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  • Posted on 17 October, 2018
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I LOVE THIS HAIR. I recommend all my wig, weave, frontal lovers to look into this hair company for a wig.


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What is that my lovey? So today I have a Harry of you for you all on this unit. I have in my hair right now, so shots a quick review, a very beautiful ok. So let me tell y'all how I am in love with this hair. This is probably my most favorite wig I've ever ordered online and that's coming from a girl who ordered a lot of weeks online, so yeah, I'm speaking high up with up this hair. So, let's get straight into with this heart. Okay, I ordered this hair under the hair company cauliflower season. This is their straight lace, front human hair with the natural baby hair of Pisces, and they came with bleach nuts, and this is Peruvian here. Okay, I've been wearing it here for quite a few days, so I am free to say I am here: okay, okay, so I ordered this hair on October 6, that was a Saturday and I did not receive the hair until the 11th. That was I'm trying to read the specs, as I tell you awesome, or it like to information, as I feel so yeah. It took them a minute to actually make the hair, but I'm not complaining because it came out like this and if y'all won't be gon na like to take it out mommy, you won't. Okay, just take all my money and I will wait but yeah. This is 18 inches and it came with a hundred and forty-three dollars, but I did have a three dollar off coupon, so it knocks it down to 140 and some change books. So that's this hair um, like I said, even though it did, she um. I gotcha stroke she did to me and tell me that they are gon na, be shipping my hair out soon, so she communicated to me Oregon. The face is cheeky: they never sent up a machine, but they did communicate with me that they were going to be shipping, my hair out, and so basically telling me that they did not forget about me. So that was pretty cool that they were able to. You know inform me on that piece of information um, like always when it comes to tracking. I really don't care if they like, keep me updated on their tracking or not simply because I'm tracking it myself. So I don't really need for nobody to tell me something because I'm pretty much talking it. So that's one of those things that I don't really take in consideration when I order here unless, like I said how I ordered it - and I didn't get it shipped out close reading some of the reviews and some people were saying they got it two days three Days later - and I was just like it's going on a week in it - I mean even checked it out and I don't want to cancel it and me how I am, I see everything out of sign, so I'm just like. Maybe this is a sign. Guy did not want me to spend that money. That'S just cancel it, so I give the money back but yeah they end up shooting yeah the very next day of me. Having that all thought, so I was giving them a chance anyway, but yeah and my goal was they didn't ship it out about time? I forgot what day I was gon na cancel it, but I'm glad I didn't because every time I say, I'm in love in this video y'all should just like take a bite of your snack or take us a video drink. Whatever you got because clearly, I'm gon na keep saying that: okay, okay, so anyway, back to this hair, when I first got the hair, which I forgot to do an unboxing of so I could put up beginning of this video. I was just so excited that I got the hair that I just like sister. Do it do your magic? So, basically, let me tell you all how it came. I got the box right here what I don't put anything in a camera. Okay, so it came shipped into this box if the light is like crazy. I'M sorry, but nothing really special came in this box in a ziplock bag and it was in this hair net, which I kept just in case. You know who's your girl got ta, take care of her wigs yeah I'll, be slacking on my hair sometime. So it came like that in a box, the black man, with a hair net and baby when I took that out of the box or the ziplock bag, and now it was so soft, it's still soft its soft. The knots were bleached the baby hairs y'all. I don't know much about hair, but I know when I see something that I like and I liked it - I loved how they had the you could tell they actually took the time to pluck the hair. So I didn't have any complaints when I opened that box and I was skeptical at first because some people were like giving me eerie fillings and it was only two girls on the Aliexpress hair review thing: cool pictures totally sold me. I was like you know what I'm gon na chance it and I bought it. So I'm in love, okay, take a sip, take a bite um, I want to say they are based in California, because based off the tracking I got um they, the downside about when kids are out of school and you're trying to film a video. It'S the hot title: I cannot speak today. It'S the high schooler's, guys they're testing, my whistle being well, but anyway, I'm guessing they're based in California because based off of the shipping label, it says La Quinta, California and yeah, so yeah. This hair, so far only thing that has been doing is shedding and that's one of the things I thought people were saying that it was shedding up a little bit and it doesn't share that much like okay. I just pulled the strand now that was kind of nice. It was kind of loose, but it's not that out-of-control, shedding like every time you're doing something the hair is just like shed. You know every night before I go to bed, I just simply pull it back in a ponytail, and I um just tie my scarf around it. I go to bed um what my sister used on my head to actually like put it down. It did not come with a cap, so if you think it came with a cap, it did not. I have my own cap that I purchased. We used both both got to be glue, the spray in the actual glue jam, whatever call it, and we also used gorilla snot. I don't know where she has it at cuz. I don't know if she got the red one or the yellow bottle I wanted. She got the yellow bottle, but I could be wrong, but yeah we use these all of my hips and flaying. Ladies, we come gon na, be so yeah. That'S pretty much all I have to say on this hair. I'Ve had it in for, like mmm, I've know, came October ELab and I think she put in day. I don't know how long I had this here and to be honest with you, but it has been a while and honor guys. Okay, anyway, back to, I was saying um so yeah. The only thing we did was pretty much. The typical like wig installment is, you know, glue the cap down on our head and put some foundation and put the wig on oh yeah. I do wanna curl this hair one day, I'm not sure how another thing is this actually can get pulled up and took entre off. I can do the I'm not sure if I'm doing any justice - I don't you got enough here - it's kind of hard to see, because I got the camera angle right now. It'S like it's like really far back and I can see myself, but I really can't if that makes sense, but yeah. This is the her I'm not gon na lie. I'M feeling myself y'all I've been so happy lately. I just needed my hair dyed cuz. I'Ve been feeling ugly and that's the truth, and once like I, my hair done, I was in a way much more happy just fear. So thank you. Flower season for making a girl feel like a girl, but that is pretty much it you guys um. I don't know if I feel like this video is so short, I'm sorry but um. If I miss anything which I feel like I didn't know, let me know right, so that's it guys so make sure you subscribe thumbs up this video. Tell a friend look. Ya'Ll! Look amazing so make sure you guys tell a friend to tell a friend - and you know, share this video and give this hair a try. I am ok, I'm sorry. I keep saying that, but yeah that's pretty much. It y'all, so I'm a high at job later. So make sure check out my other videos. Thank you and did I mention. I am in love with this here y'all. I am in love with this here.

Sydney's Rising: It looks awesome

samira: How long do you think you Can wear the wig?

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