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My first time customizing the hairline on a synthetic lace front wig. Today I will be plucking the hairline on my synthetic lace front wig, whatchu think? ft trendy wigs. I decided to pluck the hairline on my synthetic lace front wig, and here are the results. Be sure to use COUPON CODE jdevinci30 for money off your purchase! In this video I show you how I lay the baby hairs on a synthetic lace front wig and a start to finish wig transformation. I also have a video where I don't pluck the wig, and it's honestly a lot easier and very beginner friendly so I'll link that video here:

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Hi hair video coming soon y'all know me put that on face frog. I be used to put that on Swiss red strains on my chest. Stop playing with the wig that I'm currently wearing is from trendy wigs calm, don't forget to use coach a DaVinci 30 for 30 % off of your Toto, the style a lot of some. It actually came short, but I cut it you're gon na see in the video. How I did this yo super easy. I love this carefree. Curl, like I literally don't have to do nothing. I currently have it to the side. I could just you know, put a let me get my part back to the middle. I could wear it to the middle like what's up good, you know going ahead, throw it to that other side, which is a full vibe tuck. If you have my ear, because this is my hair, then I would literally go but yeah. I actually really love this wig. I love trendy waist. I probably have for trendy wigs wigs so far and I'm like literally obsessed with the hairline. I don't normally pluck the hairline if you checked out my other synthetic lace, front, wig, hairline slay, I absolutely did not plug that hairline and it looked like it was growing out of my scalp. So I mean this time. I actually pluck the hairline. I'M so either way work. So if you're like really not into plucking the hairline, you literally don't have to uh but yeah other than that it's fire open up the stage, but just got a lot to say. Okay, so so far, I have plucked the side of your hairline. You guys can see that this side is not plucked, even though I really I don't never, pluck my synthetic lace front wigs, do you guys see the difference if this side is plucked? This side is not plucked, I'm not gon na even tweeze it a lot. I'M gon na just take my tweezers and just begin randomly pulling out hairs. So here's the side that leave plucked so far you guys can see the side. That'S not left. Yet she going to the club she ready to do her date and when she bust a move on so hope you guys enjoyed this video, don't forget to give it a big ol thumbs up like comment subscribe to my channel if you're not already subscribed and I'll See you guys next time bum with me in his kitchen. I don't ask me questions I'm designer to the fitting. If you want me at your party vendors text me at it, cabbage is only in my section features only and that's a lesson.

Toni Terrell: I just got my trendywig "blossom" wig a few days ago and I'm literally studying ur video on this hair!! U make it look so effortless which I love! I swear I've probably watched it about 30 times....I can't wait to start styling mine!!!

EverybodySux: I bought this same wig because it looked so cute on you but forgot how fugly I was so I look like an X-Men reject and the lace in the part is super noticeable.

Life of a Bunkgirl: Wow love this color on you!!! And thank you SO MUCH FOR THIS

ricky bobby: that makeup look you did was flawless, I really enjoyed this video I loved how you showed us everything

MarzZ BarR: Really realistic and pretty color without damaged hair...

EFG: Amazing video! So helpful! What products did you use to stick it down? I saw it was Got2B but didn't catch what it was, thank you x

Pumps And Hose: Orange hair looks amazing on you!

London Ki: Omg you’re so gorgeous and your energy I’m glad I found your channel

luthienmpl: Sorry to be dropping a comment on a year old video, I have a question about the sideburns/ ear baby hairs tho: What do you do about them if you plan on wearing the wig repeatedly? Like how do you prevent them from disappearing into the mass of long hair over time? It's not like you can cut new ones every time you wear it?

Hadassah T.: That looks so natural wow!

ShanySbeauty: Slayed and layed! I love the color


ricky bobby: love this hair color on you

kam: Wouldn't the parting look a lot more realistic with a wig cap? Why don't you pluck that part? I've watched a lot of videos on this and most people pluck the parting too. I'm asking because I love the way you do it the most and you seem very knowledgeable. x

Tia Armani: wow because that lace really melted into your skin #jealous

Anyaa: First comment the hair/ color looks really nice on u

K Smith: Just wanted to know if their lace around the hairline is soft?!

Secrète Obsession: Beautiful

Tanya Reedus: I really like this color on you. I like your YouTube channel

Amber Wilkins: Cute❤❤❤❤

Ashley Lewis: Yasss slay ❤️

Lexisue: Did it take a long time to receive your wigs?? Mine is taking

Destinee Davidson: What is this hair called on the site?


Eddy Elize: Direct link ?

Anyaa: I forgot to ask if u are still doing the Q&A

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