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  • Posted on 26 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

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Back guys welcome back to my channel, so I have a video from Eunice. They just send me these goodies and I'm about to go through it with you. I have some eyelashes, a melting bin, a bonnet a brush. This is a 24 inch straight unit um. This is the unit right here, as you can see the laces on the brown side lighter complexion. This might be a little bit too dark for you, but um. This is a partial frontal, because the taper off on the side, you get three Combs and adjustable straps. Um I am gon na have to go in and plug this it'll also bleach this as well, because you can see the knots I see. I believe this is from Ali Eunice. So this is the AliExpress portion of units, and I know that they having a big sale coming up, so you might want to go ahead and check out um. You know the alley units brand and see if you can find any deals, because they're on sale, so we're gon na go ahead and bleach these knots and then we'll continue with the customization. I'M gon na do one scoop of bleach to one scoop: a developer mix. It thoroughly to get the consistency that I need for um bleaching my knots and then I'm just going to apply this all over the lace where the knots are and I'm gon na flip the wig inside out and then make sure that there's no hair laying on The bleach, I will normally let this process for about 25 minutes. It was cold this day that I was doing this. It was raining raining and a rainy day in La so um. It did process a little bit slower. You definitely want to make sure that you're watching your wig when you're processing your wigs okay, because it gets your bleach because uh process faster it could process slower. It just depends on the temperature of your place that you're bleaching it and the quality of your hair. Okay, so um after I let it bleach, I did go in and wash it with purple shampoo, vanilla, no yellow that will be linked in the description and I did wash it with a Garnier Fructis shampoo, the green bottle, and I did condition it with silicone mix. So after I bleach the hair um - and I did everything to make it look like this - this is what she looked like. I did a side part because that's what my friend Cheyenne wanted. So I was like okay. Well, let's get cracking with the install so uh the hair performed it really really good, and it's really really soft as well. So this is Cheyenne she's been on my channel before you guys definitely seen her uh. She has a very low hairline. So this is just me installing on a little hairline with no baby hair uh, usually she does get baby hairs, but this go around. I was like it looks too perfect to add baby hair to this. Like you know, when you just see a wig and the lace and the hairline is so perfect, you really don't need baby hairs. So this was one of the situations I did use bow hold um active to apply this wig down. She wears her wigs for weeks at a time, so boho active three layers. Three thin layers will definitely get the job done for you. If you want to make sure that your wigs is lasted thin layers is the key. You don't want to make them think, because if they're too thick, it will seep through your lace, and you don't want that so um I always use a brush to apply mine. You don't have to you, can use whatever you want to apply yours. This is just the way that I do mines. Okay, so I think I'll show you maybe two layers of me: uh applying the actual glue and then after I do the three layers of the glue I am gon na go in with my Liquid Gold from bow hold as well, and I like to put that Behind the actual glue, because it just helps the wig not shift back and through daily activities, you just like laying down on your wigs, sometimes it just shifts back, and I don't like that. I don't like my hairline looking gooey and sticky, because the wig shift back and it doesn't matter which glue I use all the glues did that to me and to the my friends. So I do this stuff and this steps definitely stop that from happening. So I waited for the glue to turn clear and then I'm gon na apply the lace down um she's holding one side up for me, so it won't get stuck in the glue while I'm placing it where it needs to be placed you want. You want to place the glue above the hairline above the glue so in front of the glue, because you want to make sure that uh everything is covered. You don't want any glue exposed because it'll make it hard to do a cleanup and then you might get lifting and all the other stuff. So just apply it a little bit in front of the hairline and then you could go in and cut off the excessive lace. And if you need to tack a little bit down, you can go ahead and Tack a little bit down foreign okay. So after the lace is cut and everything is tacked down, I am gon na go in with my Ruby kisses in the shade 16. I use the darker shade on her um it Blends in very well once I place that on her, I did. I don't know if I showed it, but I did go in with uh the some Hair lace adhesive. I spread her hairline down and then I uh wrapped it down with the elastic band, and that was the outcome. So no, I didn't show that, but that was the outcome of this. So this is when I lifted it up. I like to do the makeup, then the spray and then the headband, because when you take the headband off it'll, take the excessive makeup off so it'll make it look even more natural, so uh we decided that we was going to do wispy baby hairs on the Side like wispy sideburns, but not full-blown baby hairs, and I think she looks very nice and very beautiful. This is her birthday hair so like when it comes to. Like my friends, I do their hair on their birthdays like so this is her birthday hair. She looks so cute, oh my goodness, and this hair was just so nice at work it it like. I worked with it and it was just a dream. Look at the lace like I said, if you're a brown tone, this lace is perfect for you friend, yes, but if you're interested in this wig, I will leave everything down below in the description box. For you, this is a AliExpress store, so this is Ali Eunice. Okay and yes, what do you guys think? I think the way it came out bomb It's banging until next time, bye, best friends,

KellyJelly9976: 4 seconds in and I'm liking the video. And no baby hairs. Yes, it is bomb!!

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