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  • Posted on 20 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
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Length: 20''

Density: 200%

Lace: 13*6 Front Clear Lace

Xrsbeautyhair New Clear Lace & Clean Hairline

Xrsbeautyhair Clear Lace Melts with Your Skin.

Xrsbeautyhair Clear & Transparent for Real!

Xrsbeautyhair Natural Hairline Transition


Xrsbeautyhair New CLEAR LACE is real clear lace, it’s undetectable on your head.

Xrsbeautyhair New CLEAN HAIRLINE is much more natural than a regular pre-plucked hairline. They customized this natural hairline to make it melt perfectly!


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Foreign today is from XRS. I just wanted to show you guys how what actually comes in a box, I'm not sure if you're gon na receive the same thing, but this is what came in my box. So the wig comes in this plastic bag and it's a 20 inch wig with 200 density um, and this is how the wig looks like. So it has this um. You know the the Nets thingy, it's a 13x6 frontal. I love 13x6. It'S just it's just amazing. When you're doing the Parts you know - and it just goes in a lot deeper um - the knots are completely bleached. I didn't have to bleach the knots and the lace is HD and they're actually calling it the new, clear lace. I wanted to show you guys the difference between the normal, transparent lace and this completely undetectable clear lace, as you guys can see um. I hope it's actually clear on camera, but the clear lace, you literally can't even see the grids you can't see where the lace actually begins and when it ends um but the transparent lace. You can still see a bit of the grid and whatever so the clear lace is definitely what you want, because that is literally it's giving scalp it's giving. The hair is growing out of my head. What are you gon na do about it, and then this is how it looks on the inside. It has two Combs on the side and one in the middle and one at the end as well, and then it also comes with the adjustable strap. So if you want to make the wig tighter, you can do that and then a few more goodies in the Box um a wide tooth comb. I think it's an elastic band for the wig, some wig caps, oh and an edge brush a yellow one. Actually, I've never seen a colored Edge brush, which is exciting and some flexi ones as well, so we're just gon na jump into installing the wig. I love the quality of this hair so much I just. I can't wait to see how it's actually gon na look at my head. Okay, I know I look crazy, but trust the process. This is actually the first time I'm doing the bowl cut method, and I just went in with the got to be to glue my wig cap. I never really keep my wigs for that long. Most of the time I end up taking the wig off immediately after I film or if I went somewhere, I did go somewhere after this day, so I took the wig off later on in the evening things and then now we're just going straight into the install This is the wig straight out of the box. I have not done anything to this wig and I do have to say that it's very important for me to say that, because I really appreciate the companies that go out of their way to customize their wigs. It'S just so much easier because you get everything in the box and you can literally start the installation process immediately. I'M just cutting down the air tubs with this nail scissors, the wig was quite big on me. I I picked the wig in a medium size. Maybe I should have gone smaller. The front is coming way lower than I would prefer. I do have a big forehead and I'm actually very comfortable with my forehead. So I don't like to cover my forehead because it it looks a bit weird on me when my my forehead is like too covered, because I'm used to my forehead being big. So I'm okay with it just being big foreign. You guys know that I'm still a beginner at wearing wigs, so I've been trying different techniques to see what I prefer, and this time I decided to melt the lace first before cutting the excess, and that's just what I did here. So as you guys can see. I am peeling off the excess lace so that I can get closer to my actual hairline and I'm going in with an eyebrow razor to create a jagged look for the wig. Because of how clear this lace is. I always I was really struggling to see the lace and I'm so excited, so I was wearing contact lenses. I just need to focus when it comes to this bit. So if you see me making any mistakes or whatever, I was honestly just trying to see exactly what I'm doing, because this lace completely undetectable when they say a clear lace, they totally mean it foreign. So at this point, I'm just going in with a little more got to be to make sure to completely flatten the edges of the lace because, as you guys can see, there's like a whitish demarcation on the hairline. And once I go in with the got to be it's completely disappearing into the skin truly truly giving this is my headline. This is my scalp. This is my hat. You see any lace. Do you see any lace, yeah, thank you and now just creating some baby hair, for you guys - and I know you guys - can see the the the white um demarcation on the hairline. That is not the lace. Actually, that's just the excess got to be and later on in the video you guys will see that it completely disappeared. So what I did is, I just went in with uh, wet wipe and just wiped off the excess, and then I put on a bit of concealer at the front, because my makeup was definitely going crazy. Foreign onto the middle part, okay, well, the missing. The middle part, because it's not even the middle and now this is the first time I was doing this. So if this is not how I'm supposed to do it, then we're going to learn the process but um. I decided to create some layers, I'm just trying to make you fancy. Okay, I had this Vision in my head, which I don't know if I actually accomplished you guys, will tell me at the end of the video but um yeah. That'S what I'm trying to do. I wanted the hair to be in layers because I, like the the much Fuller look on my head, and let me tell you guys - I don't know what it is, but this curling process got on my nerves. This was the first time I was. I was using a curling iron and, oh God, I I'm just I'm just glad that I sort of figured it out, but I kept confusing what side I was going and what I was supposed to do. It was a mess. It was a whole mess, but anyway we tried we, we were happy, we still managed to do something. So please don't be too harsh from the comments I was. This was honestly the first time I was using this curling iron, so I hope I even was using it right, but um yeah, so basically just curling, my hair curling, my hair curling, my hair, and also just to take you guys back to what I had said Earlier um, you guys remember the white line of like the the white line of death on my hairline, and you can see right now. It'S literally giving skin because that was just success, got to be spray, as I've told you guys, and once I wiped off the excess it was, it was back to normal, and now it's just you cut. How? No one can tell me that this is not my hair, I'm sorry, no one can tell me, apart from you guys who are watching the video. No one else can tell me that this is not my hat. This is just me on a random day. Curling, my hair, you know it's coming from my skull, it's hungry, thank you and once I was done curling my hair. I just went in with the character, wax stick to tame down the flyaways and then top that with my hot comb, which was fully heated to just make sure that that hair is lying flat. I'M so sorry, you guys that this middle part is giving missing the point it's giving corner of the head. It'S not it's, not even it's not a middle part and it's not a side part. It'S like. I don't know what it's doing, but the entire video. I did I thought this thing was straight because it took me a minute to even get it like that, but actually it's not even straight but um. You guys get the point. Look at that lace. Look at how beautiful this hair is. I was feeling myself. I was literally feeling myself so much. I really really love the quality of the hair. I love how they customize the hair um, even after cutting further into the lace. I didn't have to do any more plucking, because the hair was just perfect. So please make sure you check the links in the description box. If you want to get this hair for yourself or if you want to get a different type of hair from XRS Beauty, because they are truly the one honestly all these brands that customize their wigs. They have a special place in heaven, but thank you guys so so much for watching. I love you guys so much make sure you like the video subscribe. If you haven't, I love you guys. Bye foreign

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