The Perfect Everyday Synthetic Wig Studio Cut By Pros Deep Part Lace Wig Dpl012 Ft Samsbeauty

  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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ITEM NAME Studio Cut By Pros Deep Part Lace Wig DPL012


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Hey barbs welcome back to my channel. She said she ready for love, be done with that. She said ain't no pulling up. I meet her at the pulpit she ain't trying to play no games. She think our the same and if you're not on that forever, you can stay in your lane. I'M wondering why why why so today, I'm bringing y'all another wig review, hence why I'm looking bomb dressed up, but my hair not done so. Today'S video is sponsored by the good people over at y'all already know they always got what we need to be slayed, okay and they send me over a gorgeous gorgeous unit to try out. So today we are reviewing a unit from studio cut now. Y'All know, studio cut has a whole line of very affordable units. Okay, so today I am reviewing dpl012 in the color number two. Now she is a short wavy kind of Bob and she does come in a ray of colors. Okay, you guys, but y'all know I got ta switch it up some time I do color. Sometimes I do a number two or number one, for you know my girls that don't want that. It'S not in the color. You know. So this is the unit here. This is the inside. You see you do get. Is it too close? The only ones wow there's one comb in the front. Okay, that's different one comb in the back and this one is a bit wider. So I do like that. I usually don't use that comes in the front. I only use the one in the back. Let me go ahead and tighten this up a little bit and then this is her. You guys now straight out of the packaging. She reminds me of a unit I reviewed. I think it was the Kayla unit. I will link it at the end of this video. However, this one already comes parted and you cannot change the burden and I believe what Kayla now, I believe, that's the name. I could be totally mistaken because it was quite a while ago, but with Kayla I know you could um part it all in different kind of like ways now this is the hairline so that you do have a little bang, a little short bang. I absolutely love that so we're gon na pop our own and see what she's giving all right. If you got my number, don't add me cause baby, I'm on hiatus, I'm a haters baby. Don'T check for me. Take time make a name for Generations. Please I'm on hiatus baby, don't check for me and live my life Supreme and pure and free hey. I ain't worried about what the wave only with me about me. Yeah, don't date multiplying I've been trying to get my weight up, staying Freedom, meditating and taking time away all right, you guys. So this is the unit here. Y'All see me install it y'all. It was really quick, simple, easy now y'all. This in me use my lotta body moves um, I feel like this is now a staple with my synthetic wigs, because I don't like all the flyaways and I'm a lip gloss girl Mom. I hate for my hair to get stuck on my lips when my lip gloss is someone I like to use the mousse to you know just tame the hair. The little fly with for y'all this hair is absolutely gorgeous. I love the cut of this. This will definitely be gorgeous in color, but it is gorgeous and then number two y'all run out and snacks this unit, it is everything and y'all know how I feel about short units they last way longer than the longer units, so girl, you're, really gon na get Your money's worth with this now it did come with a little bang. Y'All didn't see me trim a little bit of hair. Now I don't know why the hair companies do this. I don't know if it's just because um you know it's not made on anybody's head. Maybe that's why, but usually with the bangs is always like a long piece of hair. So I just trim that piece of hair down, so I can have full bang and flip it. How I want to, without you know, having a long piece disturb it and mess it up, and all that I just did a little fish framing okay, I did get a little bit of shedding with this one, actually a little bit more than a little bit girl. I got shutting with this unit now I don't know if it's from me cutting the lace. If I cut a little bit of the hair off, because I was trying to see if it was coming from the front or the back and it was coming from the front, so I'm not sure it was for me cutting the lace or if she is a Shutter but yeah when I did run my fingers through the back, I really didn't get too much shedding back there. I got one and two strands, nothing major, but in the front girl I was flying out. Okay, so keep that in mind that she made shared. I did not get any snags, no tangling, that's not to say that it would never tangle, but fresh out of the package is not tingling and I feel like that's how it's gon na stay for a little while out, because it's short okay, if you do it, Will probably be around the nape area, the back of the neck. You know you can use a little bit of oil on that, so it doesn't tangle as bad or so it's easier to detangle. Okay, that's my little trick with the synthetic units I'll spray a little bit of my Beyond The Zone. Um heat protectant spray because it is an oil and you know even with the flyaways. It will help with that too, but just be careful because it is synthetic and it will make the hair oily if you overdo it. Okay, so you don't want to overdo it with this, but you know just a little bit: it just needs a little bit. Bro now this is more on the affordable line, so it's not the pre-plug hairline looks Supernatural um and all that you're gon na have to spend a little bit more money for that. Okay, I did put a little bit of concealer and powder in my part to make it pop, because it wasn't giving me that pop that I really want - and I also put a little bit of baby hair just to make it look a little bit more natural. Okay, you really don't have to do the baby hair because it was cute without it, but I felt like the baby here just took it up a little extra Notch. Okay, girl, that is the unit I will have it linked in the description box down below y'all. Do not skip that description box go and check out this unit. This is so freaking cute, definitely giving work. Vibes fall, Vibes like business woman Vibe like I'm, a boss me, okay, a classy one at that like girls. She is everything the cut on here is absolutely everything gorgeous and stiff wear see what I'm saying look at that, but that is it for this unit. You guys said big shout out and thank you to Sam's Beauty for sending over this gorgeous unit y'all. This is Bob. She is fine comment down below what do you think about this unit, okay into the next video, which will be very, very soon bye? I ain't got the patience she be like bye, bye, bye and I know she don't think twice if it's something she don't like she gon na. Let you know about it.

Louise Merlyn: I LOVE this unit!! She kinda reminds me of Butta Unit 24, which I got after seeing your review - just a little longer and with more relaxed waves. Now you got me going and getting this one too!! Thx for the great review!!

Just4Me ATL: you took that unit up 10 should be an makeup artiist.. you are beautiful and good at what you do

Moe OverThere: Ooo loving this Bob length and the install too easy

Celida L Shaw: Sis another bomb wig review keep applying pressure.

tiffany foster: Ok so you gonna make me buy a wig.

Najla B: looks good Tfs

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