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  • Posted on 15 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

Straight HD Closure Wig with Curls✨

Wig from: https://mercedisdenisecollection.com

_______Wig Details_______

5x5 HD lace Straight Unit

Length: 22” inches

Density: 180%

Bleached knots

Suitable for all skin tones ❤️

—Hair spray: ((Got2B Holding spray))

Local beauty supply



Wax Stick::: MD Collection

Check out my product! https://www.mercedisdenisecollection.c...

Dye Pen: (She’a Royal)



Instagram: @styledbymercedis

Facebook: Mercedis Hawkins

TikTok: @mercedisdenise1

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Tell me what you'll see in me could be something different: okay, so hi guys welcome back to another video with me, okay, so today yeah, I got a pre-made weed from my collection and somebody ordered you today and then they need a reading in, like a few Hours so I decided to bring y'all with me and show y'all how I create, and you know, customize the customized weeds. I say that twice: okay, so this is gon na be a middle part. Okay, this is gon na, be a middle part and first thing: I'm gon na. Do I already parted off into the middle part, so I'm gon na um mold it down a little bit, get it flat before I cook and customize the day, hair stuff. So I'm gon na use my style and wig. Stick by me. I'M gon na apply this on the part here. No, the hairline is not plugged. I'M gon na happen only away from the part I'm just gon na give it keep. How common to split do this uh? My hair comb is on 20.. This is, I come from Walmart, it was 17 and it gets real hot foreign. So that's good enough! Now don't talk about, my comb is beat it's missing so now this week come pre-plucked a little already! It'S not that bad! Okay! So now I'm going to pour off you know a section I'm put behind that straight tweezers. I got these from Amazon's like a 12 pack and I think it was really cheap. Maybe like eight dollars, I don't know, but it was cheap and they work real good. You got to be careful or you will plug holes. I didn't plug so many holes with these twists because they're so sharp, okay but anyways pull it down we'll go backwards. Yeah I'm gon na really try to stay consistent. This time, because I know I am terrible with consistent suspicion on YouTube. I hate editing it like. I'M making videos all day, but I hate it more than that. I hate doing the voice over. So that's why I'm talking during this video I go back and add some music. Whenever um, I hate going back watching the video and trying to talk for me, this one does look you I really can't cook. No, let me show y'all that was realized, so these are tweezers. I can use the cups. I'M Gon na Know what baby got ta be cute because I am heavy and this don't have to be plug. You know all the way, just give it a little natural piece, because you see you guys do this arguing difficult nobody else. Oh yeah, foreign, like the wigs, are not over bleached. It'S just the reflection off of the makeup I be trying to put on there to cover up hair, color and dye all over the uh mannequin here and help give a natural look so yeah once you take the wig off it's just as natural as it should Be so the baby hair is going to still look natural a little bit okay. So now I can kind of go off, oh, where the baby hair is gon na, be so I'm gon na pull out too much and go back put the wrist all right. So I'm just gliding through everything now to kind of blend everything I put so it won't be blotchy. Okay, take this good enough! All the clip hairs out okay, so I'm just gon na hit there with the waxy. I found it out the way then I like to go in with some gas to be sprayed for the hairline. Rub it in my ears, right edge, control, brush just burst it big. So I can get a defined look! Okay! Now! Watch I sleep! She look. She deep oh yeah, yeah. We still look a little. You look a little thick to me kind of lose okay, boo, so baby here go kind of like a seed, a little so a little short long and get short okay. So then, so it can keep a hold with the baby hairs, even when you ship or whatever I'm gon na use this in some foam. I'M gon na give me a little that with these, this is also my phone me. Don'T have no label on me, so I just be grabbing it out the box because I don't even promote it. No more, but I'm gon na start. Okay. So then I'm gon na do um a little phone right there, the jail in the phone. Then I'm going to get the edge, I'm sure I'll brush again and put a little bit of jail, get a little bit of gel a little bit of foam, and this is gon na help. You, like not turn white it'll, be sticky or whatever. When you do it, so I kind of like push the baby hairs, push the baby hairs over and try to like kind of make us see. You eat those degrees all right. She looking all good how cute and then you know just calm your hair down. I'M gon na do it once that the other side same thing same thing, so we can get on to the curling face like big I'll, be like it like that, okay, so I'm gon na do the other side and I'll be back when it's time to curl. Okay, y'all, so now that I've done the other side, I laid it down real nice and Sleek. I'M gon na fix this part. I don't pluck them no more because sometimes when they order weeds, they come back when they want them done over and eggs. For maybe a side part if they got a middle part or middle part, they got something. So I'm not gon na put I'm just going to Define it and give it a natural look. So I'm going to be using this gel pen, I got from She's Royal. It'S the hair dabbing! Yes, so it's like this little tip thing and when you press the button like the the black, the hair dye gel come out, yeah see yeah, so we're gon na use the escalated that too much I'm gon na wipe something off. So I kind of wiped it off, but I um I'm tired, love, you true, true fine part and so now find a little more give it a natural look. I'M going to go in with some. It'S got root, kisses Lucas. This is, I don't know the color. What'S the color of this thing, rdf 10. get on the brush? Okay! So now that I've done it, I like to spray a little spray, lay it down. Now I'm going to go in with the curling yeah. I want to put late cut layers in there. You can give up on me, so these gon na be some loose curls. I'M gon na grab that ass and I love let y'all sit and watch okay. Okay. So at this point my camera had died and I had to use my phone for some reason. It switched the angle the way that the whole scenery set up. So it's the same side. It'S just showing opposite. We got ta go beneath all right foreign. My heart is away carried away. What you heard your mind S, I don't know what to do. I clamps somebody's face happy birthday. I don't understand foreign day alone all day long time did everything there's nothing different difficult. Why you love me baby? I don't know I'm not talking about foreign

Sharonda Smith: This was sooooo informative! Us real ones appreciate you sis! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Ashanti Cloud: this was so satisfying and therapeutic to watch

Rochelle Latoya: Very talented, I love your work. What texture hair is that?

ritababy12: Thank you!!!! Wand curls next

IamKimbrelle: This is sooo pretty I have my own Hot Comb Brand that I’ll like to send you ! It goes up to 500 degrees

Jasmine Antoine: *hits like button* I didn’t even watch it yet but I know it’s bout to be fire lol

Pretty Kimmy: This was so fire ♥️

Facey With Stacy: ALWAYS FIRE!!

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