at church.

Habesha Sister: You should definitely consult your husband about changes you’re planning to make to yourself. You are a representation of him so he should have a say.

Jannis Sherrod: Independent and not communicating with your husband are two different things. And if you want to be independent, THEN WHY ARE YOU MARRIED?????

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