Trying Mayvenn'S New Wig Customization.. What Is This?

  • Posted on 31 March, 2020
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[email protected] Purchase any Lace Front Wig or 360 Wig and get your wig customized free by a local Mayvenn Salon Stylist.

Mayvenn's Concierge Team will set up your appointment once the hair is shipped.

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Natural Black 24″ Virgin Malaysian Body Wave Lace Front Wig

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What'S up my baby daddies and welcome back to my channel in this video, I'm gon na be showing you guys how mavin turned me into a baddie they've got wigs now and free customization with their stylist. So come along with me. As I take you over to the one and only Nash styles - and you can watch him slay my wig for me, so as you can see here, we've got some body wave hair. I got it into 26 inches 130 density, so the density isn't that much. But, as you can see from the wig, the hair is actually still pretty to take. Take is take. This is one of the perks that comes with buying awake from maven. You take your wig to a stylist and they custom bleach it to match your skin color. So this is awesome because, first of all, some of us don't know how to bleach our knots and second of all, some companies bleach it to light, or it's a little bit too dark. So it's good that they allow you to take it to a professional to bleach it for you, when shampooing and conditioning your wig make sure that you always brush the hair in the direction that it grows and I have girls and air quotes because obviously it's not Growing but as you can see, he's breaking it backward he's not like scrunching it all up together and making it a mess. So that's why it's good to take it to a professional. So you can see how he does it always conditioned to keep your hair moisturize, because that is really important to having good nice, manageable hair. This is the worst part. Nobody likes plucking their hair line, so we're gon na have to give a shout out to maybe one Mogan for getting these stylists to hook y'all up, because what I don't have time, I'm tired! I don't know how I just created a bald spot, but when you take it to somebody who knows what they're doing you come out, looking like a party and everybody will do look like Oh buddy, I mean batty, batty, yeah and now he's just gon na tempt. Elise, I'm not sure what brand of spray he used and for cross promotional purposes. I'M not necessarily that I'll tell ya, but I'm sure y'all can figure out what this spray is and then we're done. And while I customize customize customize, now, we've made it home with our freshly customized lace, wig from a mint okay. So now I'm gon na take over from here I'm gon na show you guys how to lay your wig at home. As you can see, I didn't have any balding cap, none of that stuff, underneath we're just gon na. Do it the amateur way, because not all of us are professionals, so we go ahead and cut the lace to fit our head and what you want to do. Is you want to cut it right where your ear is and then blow-dry it down? So the next step is creating a part, and this is really important. You got to make sure that it aligns, even though I didn't okay, I never get my part straight. I don't know what that's about, and then I decided to do a little extra plucking just because I'm one of my hair line to be extremely scanty, like obviously, you saw the way it looked before it looked nice, but I like my hair line, to look really Like kind of bald badge it's so I went ahead and plucked a little bit more and then blow-dried down the part that way it could be as flat as possible. This is what I do instead of using hot combs and all that other stuff stuff that burn the lace and just ruin the hair just use a blow dryer. Okay! Now I'm gon na go ahead and put some one curls in it and then I'm gon na come back with the grand reveal and voila. Do you see that hair? Do you see that curl you see I'm running my fingers through it and it's still bouncing back. That'S what I'm talking about? Okay, this is some really nice hair. I'M really impressed I'm happy mavin called me up to try it out check this out. I'M gon na go ahead and put some layers in it. Oh she get him Bo. I already showed you guys how I cut layers of my wig I'll link that video down below for you, so I don't have to read. Explaining and y'all could just enjoy. My new song called Adam Ozzie, who this is me: yeah yeah enjoy my new hit banger. It'S gon na be coming out of there not quarantine. It'S part of the culture, I'm itemizing, no matter what, whether it be you're, so sweet yeah run in the streets of leaky, one two or three yeah thankee thankee, Opie yeah. We know Queens boys then go type. All my mother, your blood and skin from the Sun, make me slow. It cuts up. The lights will be here, the whole night. I don't buy, it no need to buzz off. I don't worry, okay, so that's why my sauce is for we'll take a trip to the spa, see with you. He liked taking me to the movie store. He used to buy me Moochie, but not no, more Jamie buddies. How I stay dripping wet. Does the flyer. I am the weather, are you d? Don'T play games with baby? We got the soldiers in the front in the shooters behind we rollin tan with deep assembly. One that's four times got a point to put that got money in the walls of the Leckie flat. Leggings got the big boys play with guys like their toy bar link is not a choice. We came out the house to make noise Adamo see mr. Ebell Vicki. I got Hidayah Z once I am queen of Z. I am clean up.

TOWANDA the STYLIST: Very helpful info that I definitely need to know! Great advice & tips! Great Share

Tamara Lee: Loved your video I've actually been an ambassador of mayvenn for quite some time and I was against the Whigs I was using the method 15 and it just Tangled so bad I've been using luvmehair for 2 years and I'm sick of bear full ass frontals all the hair I need something I can just put on and go all that tweezing I can't

Mary Dunbar: they dont have wig customization listed on their website. Did you just happen to ask the stylist if they would customize your wig?

eggy1225: Oh my what cant you do, the hair is fire and the song is a hit. You have me dancing at work


Simply Mz Kira: Baby mama!!! You just straight me how they make that part soooo sleek and perfect. Bomb asf

Eric Legette: Hi my Beautiful Baby momma love this FASCINATING hair tutorial you had slayed for us to see so Bomb.Com and GORGEOUSLY Beautiful and loved each step presented to us so Flyaf and enjoyed the channel and have a great rest of your day Beautiful and much love and have a wonderful day sweetie and be safe and Blessings and keep slaying my dear ❤❤❤

Newshipment: Dis new track keep it up love the hair as well

Japanesecherry Blossom: You truly are every woman love the song

Kai G: Go on Baby Mama! Loving the song as well

Concrete Rose: Amara on the Mic

Sharon Stone: Mayvenn does not put in these pouches anymore in nice boxes. But the quality has gone fine

nicolekimmie: Love the hair

Ah Fum Fum: dope tune. summer vibes

Cocoakissme6: U so animated I love it n the vid. Subscribed!

Dee J: How much parting space?

Jebbsters95: Your hair is hella cute!!!! I don't wear wigs but I learn more and more about them from you everyday lol so if I ever start I know who to ask for advice #CHILDSUPPORTPAID Am I the FIRST COMMENT?!

Jshavon: Song is fire!!!

Jayne fernandez: Beautiful

Jassemine Curtis: Hate that I’m subscribed and sort of the notification squad and NEVER receive notifications that’s she’s uploaded new content!! @youtube what’s the problem?

SayYesJoyest: Baby mami snapping now!!!! Ayyyyeee!!!!...You sound good girl!!!!

Ebony S: I got the same one n mine so thin n I can’t part it because they put the track s on my lace on top of the hair I’m soo mad now the bundles I love I’ll never buy another wig wish I could show y’all pictures I’m about to start my YouTube channel

C F: blessings to you Amara

Gorgeous Stuey: The song though baby mama ... I am the queen of queens

Kayla Taylor: Y’all be careful they hair be having lice in it and it sheds

Michelle 'SPARKLES' Pinnock: ❤❤

Rahkiya Oriedo: How much is it for a stylist to do that to your wigs

Kahlia Riley:

IdealDiamond890: Is this the Brazilian hair?

ComeAtMeBro: Very nice


Amariié: ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

Kimberly Brown I'm Kim: That's cute nice song I was wondering were u was from ⚘

Fannie Lou Diane: He is fineeeeee

kolastar: Di song ooooo

Kay Tea: Okay!

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