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  • Posted on 28 April, 2021
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Hi Friends, it’s your girl Felicity Mbhele and I’m back with another video. Hope you enjoy this one cause I had a ball creating this for you guys. I recently purchased Dolcelooks 8inch high trim Bob and wanted to show you guys how I make my wigs look superb.

Sorry about the lack of music, my editing app was giving serious rendering problems ❤️

Hair details :

8 inch high trim closure bob

Hair link: https://dolcelooks.com/collections/sal...

Products used:

Provoke brightening shampoo

Organics shampoo for dry and damaged hair

Organics conditioner for dry and damaged hair

Argan oil hair serum

Tresemme Protect Heat Defence

Let's connect:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/fel.mbhele/

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/felmbhele

Email: [email protected]


iPhone 11

Editing software:

VN and InShot


You know By Jeff Kaal: https://youtu.be/sDH9BZAkark

Song: LAKEY INSPIRED - Warm Nights ( Vlog No Copyright Music)

Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.

Video link: https://youtu.be/t2aMbjhFdvI

Love you friends

Felicity Mbhele

Hi guys welcome back to my channel how y'all doing i am absolutely lovely, as you can see darling as you can see. Okay, so today i bring you the glory of a bob okay, baby i'll, bring you the glory of the bob okay, so i recently purchased this unit from dorsey looks, but i wanted to share with you guys the unboxing the process i did customize this unit to My face and um length and everything, so i'm really excited for you guys to see that because i actually cut the wig mice, i i cut it shorter than when i got it so, hence the bluntness. Hence the gorgeousness. You know my ins, my hands are a touch of an angel. If you are interested in seeing um the hair all about this hair, how i achieved this look, i will show you how the hair came and how it it and how i got a chair if you're interested in seeing that and watching and obviously the installation. Please continue watching from okay, so this is what we're working with um hey. I don't even know if i'm gon na put this in a vlog or in a separate video, so i'm just going to try i'm just straightening the hair, so i can see what we're working with but there's something about it and it's not the company. It'S me. So i think i might i'm gon na need to change out of this top. Because can you see this hair child, but it's here at the back? It'S not it's not so i'm just straightening the hair right now, so i can see properly what we're working with and then i will cut, but i'm definitely cutting nice thing about a bob. It'S straight, it's easier to straighten and this hair came like this. Like um like it's flat, it came flat so yeah i don't know. If i need. Let me let me change out of this top, so i can see what's going on because i wanna bring it here, so i'm going to need to cut like this here then use that as direction with then use that as direction to get to the other side. It touches it touches here at the back and here so i'm thinking here, cool waiting for my best friend she's, going to call me, so she can help me with direction because i'm all alone right now, you guys are you guys - are going to see this. But my biggest concern is making sure that i cut straight. That is my biggest concern, but i know which i don't want to go beyond the lens of the closure. So here i've never had a bob sit like a bob like the way other bobs sit, and i know it's because um remember and this is generally no shades to any hair company. Um remember, hair is not going to sit the way it's going to sit. If it was installed in the the the salon, if you buying it online because they're making it for a generic wig head compared to your head, so with the wig head they did, it was a perfect cut. You can see the hair is good, but it's not for my face, shape and and um and um head. So my head is small, so okay, it's sitting properly, at least here at the back, so usually wigs, even sag here for me, because i have a really really small head. So i'm gon na see what we can do so yeah. So can you see that it's? It'S lagging child, so yeah um, let's go better call because i'm gon na cut. I one thing about me: i'm gon na cut, oh yeah, mama, okay, yeah and actually this hair is making me want to do my makeup so and i need to do it because i want to wait this week tomorrow. I have a lunch date yeah, but it's important. I don't want that. I want it to be. Let me look at my inspirations and then come back. I cut the little piece here i want to to see where i'm working with and then i'm going to put it on the wig head now and then cut it with the shears, so that the cut can be blunt. So wish me luck, yeah mama, i'm so afraid, i'm shaking yeah, okay cool. So i put a comb. So here's the cut so far, so i put a comb here, i'm no professional guys, i'm even getting nervous, i'm shaking in my boots. Okay, so this will protect us from going too far with our cut okay cool and then check with his hamburger. Okay, so we can see here. The back is the problem. The back is why i'm even cutting this hair in the first place, it's so long at the back. I say don't tell this at home, but i am queen of wanting us to try things at home and save these coins, so we can buy more clothes with the money. This is what we're working with so far: okay, yeah yeah, guys yo. So i just want to cut a bit here, guys, i'm happy yeah. Let'S hope i didn't cut too short. Okay cool and you saw you again. Oh it's a bit too short that i've got a plan. Oh my goodness. Yes, she is bobby on a ring baby. I need to go here and cut because look at it. So actually let me do this, so i can see what we're working with bigby the bad for me. Okay point blank period pool um. I wasn't planning on it to be bobbing this much, but i'm i'm rolling with it and that's my story and i'm sticking to it. Like caesar's mom said. Okay, let me look at back at this for this, this um phone and then so i can see what i need to do at the back, because i can't see the back right now and then get back to you. Okay, guys, um. I put it back on my uh, my baby, and i brought it forward, so i can lift the bed the bottom tracks and cut that part, but i am very happy with it. I'M just trying to basically perfect it and remove all the strays. So, actually, let me go in with the scissor in the hair stylist videos. They usually have those wig stands that can tilt the wig head, so they usually tilt the wig up so that they can cut at the at the so that they can get the bottom tracks proper. So that's exactly what i'm doing by um pushing the wig the frontal here. That'S why i put a chair. So we can push the bottom hair back then push the bottom hair up, so we can see properly. What'S up note that i'm not going anywhere in the front, i'm just cutting here and that's my story and i'm sticking to it. Poop. Let'S see it now yeah, because usually this is where my wig sits, and i guess so even the short hair on the frontal is similar to the haircut. So it's perfect. What do you guys think i love it. I do feel like this side is shorter than this side, but i feel like that, can just be outside by moving this a bit lower like so something. But you know, let me straighten this hair straight, because once it's bone straight, it's not curved and then let's take it from there, you know growing up and having a youtube channel is making me realize one thing: i've always wanted things a certain way and i've been Too afraid to make it my way or to speak up and now that i'm speaking up - and i actually like make the means to make something look the way i want it to look, i'm happier. So this is for all those girlies that are, you feel like. No man like there's something not right but there's something right, but there's something not right and you're afraid of like saying something: you're right do what you got ta do: okay, do what you're gon na do because. Finally, finally, if i was afraid it wouldn't look like us, but i'm happy, this is the final product for now. Obviously, let's install this hair honey. Look at that bob. She is bobby honoring for me, yes, ma'am! Okay, so you see the nice thing about closures. Is that we're not going to be here for long okay, taking my got to be glued, i got the big one because i liked the the results it gave me on the on the install. We did last time. It'S like sunset right now and i just had supper and i feel so good. You know a lot of things are going on, but moments like this are just so beautiful to be a part of so i'm literally looking at the sunset in my room and it's so pretty so i'm gon na spray that on the lid on the lace like So i think that is a bit too much, but we move just put that on low heat, so yeah that is nice and secure all right. Let'S just put a second layer just to make sure wooty the girl is sitting okay. Now we can cut the lace um. I initially thought i was going to do baby hairs, but i actually love their hair as it is, so i don't think i'm gon na do them anymore, because i really love the hair, as it is bear in mind that this is actually a oh. No! Oh! No! Oh! No! Oh! No! Oh no! Bear in mind that this is actually a um, a closure wig, so cutting the lace is quite easy. Um, i'm in love with this hair. Oh my goodness! This is definitely my new go-to wig. So oh look at that. I did a good job on this cut. Okay, so i just want to do a beautiful soft glam, with this um with this hair, something something 90s inspired, so like a really really arched brow and like um, like a brown smoky eye with like a really full coverage bead. I think that would look amazing with it, so i'm gon na take my um scissors. These are really sharp and they're small. So i really like that about them and i'm gon na cut my lace, i'm just going to sprint. Some got to be to lay that lace again and then i'm gon na pull some hair here. So it's like this because right now, it's like showing where the closure ends - and i don't want that. So i want it like this. I still want some hair pulled back here, but not all of it, so we're just going to do that and we're just going to do that. Oh my god guys. Can you see this? This is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, so i'm going to just spray. Some got to be here at top just to lay some flyaways and get the hair a nice sheen not too much, because you don't want it to be sticky and crunchy just enough um, sorry about that. What might possibly chip there we go. I'M just gon na play something so my ring light doesn't switch off because i use my um laptop to light it up, but god willing we're getting a bigger ring light this month. So here is the hair. What do y'all think um? I am still gon na put some plain some foundation um some powder in the lace, so it sits better, but i am happy with that. Oh my goodness, i cut this myself. I still can't believe i cut this myself. I actually still can't believe um, and i think this is way better, like the suits my face better and it actually, it's bobbing the way. I want it to bob okay, it's bobbing the way i want it to bob. So let me quickly do my makeup and i will close up this video properly, because i know this. Video has a lot of footage and everything is quite informal. So i want to film a proper greeting and look decent for the camera, but i look good right now, so my skin is prepped and i'm gon na do my makeup and then take some pictures and then get back to you guys. Thank you. So much for watching. Okay, guys! This is the final look. Um, absolutely love the hair. The only thing that you guys didn't see is that i went in with my dark foundation shade to just blend in the lace a bit. It is still unblended a bit, but i at this point i i don't have a problem with it, because i don't like too much product in my lace because it just builds up and then it doesn't look cute chat. Okay, it doesn't look cute, so yeah when i got the hair, the hair was lovely um, the packaging was perfect, they fixed the the situation. Remember last time i said that the hair um, you know, was lacking. You know they, the they just rolled us off. The packaging, so that didn't happen today, the hair was perfect. It was in a a net and then they actually actually put something cute for me that put a wick head a week. Stand for me for me also, so i think i did put in that footage. In this video, so it should be here because i remember filming the first time unboxing right then, after that i bleached the knots. The knots were knotting okay, like because i didn't choose the option to get them to bleach the knots, and i don't usually do that, because i want to learn to do this stuff myself. So, that's why i'm making an effort to make my own ways to cut my own wigs to do all the stuff to learn the craft, because i'm actually in love with it in the first place so yeah. Another thing is that i ended up actually bleaching. The knots twice because it just was not bleaching the first time i bleached it. I got scared and i removed the bleach, but it had not bleached the knots properly. So i went in again and i'm quite happy: do you see that? Okay? This is really nice. So yeah um, the hair, is good quality, as you guys can see, um stiff, wear, stiff, wear, i'm in love, um. I absolutely love my haircut. I finally have rich on hair like this gives me that rich aunt, aesthetic and i'm totally totally here for it. I forgot to mention this: i plucked the wig off camera, so hence the hairline is looking cute. This is my work guys i actually plucked my own unit and i think i did a pretty good job. What do y'all think so actually um? I forgot to for me plucking the week because i had a friend come over and then i was just catching up with her. So i didn't want to you know so. I ended up plucking the wig off camera, but i followed every plucking video you find on youtube to pluck the hair. So, but let me know if you guys want to see how i pluck hair. That'S it for me. Guys comment down below on what you'd like to see from me next, what you think of this hair - i am in love, okay, how did i do with my little haircut um, so yeah? Let me know how i did. I am in love with this hair. I'M in love with this look um also comment down below if you'd like to see how i achieved this makeup. Look because that was the intention, but then my camera did me dirty, but if you guys want me to actually film it for you guys, i would love to do that for you. I would love to so. Thank you so much for watching this video. It'S been an absolute pleasure making this for you playing with hair is one of my favorite things to do. I don't think that it's it's like really therapeutic for me. I don't know if it has something to do with me having alopecia not having here in real life. We'Ll never know. Thank you so much for watching this video. I absolutely appreciate and love you guys so much don't forget to subscribe. Girl click on that notification bell. So you can see when i upload next, i can't wait to see you on the next video love you so much.

Nicole M: You did a good job,sis. It looks AMAZING!!!!

Extremely Scrumptious Recipes: Stunning babe! Thanks for the review, I follow them on insta & doing my research before I purchase.

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Florence Mohale: The touch of an angle indeed the hair is gorgeous!!!!

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Rumbi Dee: I also can't believe you did that sis

Rumbi Dee: I mean which hair doesn't look great on you

Zukiswa Njini: Please share a video on how to plug

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Thandiswa Mamani: Notification bell gang , sesikhona for u bobiyane

Rorisang Mosa: YOUR laugh

Kgothatso Mkhumbeni: Please and please ma’am !

Belinda Clarke: Gang gang we here

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